Friday, April 30, 2010

32 weeks and still running!

I hit 32 weeks on Friday - only 8 weeks to go to my due date!

That is very exciting, but also terrifying as I feel like I still have so much to do! I do feel like I've got through quite a bit this week at work, but I can see the weeks flying by! ONE JOB AT A TIME! ONE JOB AT A TIME! is most definitely my mantra at the mo'

Missing my running, but still running: confused?

I've really been missing my running the past few days. I had a good hike on Monday and a really good gym session on Thursday, but I miss pushing myself hard or running for several hours out in the hills. I know I'll get back to it soon enough blah blah blah, but I keep thinking this time last year I had improved so much and had achieved something I always secretly hoped I could do, but never thought I would. I guess that that means that I can do anything I put my mind to in the future, but I just miss it at the mo'!

I must remember I wrote this when my legs are scunnered and the fire and choc seems far more appealing than dragging my butt out the door for another run! Ha ha - how fickle we are although it is usually crappy weather that makes me feel ugh - running in the sun never feels like hard work!

I guess the good thing about the enforced back off is that it makes you realise how much you enjoy something and totally refreshes your batteries. I'm a big believer in having some time off or a change to renew your energies - however perhaps 9 months is overdoing things a bit! Hee hee!

Despite all that I am so chuffed to have got out for a 5 mile run yesterday + warm up/cool down. It has been a few weeks since I actually run (busy hiking or at the gym etc) and I actually thought that I had reached the end so to speak, however I was really desperate to get out with the club and try one more time.

Al and I headed to the club speed session which starts at 10am. I find this a really good time because I can get something to eat and have time to get hydrated before we go.

I headed off a bit early to get my walking warm up in and then set off with everyone as they did their first interval - I even managed to keep up - well it was only a minute and then they walked it out for a minute - so no wonder I kept up! That said, however I was surprised that with my steady plod I was never that far behind them after their recoveries! It was only when I stopped to have a wee chat with a friend that I bumped into that I completely lost everyone. Even with that though I arrived back to 'The beach' just as everyone was steadily working their way back to the car park! I felt really good so Al came round for a second lap so that I could do at least 5 miles.

The best thing was that I actually felt really comfortable - more so than other runs I've been on earlier in the pregnancy - my stomach muscles were fine (although tired at the end of the day - but we did go to IKEA in the afternoon), my breathing felt comfortable and my left knee only just niggled right at the end when I was about to stop and do my cool down. The tightest thing was the tendons that attach at the top of your quads at the front, but was helped when I relaxed my stride (they are a little sore today, but nothing major - just a but fatigued).

I didn't get my second Pilates session done this week, but I am so pleased to have got a run in and get my 3 cardio session done. In addition I have coped much better at work this week and we got the spare room ready today to be able to put the new storage furniture up tomorrow (Al is off for the early May hol) and put everything away - another job checked off the list. I can't do everything and sometimes things needs to be re prioritised - like I said earlier - ONE JOB AT A TIME!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So far so good!

This week has definitely been better than last.

Mon - 5 mile hike - check!
Tue - 50 minutes Pilates - check!
Thurs - 1 hour cardio at gym - 35mins XT, 10 min bike, 10 min arm bike, 5 min treadmill - check!

I think one of the things that has helped is that we weren't out at our NCT antenatal class on Monday night as it was changed to Wed and clashed with our NHS class. Despite the extra late night I am really glad we booked onto the NCT classes as I really think that I would have left the NHS ones quite apprehensive. Don't get me wrong - the content has been good at the NHS ones and the midwife was lovely, but there was nothing on things we would need to get - that has been covered by the NCT classes - or on what to do once you get home. Hardly surprising really as there is only so much you can do in 2 lessons. The good thing about them though is that because they are in Crieff the midwife knows more about Ninewells - hospital that I'll be going to.

32 weeks tomorrow - 8 weeks to go! Cannot believe it. I'm telling you if I have another 8 weeks of the disturbed sleeping I'm getting at the mo' the bags under my eyes will start to rival the size of my belly!

Standard Grade English Exam - good luck all of my students - fingers crossed for you!

Right I must away to work!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Loo Trips!

