Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Proper Run!

That was a great run!

I headed out for my 10 minute walking warm up out and back in one direction from my house while Al did a 10 minute run. When we got back to the house I dumped my extra layers and we headed out in the opposite direction for our run. After a 5 minute steady warm up we did 4 sets of intervals as follows:

4 minutes rpe5-6
1 minute rpe 6-7

The good thing about this was that Al could head off for the 1 minute intervals at his own pace and so get a decent work out, but we could still enjoy a run together - might as well enjoy that while we can!

We finished with a 2 minute jog and 3 minute walk, so 27 minutes running; 40 minute total workout time.

The best thing about the run today was that we made it to a particular junction about 1.5 miles away in 14 mins so while not setting any records at least I know I'm running at about 9.30 minute miles. I was just so pleased to know that I've run 3 miles in a oner and it makes I feel more confident to head out with the club on a Monday morning for a shorter version of the club run. That is if I can get up in time!

Right I must finish my speech for the club's dinner dance next week.

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