Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Great Christmas!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

We had a lovely first Christmas with Murray. The wee dude was very kind to us and didn't wake until 6am - yeah! We got him through to our room to dress and feed him and open up some Santa sack presents and a cup of tea for us.

Murray in his Xmas outfit

He was tired after opening the presents so we put him back for a sleep while we got up and had a yummy breakfast of pancakes (wheat/dairy free) / croissants / Parma ham and maple syrup!

I then prepared the stuffing and stuffed the bird and prepared all the veg so that when we got back from church it was all ready to go. We met my parents at church for mass where Murray gave me my most treasured present - he fell asleep in my arms. He hasn't done that for at least a couple of months and I was wondering if he'd ever do it again. It was so beautiful to look down at his wee peaceful sleeping face!

After Mass, mum and dad looked after Murray while Al and I got out for a run together. It was so nice to run with Al - they will be treasured times now I think.

When we got back, Murray was pooped, so went down for a nap while we opened presents from under the tree and then it was all hands to the oven to get the food on the table - a little later than planned, but at least we were hungry! After dinner, we 'Skyped' Al's parents and sis which was great as they haven't seen Murray since October.

Mum and dad headed home once Murray had been put to bed in the evening and we collapsed in a tired heap!

Boxing Day

No rest for the wicked! Murray was up at 5.30 but the advantage of this was, as we were heading up to my sister's, it gave me plenty time to strip the turkey and make turkey soup. Getting packed wasn't as bad as when we went away in September as we know more what we need now. Plus we were able to take a travel cot instead of his moses basket. We had transferred Murray to his proper cot a few days before so he was used to a bigger bed as we were worried he might not settle, but he was so tired by the time he went bed he would have slept anywhere! We had a lovely Boxing day turkey curry at my sisters with a bit more champagne / wine than I have drunk in a wee while so was rather glad when Murray woke us at 5.30am that I didn't feel too dodgy! LOL! It was weird having him in our room again - total nightmare trying to get out to the loo in the night without waking him, but it did mean we saw him sleeping with his hands above his head - so cute!

We had a lovely day yesterday. My sister looked after Murray and let Al and I get out for another run together in the morning. We ended up doing just short of 8 miles as we got a bit lost. I did manage but it was a little bit much so I just need to take care. After lunch we headed up to see my sister's horse and take Murray for a lovely wee snowy walk in the backpack.

Back to Helen's for his bottle and then back down the road to our's. I was a bit concerned that he would sleep all the way home and then not want to go to bed but a wee play, a bath and bottle and he went to sleep like a wee treasure and stayed asleep until 6am this morning! Yeah.

Al dressed him this morning and brought him downstairs in this outfit with the mini converse shoes that his sister bought. I'm not really a big one for shoes on babies but these ARE outrageously cute!

Friday, December 24, 2010

One More Sleep 'till Xmas!

As it is Xmas Eve I felt it obligatory to dress Murray in this fab suit courtesy of Aunty Helen (my sis.). We have a different suit for tomorrow courtesy of Aunty Fe (Al's sis).

So Darn Cute!!!!

Aunty Helen also got Murray this gorgeous winter suit which makes him look and feel just like a teddy!

All I really wanted for Xmas was our central heating. We have a couple more to put up so we thought we'd get them up tonight, but Al's drilling just woke the wee dude up with much crying, so they'll just have to wait! Nevermind!

Enjoying a rather festive glass of wine and some cheese. Can't normally enjoy a Christmas Eve tipple as we usually go to midnight mass. Alas, no midnight mass for us this year, so a glass of rouge it is!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a special day wherever they are. Sending out prayers for all those who are touched by sadness this year - may your heart be filled with love and strength. 

On a joyful note however: a special Merry Christmas to Murray's newest friend; Hamish Douglas Muir who was born on the 21st - well done the Muirs!

Oh and Murray learnt how to splash the water in the bath today so no longer will I stay dry at bathtime!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The All Clear; Garmintastic; Central Heating and First Solids!

The All Clear

This morning I had an appointment at 'The One Stop Breast Clinic' to check my lump. After much prodding and an ultrasound I was overjoyed to be told that it was just a cyst - probably from breast feeding. The kind Doctor then swiftly pulled out a needle, stuck me like a pin cushion and hey presto it was drained.

I have to admit I am feeling more than a little washed out this evening as a result. The relief is enormous!