After doing the Fling last year I have followed John Knyston's blog and whenever he does an ultra he runs a 'guess my time competition'.

Well, with this inspiration in mind, up to the birth of my wee nipper, I think I might run a 'guess how many times in one night I can get up to the loo competition'. To help you out, the record in the past few nights has been 6 times. This means that I have less than 2 hours sleep at a time and I can tell you it is exhausting. My belly is getting so big that when I roll over to my right side it feels like someone has shoved a weighted medicine ball under my skin and is tugging at the skin as gravity takes hold! Ha ha - Oh the elegance!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Al thinks that just after I have had a really tired day, the baby grows. Well I think he is really onto something. I was exhausted on Sunday. I thought perhaps I had tired myself out on our hike cheering on runners at the Fling in the sun, or that work had knocked me out last week. Perhaps they were factors too, but my belly has definitely had another growth spurt so...

I must say I'm not very good on the days when I'm really tired. I feel guilty for not getting things done, but it would take me twice as long to do any of the jobs and I'd be knackered the next day too. I am writing this to try and remind myself just to give myself a break when I feel like that and just put my feet up and enjoy the opportunity.

Anyway, just to prove a point, despite getting up 6 times to the loo, I felt rejuvenated enough yesterday morning to get out for a hike yesterday, get 3 things done off my work to do list, do a whole heap of chores and cook dinner!

Exercise Plan - here's hoping I'm more successful in fulfilling the plan this week!

Monday: 5 mile hike - Taylor Park, round knock and back - done

Tuesday: 50 minute Pilates

Thursday: 1 hour cardio - either gym or swim
Friday: 50 minutes Pilates
Saturday: 1 hour cardio
- I think I may try a run as the club are doing reps and I can puff along near them. I'm not sure if I can still run and if it is too uncomfortable I will call it a day until after wee one is born, but if It is OK it would be nice to keep my legs in touch with the motion as much as poss.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Highland Fling (or 6 mile hike for me!)

Today was the Highland Fling 2010. I did the whole route (53 miles) last year and thoroughly enjoyed it so when I knew my friend Liz was running leg 2 (15 miles) in the relay event and another club member was doing leg 1 (13 miles) Al and I decided to go to the race and cheer Liz on and get in a hike along the way. The relay didn't start until 9am so we missed all the female runners doing the whole route as they started at 6am and were all past sections 1 and 2 by then, however we were still able to cheer on some of the slower men who started at 8am and give them a boost. Al commented on how much it lifted the body language of the runners when you gave them a big smile and a 'doing fab!' The thing is on the WHW is that there are so many walkers who look at you as if you are demented so it can get a bit tedious being looked at as if you are a moron and getting no encouragement. I replied that it can actually totally bring you out of a funk - you might be feeling like kak, but that smile just lifts your mood no end.

We headed over so that we could see Kenny handing over to Liz at 11am and then drove further North to the Parking spot just North of Balmaha. we then hiked for about 3 miles North, had lunch and turned around so that we would catch Liz as she ran towards us.

Lunch Time and view over Loch Lomond from the wee beach we were at:

Not long after we set off after lunch Liz came into view (with her sister in law who was keeping her company). She was so happy to see us and we gave her a big cheer and were able to tell her about 3 miles when she asked how much further it was. This visibly lifted her and she told me at the end that she was really flagging at that point and finding out it was just 3 more miles to go to the end of her leg helped her to keep plugging away.

Liz coming into view

Her sister in Law cheering at the news that there was only 3 more miles to go!

It was really interesting to watch the event as a supporter rather than a runner and was interesting to see the different body language of the runners. Some of those guys look like they were really struggling and they weren't even half way in terms of mileage yet. I say in terms of mileage because the 2nd half takes longer as there is a long stretch of tree roots that really slow you down so goodness only knows what they would be like on that section. I remember watching a guy a little ahead of me last year literally weave and wobble and I remember asking him with quite a lot of concern if he was OK as I overtook him. He assured me he was but I remember hoping that he got to the next checkpoint OK.

The weather was absolutely cracking again today as it was last year and what a difference that makes. I'm not sure how much I'd have enjoyed it in pouring rain. Anyway I hope that all those doing it his year were really pleased with their runs and that their legs recover well in the next week or so.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cramp + 31 Weeks!

