Monday, July 23, 2012

Anaemic; Last Week of T2 + Holiday

I got my bloods back today and I am anaemic, hence the gym feeling so blooming awful and feeling so tired ALL the time. As for going up stairs too fast - woah!

Apparently, although not the lowest count the doc has ever seen, my haemoglobin had dropped by 25% from T1 which was why I was feeling it significantly. He explained a dtop of that much over such a short time, really knocks your system out of whack! I am now on Iron tablets 3x/day, so hopefully I'll start to feel better, although he did say it can take a few weeks to properly take effect. He also said to take it a bit easy in the mean time so, I better be a good girl and do as I'm told. Actually truth told I felt so awful yesterday and today, there has been no chance of pushing too hard and doing a workout! We'll see how we go tomorrow, but I think it will either be a steady walk or a shortened workout or pilates. We'll see as I need to get the house sorted and bags packed for going on hol on Wed and just doing that can wipe me out at the mo'! He also said, getting too warm will make me feel worse are blood vessels dilate, which explains why swimming isn't as tough on my as the gym! V v frustrating indeed!  Hey ho!

UPDATE: Totally CANNOT exercise. I'm out of breath and light headed just plodding around. It is just not happening, so I'm going to just enjoy my holiday and hope the Iron kicks in soon and once I feel better I can get back on the horse so to speak. I hate not getting exercise as my back is aching already although that may just be ready to happen anyway as Murray is so heavy now and my stomach just cannot support the weight.


We go on holiday on Wednesday. We are heading up North to stay with friends near Tain about 30 mins north of Inverness for 2 nights and then heading a little further North to a caravan site where we have booked a caravan for 3 nights. The site is right on a gorgeous beach, so hopefully it will be dry and Murray can go wild on the beach, but if not the site has a swimming pool and children's play areas, so we should be OK.

It'll just be really lovely to see our friends and to have a change in scenery! Oh and not have to load the washing machine and dishwasher yet another time!!!!! A nice way to celebrate end of T2!

UPDATE: Murray has an ear infection so was up through the night with a high temp. We were meant to leave to day but postponed it until tomorrow as we are all knackered; I needed to take him to the docs to get antibiotics and as a result of my anaemia I am struggling to get everything packed up - it is all so exhausting and frustrating. Hopefully we'll all feel better soon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

26 Weeks - Tickety Tock.

Second Trimester is ticking away - only 2 more weeks - yikes! I already average 2-3 loo trip per night and very rarely sleep well past 5am and that's a good night, so I am feeling tired a lot if the time - not sure I'm looking forward to more loo trips and restlessness, but hey ho!


Tues: 3 mile hike - dry morning so wanted to get out in the fresh air. It felt nice to get out.
Wed: 110 lengths swim (~5.5 miles)
Thurs: 50 min gym session + 15 min conditioning

I also plan to get another swim on Sunday. It is doubtful I'll get my pilates in AGAIN as I'm busy tomorrow and on Sat I'll be ferrying Al around as he does his relay leg (10 miles) for the Clydestride (40 miles) as part of his team for the Strathearn Harriers. He did it last year too and it was a good day out. Thankfully he is doing leg 3 so we can go straight to that handover instead of getting up at the crack of dawn and going to the start of the whole thing.

Crazy House

The house is chaos at the mo. Our new bedroom has been painted and we have our bed in and a couple of chest of drawers, but Murray's future room is total chaos. The decorator starts that this weekend, so more craziness. It'll all be worth it, but I do struggle with the house in a mess! Murray loves it of course and that is half the prob. Once his room is done I'm desperate to have a mega clean out and get rid of things we just don't need! NESTING is well and truly underway - I totally just want the place sorted!

Anyhoo - at least we're getting away on a wee holiday from next wed. It'll be nice to step away from the chaos and washing machine/dishwasher.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

25 weeks, Nanna's Op + Dinner Time Troubles

This week's exercise has been going well:

Tues: 4.5 mile hike
(my stomach was feeling a bit grippy and couldn't face the gym/bike, plus it was NOT raining for a change although it cam on for the last mile and so once out of the trees I got a smidge wet getting back to the car!)

