Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mojo Dip + A Very Busy Boy!

Well it's been a wee while since I last posted anything. To be perfectly honest I've just been lacking the mojo. It's been a long time of going to the gym and swimming and I was really feeling v v frustrated at not being able to run and quite frankly quite down about it all as it just seems so unfair (probably not aided by being support crew once again for Al at his 1/2 marathon the other week.It's not that I don't want him to run - I do, but I simply wish we were able to take turns) but in my usual style I've given myself a kick up the butt and got back on with what needs to be done. This recovery milarky is a frustrating process, but we are moving forward - slowly - but forward I think, and I just need to keep focusing on the positives (ie - less everyday pain).

I've been trying to post on Debs and Vicky's blogs, but every time I go to upload, it says error. Vicky - well done on your run - please take it steady and not get carried away, but really pleased you had the energy to get out. Debs, take it easy getting back into your running - you had a very heavy year last year and you're probably still a bit fatigued.

Murray is getting even busier. He is climbing now and I keep finding him a top of things he should not be on - like his music table rattling the fire guard or the window sill (we have an old stone house, so the window sills are very deep. The worst one is when he dive bombs from the easy chair, over a gap and onto the sofa!!!!! Needless to say, trying to get anything done is pretty tricky! He does really like books now, but only when he wants to read (ie - when we go to the library, that as far as he is concerned, is NOT the time to read, but to crawl under all the furniture!) I have to admit to being pretty flipping knackered out by him. I asked my mum what I was like at his age and she looked at me with a knowing look and said: "relentless, Karen. You never stopped. I couldn't even get you to stop to eat." I then asked if she was tired to which she replied: "exhausted, I remember looking at the clock more than once and thinking, how long is it to bed time!" Ha ha! Oh well, looks like I've only got myself to blame. I read somewhere the other day that toddlers get a burst of energy between 2 and 3 and I nearly flipping cried - how much busier can he get!!!!!!

Anyway, he is just gorgeous and he's learning all manner of new skills. We've been learning to use a fork and he's really getting the hang of it. The other video is of him on his phone. With both that phone and his pretend mobile, he chatters down into it in this voice that he only uses for the phone - hilarious! Totally adore him!

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp!

Gabble, Gabble, Gabble!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Chatterbox

As Murray turned 16 months yesterday (how on earth did that happen?) I thought it might be nice to document some of Murray's first words. He has been saying cup (he's not great with the p, but it is definitely there) for all drinks and baw (ball) for all balls, spheres (including concrete ones that are cemented into the ground , but he wants to take them with him anyway!) and balloons for quite a wee while now.

A relatively new word we have is mamama. It is so lovely as he points at me and says mamama. On nights I'm at work, Al says he now says mamama at bath time which is both lovely and sad.

The newest additions are ca (car) when we get back to our car and oof oof for dog. Also I'm pretty sure he is saying dor (door) when he pushes the kitchen door open.

He's very cute. He can point out  a duck, dog, horse and of course a ball in a book. In fact he is really quite obsessed with balls. He's starting to follow instructions too which is fun and exciting to watch!

What a clever little chatterbox!