Last night I had cramp for the first time. I have had close calls recently but managed to stop them before they have started however last night I had a nasty one. I must have turned or stretched or something in my sleep and WHAM! God it was so sore. Poor Al had quite a nasty alarm wake up call (it was actually literally just as his alarm was about to go off). I couldn't help it I was totally yelling and he was saying, "What is it? where is sore? what is wrong" all meanwhile reaching for my tummy.
Eventually I could get out "left leg."
He then proceeded to tell me to straighten it - well I'll be damned if I could; it was like a curled up spring that just wouldn't be stretched until it had stopped cramping. So sore and it has left my left calf quite bruised feeling and hurting if I stretch it.

I reckon it was a lot to do with the fact that work was so busy last night I didn't get a chance to eat or drink properly. Not to be too graphic or anything but at one point I nipped to the loo and my pee was neon! Not healthy. I immediately went back and glugged down some water, but it is hard to keep drinking when you need to be talking. I usually try and catch a wee bite to eat between 2nd and 3rd sessions, but that simply just did not happen and so eventually got something at 9pm. I just don't like doing that to my wee nipper, but I can take comfort in the fact that next week I will just be teaching 2 exam sessions and my tutors will be in place for my other sessions. Next week is the start of the exams and so Tues and Thurs will be a bit stressful with last lessons prior to S/G English and Maths but thereafter I will just have 1 student (2x/week) doing Int1 maths. I love teaching the older students, but I hate the pressure that goes hand in hand with the exams - it is in the students' hands but you do feel like your reputation counts on them.


The week started off well - Mon 1 hour gym and Tues 50 minutes Pilates, but then on Wed I just wanted to get a good stint of organising stuff for work ( which I did) and then had such an awful night on Wed that all I was able to do on Thurs morning was type up an essay for one of my students and rest before work. I had hoped to do something today but my calf is pretty sore and I'm feeling pretty exhausted. I may try and do my pilates later on but to be honest going back to work has been a bit of a shock to the system so we'll see!

Hungry Hippo!

I've been starving today - probably the lack of food yesterday - fortunately baby seems to be sitting a bit lower and I've been able to have a reasonably sized lunch - the first decent sized meal in ages! And as a bonus, so far, no heart burn as and after effect. I definitely go off and on food - the past couple of days I've been really having to force my self to eat, but like I say my lunch today was good!

Oh and I'm 31 weeks today - 9 weeks to due date - into single figures now - WOW!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to Work - Boo!


I start back to work today and I can quite happily say that I could see it far enough! I just keep thinking 6 weeks, 6 weeks! I don't think I would be as down about it except in that 6 weeks I know I'm going to be under pressure and I just don't relish that feeling at all. Not to worry, when I go in today I am going to sit and make a list for the next 6 weeks and then just as calmly as possible tick each job off. Well that is the plan, but I definitely work better the calmer I stay so I'll just think of it as practise for staying calm in labour!


Last week was an excellent exercise week. I did the following:

Mon: 1 hour swim: 2000m equivalent to 5miles.
Tue: 50 minute walk - about 2 miles
Wed: 4 hour walk - 10 miles
Thurs: 2 hour walk - 5 miles
Sat: 50 minutes Pilates

So 22 miles and 1 Pilates session!

This week has started off well too as I went to mum's gym yesterday and did an hour's (equivalent to 5 miles) workout:
5 min treadmill walk
15 min Xtrainer
10 min arm bike
10 min bike
15 min XT
5 min treadmill walk

I love the XT - feels like running, but isn't as impacting. I would have done more on the XT, but I forgot my belly support and so needed to add in sitting things so I didn't get too sore.

My plan for the week is as follows:
Tues - 50 mins Pilates ( Some of the Core exercises are getting quite hard now and I have to use quite a number of pillows)
Wed - 1 hour cardio - prob spinning bike
Fri - 50 minutes Pilates
Sat - Cardio - not sure what yet - poss a run (1 hour) or a hike.

Antenatal Classes

We had our 2nd NCT class last night. It was really good. Both Al and I enjoyed it more than last week - of course getting a massage will always help to make things more enjoyable! But going through the stages of birth was really good too and in a complete sportsman like mind it was good to realise that Adrenaline slows down the Oxytocin and Endorphins so staying calm is very important. Al said he could visibly see me thinking: 'OK, so it's all about keeping relaxed to improve your performance!' Hee hee!

