Sunday, January 17, 2010

First run for 3 months!!!!!

Woo hoo! I am so excited as today I got out for my first run in about 3 months. It is still really icy everywhere on trail around here, so we decided to park at The Famous Grouse and run out and back towards Monzie on the back road which is now fully snow and ice free.

I really want to get back to running regularly so was determined not to overdo things as is so tempting to do on your first outing after a time off, so ensured I followed the plan in my book to the latter.

The plan is as follows:

Walk - 5 mins
Faster walk - 2.30mins
Faster walk still - 2.30 mins

Gentle jog - 5mins

Steady run - 3mins
Faster run - 1-3mins (I chose to opt fopr 1 min today as I can always build up)
These intervals were repeated 4 times (16mins)

Cool Down - 5 mins (brisk to slow walk)

Total - 36 mins

The time can be increased by adding on more interval sessions.

I actually found this very steady warm up really helpful as it allowed my heart rate to increase slowly. This meant that I didn't find that my heart was beating so hard that It felt like it was about to pop out of my neck!

The disadvantage of the warm up was that as it as 2 degrees C I needed to wear my track pants and jumper until I was about to run or I wouldn't have got out of the car! Therefore I had to carry a wee back pack to put them into. As I was running I realised the other option would be to do my walking warm up near the car and then throw the extra kit in the car before starting to run so I will probably do that in future.

I found the first interval quite tough but once I had turned around and taken off another layer the return leg was far more comfortable and I could be heard doing a few 'whoops' for joy! It felt kinda weird in my legs at first but they soon got into it and my lungs relaxed too.

I was glad to have Al with me today to give me the confidence, but I can see more runs and longer runs on the horizon now- happy days!

Kaz and Babba-bean happy on endorphins after their run!

I am really pleased because I managed this run on the back of doing:

A 30 minute bike spin on Friday and
40 minutes of Pilates with a double core session on Saturday.

I was very tired on Saturday afternoon, but a good rest on the sofa and abandoning hopes of getting the food shopping done seemed to pep me enough to go out for a lovely meal with Al in the evening and today I feel fine. I suspect the deep sleep I had on Saturday night helped too.

Has anyone else had disturbed sleep during pregnancy - I find that I often have to get up and pee about 4 times a night or wake up quite hungry and need to munch on a snack!

A good week and I am getting much better at listening to my body (resting on Wed and Thurs as I could feel I needed to).


  1. You did great!! Haha I get up 2x a night at least- wat till the 3rd trimester it gets alot worse!!! I have been thinking about keeping food in my nightstand- I kept granola bars in my rocking chair pocket when I was nursing around the clock!

  2. I do keep food beside the bed - I feel like a wee field mouse! Al finds it funny to see what I've munched on during the night as there is usually an apple core, pear core or oat crunch bar wrapper providing the evidence of my nocturnal munchies! Oh a rocking chair - I want one!