Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

It;s been a busy couple of weeks trying to get organised for Christmas and taking Murray to various Christmas parties. It was all worth it though and we had a lovely Christmas at my folks. I had really hoped it would snow as it is a winter wonderland we it does, but unfortunately the weather turned milder and W.E.T. Al and I got out for a walk together on Christmas Eve and we got soaked through. We didn't care though as we were out together without a toddler or baby!!!!! We also got out in Boxing day too and it was just so lovely to chat freely.

Our walk on Boxing Day

We some how managed to get all of us out to 'midnight' mass at 7.30pm to save getting to mass in the morning at 9.30. The boys were both exhausted by the time we got home, but the up side was they both slept in the next day!

Christmas day was lovely. Before going to church the on Christmas Eve we had put out a biscuit and milk for santa, plus reindeer food with Murray. The biccy and milk were munched / drunk of course, but the food was spilt in a trail from the snack to the front door and out in the front garden. Murray's face was a picture! 'Santa's come!'
Messy Reindeer!

Santa Sacks Christmas Eve

Santa's Come!

 The opening of presents took all day as he wanted to play with each one, plus we wanted to get him out for some fresh air while it was dry and daylight given that it is pretty much dark after his nap at the mo'.

Out Exploring and feeding the Birds

Through The Forrest

He loved being present hander outer: 'here's a present for you' he'd say!

Harris was a wee star too and got some v cute little outfits.

Thanks Aunty Fi - I love the suit!

Mummy is tickling me and I'm giggling a little!

Love my Reindeer Booties - Thanks Aunty Helen!

Opening Presents is HARD work - Nanna and Murray relaxing in front of the telly!

Harris is Spark out too!

Lovely Bath time with Harris

We came to the conclusion as we tried to pack up the car that we made need to upgrade to a bigger model. It was packed to the gunnels!

Exercise + Routine

It was so nice having extra hands for a few days over Christmas and get the chance to get out for exercise. It has really helped kick start me wanting to get back to regular exercise. I've been quite happy to just heal and learn how to juggle 2 up until a week or so ago and that has coincided well with Al being off and Harris starting to develop a rough routine.

For a week and a half now Harris has mostly (fingers crossed) dropped the earlier feed at 2/3am and been waking at 5/6am with the exception of a couple of nights so not guaranteed yet, but looking like it's on its way. We generally get him to bed between 7and 8pm depending on when / or how long last feed is. In the am after his feed at 5/6am, he'll go back down for another wee sleep which is really useful as we can then get Murray up and dressed etc while Harris is sleeping. The rest of the day generally is starting to fall into 3 hours ish between feeds and every 2 hours needs a sleep. This starts getting a bit funny by 4pmish as he's getting tired at 6pm, but it is not a great time to nap or put him down yet, so is pretty cranky, plus he gets hungry too, so I end up feeding at half 3/4pmish, half 5/6pmish and 7pm rather than the 3 hours in between. Throw into the mix trying to get dinner and baths and it is a busy time. Mondays and Fridays, when Al is out of the house for 12 hours and so not home until 7pm, are exhausting days!

I rejoined the gym yesterday and Al came in as a couple membership, so yesterday I nipped out in the pm for a 30 min blast while Al looked after the kids - well Harris had just been fed and was about to nap, so Murray really! Plus this am I fed Harris at 6am, put Harris down for a sleep and headed out for an early swim. H woke up just after I had finished my breaky on my return so perfect timing. Just starting to get to know Harris' 'schedule' for now has made this possible as I'm able to leave advice for Al and feel a bit more confident that it should be OK. It felt good to get out and back to it although I'm not so sure my thighs agree!

Exercise this week:
Mon: 4 mile hike
Wed: 3 mile hike
Fri: 30 min gym (15 min xt +15 min bike hard with intervals)
Sat: 55 min swim - 100 lengths.

Harris' First Swim

As we are both members now we took the boys swimming today for Harris first swim. He was a wee star and seemed to really enjoy it, especially floating on his back. Murray was over the moon to get swimming again too. I suspect we'll be going again over the hols as it is open and makes a great change from soft play areas!

10 Weeks

Harris turned 10 weeks on Boxing Day! How? He is starting to almost be too big for his moses basket and it is too sad! Another week or so and we'll have to make the switch to cradle I think. He gets weighed on Monday and I so interested to see his weight. He feels loads bigger and  I strained my back a liitle feeding him has he's heavy getting latched on!

Friday, December 14, 2012

8 Week Check and Jags.

Harris had his 8 week check yesterday. He was weighed and measured and generally checked over.

No slow weight gain this week - 11oz in 9 days! So he is now 11lbs 4.5oz. Good boy - well done.

Vital Stats

Harris: Weight: 11lb 4.5oz  - Between 25th + 50th percentlile
Murray: weight: 11lbs 14oz - 50th percentile

Harris: Length: 54.5cm - Between 2nd + 9th percentile
Murray: Length: 60cm - 75th percentile (although he then averaged out at between 25th and 50th percentile)

Harris: Head Circumference: 37.6cm - between 9th and 25th percentile
Murray: Head Circumference: 39.5cm - 75th percentile

Looking at these stats - I'm realising why it was hard to keep up with Murray especially given that he struggled so much to feed!

It looks like Harris not only looks like my side of the family, but is more petite too - still a hungry boy though!