We have another antenatal class on Wed, but this one is an NHS one in Crieff. We are hoping that we will get to meet other young families in the area - so let's hope that happens. Another good thing about the class is that I have had to get cover for work so I will be able to work from home completely undisturbed during the day.

Friday, April 16, 2010

30 weeks, Buggy + Birthday Trip

30 Weeks

Today I am 30 weeks - 3/4 of the way through! Yikes! I feel like I get bigger by the minute and definitely the nipper had a growth spell on Tuesday which may have accounted for some very restless nights with hunger and all sorts. I simply cannot imagine getting bigger - my belly even makes my boobs look small now - but as the baby still needs to at least double in size, grow I shall, I guess.

At least I'm starting to feel a little more prepared. we had our first antenatal class run by the NCT on Monday. There were 4 other couples, all first time parents, and it was good to know I wasn't the only one who had stood in a shop looking bewilderingly at the array of baby grows and thinking: 'which fricking size do I get?' Eventually I got 6 very cute sleep suits in the 0-3 month range which turned out to be the right size to get - yeah. I didn't realise I needed vests to go underneath them however, so I will need to get some of those. Apparently I need about 5-6 suits per day so I definitely need to get shopping!


When we got home from our trip away, our buggy had arrived. It is called The Out and About Nipper Sport and is so very cool. We built it up straight away and I then whizzed around the garden like a loon to off road test drive it!

Our car seat is on order and should arrive in the next day or so and we are heading up to our friend's to pick up the cot to day so bit by bit we are getting there and I definitely feel better than I did at the start of the Easter break.

Birthday Trip to Glencoe

Tuesday: 2 mile walk.
On Tuesday it was my birthday. The day started. with my parents coming for Birthday brunch which was lovely. We then got packed (well Al gave me one of the best birthday pressies ever and packed for us while I put my feet up!) and eventually we headed up the road to the Clachaig Inn. As we drove up the sun was burning through the clouds and by the time we reached the Inn it was beautifully sunny. We checked in and went to get a drink to take outside. unfortunately our room was boiling so I had foolishly changed into sunnier clothes; however, although sunny there was a chilly breeze as you can see as I cling onto Al's top for dear life!

The Clachaig

Chilly Breeze!

After our very refreshing drink we wanted to go for a wee wander to work up an appetite as Clachaig food is known for it's heartiness! We spotted a wee loop mentioned in the Inn's guidebook thing that looked ideal. It went up through forrest to what is called Signal Rock which was believed to be where beacons were burned during raids to warn clan members. Before even then it is believed to have been of spiritual value in worshiping Gods of that time. On the way back we spotted a very calm deer that was quite happy to have its photo taken. 50 mins later we were definitely ready for dinner.

Views on the way to Signal Rock

Last steps to get ontop of Signal Rock

Photo-happy Deer

Wednesday: 10 mile hike
We woke up the next day to wall to wall sunshine and blue skies which was perfect weather for a walk into Rannoch Mor from the the Glencoe Ski Centre. I have run this section before when training for the Fling last year and really wanted to go back as it was really stunning. The fab thing is that as it is part of the West Highland way it is great trail and this section has gentle climbs and descents or is flat. The views were simply breathtaking and it was so lovely to be out in amongst the snowtipped mountains.

View up Glen from Car Park

Nearly ready to go

Cracking Views!

Ba Bridge

We had thought we would aim for Ba Bridge and then turn around, but we made that in plently of time and weren't even hungry yet so wandered on for another we stretch. At 12.30pm I was starting to slow down and needed food so we found a great wee spot and had our picnic. No midges, warmth form the sun, a gentle breeze - awesome!

We had walked about 5 miles in and I felt that 10 miles was probably long enough especially as I had been getting tired before lunch. As it turned out though I was pretty perky on the way back - probably a mixture of putting on my belly belt and chatting to a couple fro Sheffield.

We got back to the Inn about 3.30pm - a perfect time for afternoon drink (soda and tea for me; nice Ales for Al - boy did those Ales look good!) while chilling out reading books.