Garmin 305

In April my lovely mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I really, really wanted a Garmin, so she very, very kindly agreed to buy me one. I didn't bother getting it then as I can tell you right now what my pace was: tortoise shuffle! There was a sale on at 'Run 4 It' so I ordered one and it arrived the other day. I'm still to get to grips with the various settings so I simply just headed out the door on Sunday to get some idea of my pace. It was quite variable depending on snow covering or uphills but was mostly in the 8 min/mile zone i.e: 8 - 8.59 min mile, but it did go down to 7.05 at one point and to 7.45 several times. That being said, it also rocketed up to 11 min miles a few times too (stupid inclines). It was great! There is definitely no hiding that is for sure - no kidding yourself it feels hard because you're running fast when really your just unfit!

6 miles is still very much my limit though. It is frustrating - I just cannot run further at the mo'. I guess I can just concentrate on getting a bit faster so that lower 8s/7s feels easier. Having the Garmin will definitely help keep me focused in that way.

Central Heating

Our Central Heating arrived on Saturday. It was meant to arrive on Friday between 9am and 4pm so I stayed in. At 3.50pm I phoned the company to find out where it was, only to be told it wasn't arriving today due to snow delays! GRRRRRR! Murray had literally sreeched his way through the day due to teething and I was climbing the walls. A little piece of my mind was given... Al is presently working his way through the Norwegian installation instructions! LOL - good job there are pics too! Can't wait until I can move from room to room without having to put on jacket, gloves and hat!!!!

First Solids

Murray had his first taste of solids yesterday. His eyes have been tracking us eating for a while now and so thought we'd give him a try. He had about 4 teeny spoonfuls of baby rice, but seemed to enjoy it. Today he managed about 8 or 9. So I'll stick with the baby rice until the end of the week and then try some carrot. He loves chewing on his spoon too - a great teether and BOY is he ever teething at the mo!

Exercise Round Up

Last Week:
A good week especially considering I wasn't allowed to run on Thurs and Fri due to physio's request.
Mon: 5 mile v easy run
Tue: 60 min Spin
Wed: 60 min Pilates
Thursday: Rest
Friday:60 min Pilates (including arms section on harder DVD for first time)
Sat: 5 mile run with club (Mince Pie Run - v v v chilly but great fun - first run with hubby since Murray!)
Sun: 6 mile run with Garmin
Total = 22 miles + 120 min Pilates

This week has started well with a 60 minute Spin. Let's hope it continues that way.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Backpack + Doubled Birth Weight

Murray is now able to go in the back pack. This is a great step as it means I can do housework with him on my back and actually get things done. Plus he loves it as he has such a different view and we can play games in any mirrors we come across around the house. Going for walks are easier too as it is far more comfortable to carry him in the pack compared to the sling. I went Xmas shopping on Monday with him in it and while it was pretty hard work I'm sure it was better than trying to push the buggy around the shops.

Al Carrying Murray on a lovely walk around Gleneagles golf course.

Weight at 24 Weeks

Murray is now 16lbs 3oz so he has officially doubled his birth weight! Onto weaning soon!


Exercise has been better than it was in terms of discomfort but a stupid stomach bug that floored both Al and I for a few days at the same time (yeah that was fun trying to look after Murray) put a bit of a spanner in the works.

Last week
Mon: 5 mile  v snowy club run (al on annual leave so could go)
Tue: 60 min spin
Wed: 60min Pilates
Thursday: 30 min Pilates - ugggh - came down with bug at lunch time.
Sunday: 3 mile snowy walk.

This week so far:
Mon: 5 mile run
Tue: 60 min Spin (tough as still a bit wiped from bug)
Wed: 60 min Pilates - stomach is definitely much much stronger - feeling really pleased about that.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Running and Walking in This Winter Wonderland.

As Al has been working from home this week due to the snow I have been able to get out for 2 runs in the snow at lunch time. Here are 2 pics from the runs. Nothing better than snow falling all around you while you run to lift your spirits and renew your enthusiasm for peek-a-boo - just gorgeous!

Today Al was off. We were meant to be going to Belfast yesterday to see Al's folks, but due to the snow mayhem decided it would be safer to postpone the visit until Jan. Fortunately we were able to switch the ferry journeys to then and I must say I'm glad I wasn't driving down to the Ferry with all this snow everywhere - could you imagine if we had got stuck in traffic or snow with a 5 month old - not fun! Anyway as Al was off we went out for a family walk in the snow as we were all getting a bit of cabin fever. I wanted to carry Murray at first as I quite enjoyed being able to point things out to him the other day, but our plan was to swop on the way back. Well, we headed off pointing out the snow and the trees etc to Murray and then, would you believe it - he fell asleep! There was me worrying he might get too cold and not enjoy it and he just pops off to sleep! So I had to carry him back too. I must say it was hard work - almost like being preggers again LOL!