Wed: 110 lengths (~5.5 miles) swimming

Thursday: 50 mins gym (~4.5 miles) + 10 mins conditioning
It was HARD to get up for this workout as Murray had been chatting from 5am and therefore I'd had no sleep from then. I find an early doors swim fine, but early doors at the gym is REALLY tough. I've also been super hungry all day since and a bit ick. I don't think I pushed too hard, but possibly after a busy day yesterday, my body is trying to tell me to sit on my butt!

Over the weekend I plan to get in another swim - Update: Swim done on Sunday am: 110 lengths. Had my bloods repeated at docs on Fri as still v breathless and finding workouts on land in particular v v tough. Iron had dropped at last midwife appointment so she said to go to doc if still felt tired in a week. Will find out tomorrow if I need Iron or not.

Nana's Op and 'opital trip'

My mum had a knee op on Tues, so yesterday Murray and I drove over to Glasgow to visit her. I was dreading Murray destroying the hospital and annoying everyone else on the ward, but actually mum had her own room and as such I could close the door ad contain him. He was very good actually and enjoyed reading  the hospital book I had borrowed form the library to take with us. Mum was quite tired when we arrived, but after a confidence boosting visit from the physio to help her use her zimmer, she perked up a bit. Well done nanna, you'll be running after Murray in no time at all!

As I was in Glasgow, 2 of my girlfriends who still live there came out to the hospital to catch up with Murray and me. It was lovely to see them and the new environment seemed to help contain Murray - we only had a few chasing after moments! The down side was I plied him with so many snacks he barely ate any dinner at all! LOL! It was worth it though to see mum's face when we arrived and to catch up with my friends that I hardly ever see these days.

Dinner Time Troubles

On the subject of dinner, we've been having a few battles recently. Lunch seems to be OK, but by dinner we are getting a lot of the following:

'tired mummy' along with head resting in dramatic fashion on hand.

'cuddle mummy' and when I say cuddle after dinner, 'cuddle daddy'

'don't like it'; 'finished'; followed by 'yoghurt' : Cheeky monkey!!!

I have no issue with him not finishing his dinner, but he needs to at least have a go. The past few days I've taken a  stand and made him eat a portion of it - eg if omlette - 1/3 on a seperate plate or pasta - again 1/3 to 1/2 in a separate bowl so he's not overwhelmed. Only when he's given that a really good go is he allowed to get down. It took a while the first night, but has been more successful since. If he's not 'hungry' enough to want a big dinner then he clearly isn't hungry enough for yoghurt! Oh I'm such a crabby mummy, but I'm getting sick of making meals that are nibbled at. Ah the trials of mummy hood! ;-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

24 week Comparison Photos.

Here's me at early 24 weeks with Murray:

Here's me at 24 weeks 6 days with babba #2:

Still a little lower but not much difference and there is almost a week in it. I feel HUGE, but I read back and felt huge at this time last time too! I need my belly support that my physio gave me for hiking and the x trainer. It makes a big difference. I was out for a good hike today and it really helped. I just can't get my head round getting bigger, but I KNOW it happens. I am NOT looking forward to it at all!!!! I am on my 'pregnant' chair and the sofa is out of bounds! Anyhoo - better head to bed as I plan an early swim tomorrow. 25 weeks tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2012

24 weeks + 6 Years Married

24 weeks

I now have a viable babba in my tum!

My 24 midwife appointment was really nice as it was the midwife that looked after Murray and me a lot in those early days. I asked her about the breathlessness, so she took my bloods and my iron had gone down a bit. She said they wouldn't normally prescribe iron at that level, but it is borderline, so if I still felt breathless in a week, the doctors would prescribe iron for me, not problem.

It was lovely to  hear the heart beat and she said she could so easily feel all the baby in there. I was measuring 24cms, so bang on date - so just like last time, it looks like a good sized babba! I really need to do a 24 week photo for comparison, but Al is out tonight so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.


I was exhausted after Murray's birthday party - not aided by this breathlessness at night that is playing havoc with my sleep, and having a dose of Murray's cold, so the only exercise I could face on Tues was 30 mins pilates which did feel good.

Wed and Thursday were early starts -
Wed for a swim (110 lengths) and 
Thursday for the gym (~4miles + 10 mins conditioning). Boy that gym workout was tough - treacle springs to mind.
Friday I got for a swim at mum's gym. I was so shattered, but I forced myself in after a cheeky wee bottle of coke as I knew it would be my last chance to get a swim at mum's gym for a while as she had been given a date for her knee op. I didn't think I was going to make the 110 lengths but I did.