Thursday: 5 mile hike
When we woke up it was blue skies again, but by the time we had had breaky it had clouded over. None the less we wanted to head out for another (shorter) walk as it was just so great being up North. We drove to Bridge of Orchy and headed out towards Inverroran Hotel. When we set off it was really quite chilly even though the sun was starting to come out. We had a brief Photo session at the 'summit' of the little pass (up and over - not anything major, but plenty for my big belly) and then headed down to Inveroran Hotel.

On the Way up

At the wee Cairn looking back over Rannoch Mor - where we had been the day before.

Coming Down to Inveroran Hotel

When we got down to the Hotel, Pregnant bladder took hold and as I was flagging a bit and needed some sugar and warming up, we investigated the walkers' bar. It was tiny, but served good coffee and various drinks.

After warming up and regaining some sugar we headed back to Bridge of Orchy. It was much easier going back than out thanks to my wee sugar boost and even better, the sun was really starting to warm up and by the time we got back to the Bridge of Orchy Hotel is was glorious, so we decided to have lunch at the hotel out on the verandah. It was so warm I was able to sit in t-shirt and it was the perfect end to a fantastic hol.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

St Fillans Hike, Purple Dragons + Sun, sun, sun.

Saturday - St Fillans Hike

Al and I woke up yesterday morning to blue skies and decided to abandon decorating and head out for a hike. We drove to St Fillans and did a lovely loop that we have run a couple of times with the club. It is quite a steep climb from the loch shore, but is mostly on good tracks so you can go at a steady plod. When we got out of the car at St Fillans I realised how warm it was - I knew it was dry and sunny but the loch was like glasss and it was summer like weather.

There is a house right next to this view point just above the car park and the views are, as you can see, to die for. Even more envious making is they have this gorgeous deck with a hot tub on it. What I would give to buy that house - beautiful old red brick and that view!

Anyhoo we set off at about 12.30pm and climbed steadily upwards fro about 30 mins when we emerged from the tree line. My stomach was growling loudly so we found a big rock to lean against and ate our picnic lunch. It was so nice to be able to sit and relax and look out at the view with no midges and without having to cower behind a rock to get out of the wind - it was like being abroad and it was just lovely. All last niggling feelings that we should still be decorating evaporated as I let the sun soak into my skin and look over the loch to Ben Vorlich still snow capped. I love Ben Vorlich. There is a good path most of the way up and you run up it at a good speed (well some bits are too steep to run but you can get a good stride on) It is just at the top that there gets a bit more scree and that makes for some fun decending. It is only about 30 mins max from our house and it made for great training for The Ben Nevis Race. It is not as high but replicates some of the scree and definitely the path sections where you can run fast but pounds the legs. The best bit is, that if it is sunny you can come straight off the mountain and wade into the loch to cool yourself down - lush!

Emerging from the tree line.

Ben Vorlich in the distance (It is not as clear as I hoped, but nevermind)

Lazing against a boulder after lunch.

After a lazy lunch in the sun we carried on plodding upwards. I was really slow after lunch and was thinking what the heck is wrong and then realised I needed to take off my long sleeved top and drink water as I plodded up as I was feeling a bit hot and thirsty. T-shirt and 500ml of water later going up was considerably easier but still so warm. It is so rarely so still. I love it when we do have nice weather at this time of year as it can be still without being eaten alive by midges. We reached the saddle and then the path headed steadily down wards to the river. I had remembered the river can be a bit tricky to cross and so had brought my trekking poles for that reason, Boy was I glad - due to recent snow and thus snow melt alot of the stepping stones just weren't useable. We headed upstream a bit to a point where we thought it would be ok. Al went first and just as i was saying that he doesn't have much luck with crossing rivers his feet slipped off either side of the boulder he was on and he went in over his ankles! Woops! Oh how I laughed. Honestly everytime we go trekking he has a river incident. The last one that i did not laugh at until he had gotten over it was on GR5 in France. We had camped on one side of a river and had to cross it in the morning. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I think we needed to throw our bags onto the other side and jump hard to get across. For reasons I will never understand Al decided to throw my bag (no way was I going to get 20kg across the river- strong legs maybe but my arms are just not up to that!) with his bag still on his back. Needless to say in slow mo' he overbalanced and went into the river. To this day I do not know how he did the cat like motion that allowed him to grab back at shore and keep him upright enough to prevent his bag going under. Oh my god. He said my face was a picture of concern and determination not to howl out laughing. To add insult to injury I realised just after we had got over that I had left my glasses at the camp spot and as it was a real push for me to make it across, he went back and got them. My God he is a good hubby! Anyway, by the time he returned he was able to see the funny side and I was able to let out a nervous giggle! I think that set the tone for the day actually because it ended in an awful electrical storm with hail and monsoon type rain. We did not camp that night and booked into a wee hotel we found with rooms in a wee village we had to go through!
Anyway back to yesterday. As my balance isn't the best any more I opted to take my socks and shoes off , roll up my trousers and wade through. I was glad to have my poles to keep me steady, but it was actually really refreshing. My feet dried by simply padding about on the dry rocks and then we were once more on our way.