He tracked a green ball and responded  to loud noises and gave the Health visitor a lovely smile. He also had to get his first set of jags - oooooh! I know they'll be OK, but it still gets you. His wee cry was unlike his normal I'm hungry cry - so pleading! Too sad, but far better that than get any of those awful illness especially Whooping cough of which there is an epidemic at mo.

As a result of the jags he's been a bit off for the past few days, but hopefully will settle down again soon.


Murray is struggling a little sharing mummy at mo. I think he's realised that Harris is staying forever and that mummy is not only his. As a result I'm hoping to get some Murray and mummy time over the Christmas break. I think it is a stage in his development too and they've both come at the same time. He's feeling really unsettled, wee lamb. He's not wanted to go to nursery  and he loves it and he keeps saying: 'I want to go home' even when he is home and so I've worked out it means: ' I want/need a cuddle'. Lots of cuddles, telling him we love him, some activities just for him, but firm boundaries and being clear when he's had time with me/Al and when it is Harris' time will be the order of the next few weeks until he's reassured me thinks. Sounds easy doesn't it! ;-)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas!

We got the tree and decorations out today and it was so fun to decorate the tree with Murray. He was really helpful and really enjoyed it. I'm loving him in his long John and T-shirt combo - too cute! Murray calls the Christmas Tree, Chemistry! Too cute and I love it (or as Murray would say - my love it)!

Love this pic of Harris this morning sporting his gorgeous cardy knitted by Al's Aunty Jane. He fell asleep on Murray's bed and stayed that way for an hour while Murray and Al crashed and banged about playing in Murray's room! Love how second children learn to fall asleep anywhere.

Breast Feeding.

Today has been a good feeding day - each feed has taken about 20 mins and he has taken one side only after that 20 mins and has then been done - when it normally takes about an hour including winding, I've barely known myself. I would LOVE if that continued as Murray could cope with 20 mins, but 1 hour is a bit much for him to stay out of mischief, plus I have had so much more time to do things - the whole house got cleaned today as well as food shopping and church! The last feed took the hour again, but I think that was mainly because he was pretty sleepy and kept nodding off and waking - if it helps him to sleep longer, I can cope!

Naughty Spot.

I'm v glad last week is over - Murray was a bit sick last weekend and while he was loads better by Monday his behaviour was awful all week - I've noticed this before - as he gets better but is still really tired he is v challenging. On Wed, I was a yucky mummy, so by Thursday I decided no more grumping, it was simply v firm boundaries and naughty pen. I had to adjust the naughty pen to spot when he thought it was great fun to start climbing out of the pen. My heart sank at the tought of this, but we have progressed to being able to do the naughty spot with only a few returns. He is a bit cute while on the spot as he pleads 'My be a good boy!' but he is made to do his time and certainly behaviour has improved again and if it deteriorates, it's straight back to the spot. I'm actually really glad to have made the transition as the spot can be anywhere and I don't need to lift him upstairs!

Christmas Shopping.

Al is off tomorrow and my folks are looking after Murray to let us get some serious Christmas shopping done. I'm feeling a bit more prepared but would like to have all done by tomorrow as we travel up to see my sis and bro in law on the 22nd to 23rd and the next couple of weeks are going to be v busy with Christmas parties/activities.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Snow and Bed Time Routine.

We had our first snow today. A good day for it as Al was off, so while I was feeding Harris the boys headed out into the garden to play. Murray loved it! He loved the Hotchoc to warm up even more. It was his first taste of hotchoc and he loved it - no surprises there. I think I may have unleashed the hotchoc monster!!!!

Beautiful Snow!

Layer Up!!!!

Helping Daddy Clear the Snow

First Hotchoc!

Hotchoc Moustache


Harris was weighed today (6 weeks and 5 days). He's 10lbs 9oz. Only 5oz gain this week, so settled down a bit, which considering we've had a few nights of back to 12-1 feed plus 3-5 feed, I was a little surprised. Thankfully we have 2 nights of skipping the 12-1 feed again. I'm struggling to get sleep after that later feed though as H is so snuffly and snorty then and have de-camped to the sofa a few times as the disturbed nights are starting to take their toll now and I need the kip.


We seem to be establishing a bedtime routine (past week). It is a bit of a moveable feast as it depends on when he's hungry, Murray's bed time and whether Al is home to help or not. Some nights he has a bath before Murray and some nights after (Fri, when Al was working in Edinburgh and not home until 7.15pm) and some nights just top and tailed while Murray is in the bath and the fed anywhere between 7 and 7.30pm. We then put him down to settle himself. The first few nights took about an hour, but the past 2 have been fairly quick. We did have the other night where he woke up after an hour and screamed for more milk as the silly billy fell asleep mid feed. I'm hoping we won't have a repeat of that tonight as I could not wake him for love nor money to top up on the other side.

Breast Feeding

I love that feeding is going so well this time. I feel v lucky and blessed and it does give me a little kick inside, but there are times when I really wish Al could do a feed or two and I'm really starting to miss exercise and I'm wondering how I'm going to juggle it all. I would kill for a full night's sleep too, but I know it's not forever, but I think the initial adrenaline has worn out and I'm feeling pooped. Not aided by the fact I've had a sore throat/swollen gland and tonsils for 6 weeks now! Just a little run down me thinks! I'll work it out soon as I definitely need an endorphin hit soon!