I had planned to do something on Sunday, but it just didn't happen. I hadn't slept well for nights and not been able to get a nap in the day for various reasons, and as the only chance for me to get out would be pm, by that time, my stomach was rock hard and killing me, so it was put to one side for the day.

Total = 15 miles + 30 mins pilates + 10 mins conditioning.

6 Years Married

It was our anniversary on Saturday. We've been married 6 years. Not sure where that time has gone, but the past 2 have definitely flown in! Neither of us we're too raring to do too much this year - partly as we weren't sure if mum would be in or out of hospital, but we did end up going out for a nice meal in the evening, which was good to do. The nicest thing was, as Al was out running first thing, I came down to a huge bouquet of flowers and a couple of photos of our special day 6 years ago.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Boy - 2 Years Old!

On Sunday it was Murray's second birthday. I can't believe my wee baby boy is 2 years old! I felt a little bit emotional when I woke up in the morning. His face was full of smiles when I went to get him up and sang him Happy Birthday.

We came downstairs and had a birthday breakfast of pancakes and blueberries and then, after a 20 minute tantrum (well he had turned 2 after all) that only once he'd calmed down did we work out was about wearing a certain shirt, we headed off to church with him proudly wearing his 2 today badge and the shirt he was so desperate to wear!

After church I quickly decorated the cake and got the last things together before my folks, my sis and bro in law and my friend Emily with her boys arrived (Al's folks were staying with us). Murray had a mountain of presents and was a bit overwhelmed by them all, but really loved his wheelbarrow and immediately started pushing it around and his tiger camping chair on which he sat really quickly and watched presents being opened.
Helping Mummy open presents

Wanting to play with my wheel barrow straight away!

Sitting in my camp chair watching my presents being opened. Thanks, Aunty Helen and Uncle Ian.

Once the presents were opened, Murray and Emily's boys (5 and 2) had their birthday lunch and cake. Too funny. I was concentrating so hard on getting the kids their food and giving ourselves enough time to get them into their fancy dress outfits that I wasn't thinking about how big a piece of cake I was cutting Murray. As a result he had the biggest piece of cake he has EVER had, but boy did he tuck into it. He couldn't finish it bless him, but Harry and Finlay chowed down and seemed pretty chuffed that they got equally big bits! LOL. Emily and I were laughing so hard when I said later that I hadn't realised it was so big until Murray was holding it. She had thought at the time it was pretty big, but thought OK as Karen is OK with that, my boys can give it  a go! LOL! Ah well!

Yeah, yeah, mummy, enough of the family shot, that cake looks goo-ood!

Look at the size of that wedge of cake! LOL!

After lunch the boys got into their fancy dress outfits so they could join in with the village gala week parade. Harry was the animal man, Finlay a monster and Murray a builder. We were really lucky as the parade was actually dry (first time in 6 years) and it was so fun to see some of Murray's toddler friends dressed up too and walk behind the pipe band. My sis and bro in law joined us in the parade while the grandparents waited at our house (we walk right past it) and took photos as we went by. We were going to wait for the prizes, but as a huge rain cloud appeared and threatened to open (which it did 2 secs after we got back in) we made a quick decision to head home as Murray was shattered by then anyway. 

Heading to the parade in my builder outfit.

The Pipe Band

Here comes the parade.

While Murray napped, all the adults ate and before we knew it was time to get Murray up from his nap to have a play with Harry and Finlay before they had to head home. The sun was back out by then, so we able to head out into the garden. It was so lovely having Harry and Finlay over to celebrate Murray's birthday. They were so good and made it an extra special day for him.

Playing with my new wheelbarrow and watering can.

By the time everyone had gone home we were all shattered including poor wee Murray.He was so tired that when he popped a balloon by leaning on it which resulted in him landed square on his head on the patio he just couldn't be consoled - he has a cracking few bruises though to be fair. Eventually he calmed down while watching his Thomas DVD and it was an early bed time for a shattered wee 2 year old. Can't say his mummy was too far behind him!!!

Mummy and daddy working hard to stop my tears after my big wipe out. Playing with my new blocks (thanks Struan).

Wearing my new Octonauts backpack (thanks, Harry and Finlay) and playing with my balloons although being a bit more careful not to pop it and land on my head again!

Happy 2nd Birthday , my special wee boy.