The walk took a bit longer than we had thought but just as my tum was getting a bit tired I put my support on and it really made a difference. I was beginning to wonder if it did actually do any supporting but it definitely provided the support I needed to let me enjoy the last 30 - 40 mins of the hike. Taking off our lazy lunch and time spent trying to get across the river we were hiking for a good 3 hours. I was well chuffed, but was definitely tired when we got home and was very grateful of Al getting me some dinner.

Another river, but thankfully a bridge crosses this one.

It was a bit more undulating on the way back than I remembered.

Just about to reach the tree line again to drop back down to St Fillans.


Today my friend Emily, her wee 3 yr old Harry and my God son Finlay (6months) came for a visit. It was so lovely to see them and it was fab that it was such a nice day as we could sit out in the garden and watch Harry play with his bucket, spade and watering can set I had got him for his birthday. Emily explained to Harry that I was having a little baby like Finlay and that is why I have a tummy like mummy had. She then asked him if he thought I was going to have a girl or a boy and he thought about this for a while and said I was going to have a dragon!!!!! Ha ha ha!!! She then asked what colour would the dragon be, to which he replied: "purple". Priceless!!! Oh how we laughed.

Exercise Plans

No Pilates today, but I think my 3 hour hike yesterday more than made up for that. I'm heading to mum's gym tomorrow and then Al and I are going for a 2 night stay in the Clacaigh Inn in Glencoe for my Birthday (Tuesday/Wednesday). Here's hoping the good weather continues and we can get out for a couple of hikes.

Right I'm awa' to bed for what I'm sure will be another night of restless sleep and trips to the loo!

Friday, April 9, 2010

29 Weeks

29 Weeks + 5 mile run

Today I hit 29 weeks and I'm glad the first day of 29 weeks was better than the last of 28. I don't know what was up yesterday but I felt very odd altogether. It could have been the fatigue of the the term coming out, or the fact that we have been pretty busy getting baby and nursery stuff for the past few days, or it could have been the anti-D jag I had at my appointment on Tues or of course all 3 combined. I felt pretty whacked on Wed, but battled on through and helping Al with clearing and painting the nursery. I did think I felt a bit nauseous and by club time I decided that I would rest up and let Al go and have a good hard run with the guys. When I woke up yesterday I felt really grotty. Breakfast was close to making a reshow and I was just absolutely good for nothing so by the 12.40pm headed for bed. I woke after 4pm and only got up as I hoped it might help me to sleep through the night (It didn't) and spent the evening drifting off periodically until 9pm when bed beckoned once more.

I slept well until 12 and then spent the next few hours trying to cool myself down. I was so hot it started to freak me it I would be cooking the baby (it is amazing what you can freak out about in the middle of the night!) I eventually dropped off into a restless sleep about 3am.

Thankfully when I woke up this morning I felt a lot better. Breakfast stayed down and didn't give me heartburn so once digested and once the food shop had been delivered Al and I headed out for a run. From our house we can head past the golf course, but this is straight up hill, so we drove up past that section and started past the farm with the freaky sheep (these sheep have no necks and look mega aggressive - I swear they give you major evils as you run by). Anyway the 'run' was lovely as the views chop and change from rolling fields and hills out to jaggedy mountains in the distance beyond Comrie. I hadn't realised how undulating this road (I usually call it the flatter route!) is so it gave me plenty little walking breaks. On the way out I was thinking that it may be my last run as my ligaments form my womb felt a bit tight, but on the way back I had relaxed into it and so had my tummy. I will definitely be playing it by ear from now on though.

