Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dinner Dance and Hare and Toritoise Race Update

Dinner Dance and Hare and Toritoise Race.


We woke up to crystal clear blue skies and frosty temps yesterday - an absolutely perfect day for a run. Over 20 of us turned up this morning so we were able to have 10 teams. I (accompanied by Al to make sure my competitive streak did not appear) was paired with Ian Beattie. The tortoises set off first and I was very glad to have Al with me as all the other tortoises gradually pulled away from me - if I had been on my own, it would have been very tempting to try to keep up, but I knew if I did 1) Baby would not have been happy and 2) I'd have never made it to the dinner dance. I had a great run - it felt just fabulous to be running with the crisp air in my face and looking at the sparkles shining off the river - it didn't feel nearly as slow as it was- pregnancy is so very strange and I'm settling into it now and starting to enjoy the weird experiences - bar the constipation ; I will never make my peace with that! I can really see why RPE is a far better method of checking your working at the correct level as I was definitely running at RPE 6 and 7 up the hills.
Anyway, poor Ian struck a lonely figure as he waited for me to puff around the course and was the last to set off - I was just giving an extra hard work out to try and catch up with the rest - that's my excuse I'm sticking to it! Hee hee!
I christened my running skirt yesterday - totally love it.
There were photos taken yesterday and once they are up on the forum I will half hinch them for here.

Dinner Dance

After the race we came home, had an early lunch and I headed off to bed for an afternoon snooze for a couple of hours. I wondered if I would sleep as there was quite a lot of light coming through the curtains, but sleep I did!
It was lovely getting dressed up and I felt quite glam despite my growing bump.

Hubby and Me (Isn't he handsome!)

My friend Wendy and me

The meal was delicious and although I wasn't able to ceilidh, it was great fun to watch. Actually I had never realised how much kilts swing up during the strip the willow - there was quite a lot of male thigh action going on - fortunately that was all and no tackle was exposed! Al tried to take some photos but as every one is moving so much most are not terribly clear, but this one is probably the best.

Strip the Willow Chaos

The nap (and and incredibly lazy day on Friday) seemed to do the trick as I was able to stay to the very end (1am). I am shattered today, but it is so worth it.


I must try and do my Pilates today as I abandoned hopes of having the energy on Friday and then I can settle down to watch the last Ski Sunday of the season. What is with that, it is the end of Jan for goodness sake, how can that be the last Ski Sunday, when the season runs to April? I presume we'll be getting coverage of the Olympics when it starts, but even still.... Oh to live in a country that has skiing as their national sport, or at least one with decent coverage! Grr... O.K, Rant over!


  1. glad you had a great run! it is so hard not to be competitive - you have to run w/ someone! the dance sounds fun too :)

  2. I bet Beattie boy was coughing and spluttering more than you :-)

    I very impressed with the maternity running skirt. I used to steal all Marco's t-shirts :-)