At the point where we turned around there was a HUGE bull, thankfully safely behind a fence, that Al insisted on taking a photo of. He then insisted on taking a photo of me - I hope not for comparison purposes! Ha ha!

Just so there are no smart comments or confusion:

The Bull

Me + Bump

We had fun painting the nursery this afternoon - note to self - don't buy the cheap B&Q paint in future as it requires 3 coats!. I focused on the wood work while Al continued with the walls. Tomorrow will just need the second coat of the woodwork and then we can start doing the fun bits like getting up the curtains etc - yeah!

I will just be playing Sat and Sun by ear and seeing how I'm feeling as I want to have enough energy to help Al with the decorating and on Sunday my friend Emily and her boys are coming for a visit. If nothing else pregnancy helps you to learn to be flexible!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

28 Week Midwife Appointment

I had my 28 week appointment yesterday. As Al was off he was able to come with me which was really nice as he got to hear the wee nipper's heart beat which is just the best sound ever! I had blood taken and my Anti D jag yesterday too so I feel a bit like a pin cushion. The Anti D jag wasn't painful, but the blood was a wee bit nippy. I love how docs/nurses etc say, "just a wee scratch," and then proceed to stab you in a dagger like motion! Any hoo all was well (just need to get blood results back) but all things for yesterday's check ups were tickety boo!

After we had our appointment we headed for coffee (decaf) and cake at a lovely farm shop/cafe nearby as I needed some sustenance and a rest before tackling B&Q. We got all the paint we needed for the nursery and the hallway, a very cute lampshade with moons and stars on it, masking tape etc. The final thing we needed to get was a ladder for painting the hallway. Now you'd think this would be easy but was clearly presenting a conundrum to Al as I eventually had to sit on the patio furniture display as it was taking a while.

I know the baby doesn't need the hall to be painted, but we'd like to get up coat hooks and shoe racks in the hall so that getting in an out the front door is considerably easier. The entrance way is the only bug bare I have with the house. The front door opens into the hall and to get up the stairs you have to almost come into the living room so you can close the front door and then get up the stairs. So as you can imagine getting a pram in the front door will be a bit tricky if there are any shoes in the way (there tends to be at mo', as we have a rubbish shoe rack that all the shoes fall off).

Before we headed up to Perth, I did a 60 minute spin (27km) while watching Masterchef on the bbciplayer - Love Masterchef!


I seem to be having another wave of morning nausea. Breakfast hasn't been a great time for food throughout pregnancy, but it is really becoming a chore. Getting water down is a struggle too as it tends to give me heart burn, but I've found if I drink some juice (diluting elderflower) it at least keeps me hydrated and then gradually I can start supping water later in the day.

Anyhoo we (when I say we, I mean the Royal we and that is Al) have cleared the Nursery and are ready to start preping and painting. I'm being very good and am avoiding the heavy lifting and doing the sorting, so I can have enough energy to go to club tonight.

Plan for the Week

Wed: Club Run - Aim for 5 - 6 miles
Thurs: 50 minutes Pilates
Fri / Sat: Not sure which way round I'll do it, but hope for 50 mins Pilates + 1 hour cardio (hoping for run).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday

What a lovely Easter Sunday I've had. Mum and Dad joined Al and I for church which was incredibly busy. I was fortunate to be offered a seat on account of bump - handy, but poor Al was abandoned at the back of the church standing for Mass. Mum and Dad got a seat too as much to their chargrin they are beginning to be offered seats these days. Mum happily accepts, but Dad tends to do 'oh, don't be silly, I'm fine' shenanigens until someone insists he takes a seat! Poor Pops!

We then all came home and I prepared a lovely roast for a later lunch:

Lemon and Paprika Chicken - serves 4

1.5kg Chicken
2 Lemons
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
I clove garlic

Squeeze the lemon juice over the chicken and stuff the squezzed lemons in the cavity,
Crush the garlic and rub onto skin
Rub the Olive oil onto the skin
Sprinkle the Paprika all over the chicken
Season the skin with salt and pepper.
Whack in the oven (Fan 200 0C) for about an hour (until juices run clear).

Spring veg Meddley - serves 4

2 Leeks,
250g green beans
125g Peas
1 clove garlic
Margerine (dairy free for me)
150ml stock

Melt margerine
Sautee garlic and leeeks
sautee green beans until softening
Sautee Peas
Add herbs - I had to use dried mint and chives but they worked well enough, but fresh would be lovely. I used about 1 tablespoon chives, 2 tablespoons mint and a good handful of coriander
Add stock - I added extra stock and then drained it off later and used as a gravy.
Simmer until veg all soft.

Served with new potatoes + Carrot + neep mix.

I must say it was delicious! - the chicken was so moist and flavoursome, but had a light spring flavour because of the lemon.

The spring veg was delicious too - love mint!

The recipes say they serve 4, but we were 4 and there was loads of veg, (spring and carrot/neep) left and enough Chicken left for a picking tea plus boiling up tomorrow for soup.

Love cooking!

We then all 4 flopped on the sofa (Al, mum and dad had had a glass of wine or 2 so mum and dad had a wee snooze!) They left about 6pm and to be honest I was still too full to do Pilates and so now at 9pm have abandoned any hope of it. I don't really care as I've had done all my other workouts this week despite it being the last week of term and being cream creackered!

Thursday 50 mins Pilates.
This was a struggle to start, but I said to myself - 'I'll just do 30 mins' and then I got into it and did my full workout. I was def tired though as usually I'm into it after the first 5 mins of starting, but it took until I had finished the core section (20 mins in) before I was feeling that enjoyment.

Friday: 6 Mile Hike
Al was off and we had arranged to view a cradle and a hiking baby carrier in the morning. The backpack thing was great and we paid £40 for it. I was really chuffed as although it is a couple of seasons old it was pretty much the same as the ones I have been eyeing up in Tisos for £100+. The cradle is lovely too (free). We couldn't take it yet as Julie couldn't find the bolts, but it will be lovely. It swings so I will be able to lean out of bed and hopefully rock wee one back to sleep - that's the hope anyway.

It was such a beautiful morning and Al and I fancied celebrating that we were on hol so we went for mid morning coffee rather than head straight home. While we were having coffee, I said to Al that I was too tired for a run, but I'd love to get out for a hike. He was happy to do that so in the afternoon (after a wee snooze) we headed up to Comrie and had a lovely 6 mile (atleast) hilly hike (2hours and 15mins). We got back to the car at 6pm - gotta love the summer time clock change.

Here are some Photos from our hike:

Gotta love where we live.

Saturday: 1 hour run - about 5 miles I think.

Today was the inaugural Strathearn Harriers' Egg stravaganza. We woke up to p#*ing rain, but amazingly it stopped by the time we were meeting and the sun even came out during the running and for our picnic!

There were 3 events - 1 for wee kids in the park; 1 for older kids, still in the park, but harder and 1 for the adults.

The adult course had various checkpoints around the locale and you had to decide which ones to head for. Closer points were worth less points, while those further away were worth more. We had 70 minutes to collect as many checkpoints (had a code to write down) and get back to the park. There were time faults for being over the allowed time. There were 5 teams of 2 and 5 individuals. Al and I plotted the points we thought we could get to in the time and then headed off. Pesky pregnant bladder required me to make a pitstop which ate into our time and we made a rookie map reading mistake on the first point but got our 2nd checkpoint really quickly. We then had to choose between an easier point with less points or a harder point but more points. We went for broke and tried to get the bigger points but boy did I overestimate my ability to get to that location and back in the correct time (it was uphill the whole way to the point - fine in fit form, but not preggers). By the time we realised this we were over half way to the point. We gave one last push to try and get it but had to turn around at our self imposed time to get back to the park. We did at least get back to the park with 30 secs to spare and so didn't lose any of our 60 points. It was funny coz I was getting dead frustrated as we headed up the hill as I couldn't go any faster and competitive Kaz was coming out and then I started laughing and thought - this is great - I'm in trimester 3 and I'm out, still running and doing a fun comp with my hubby in the sun with great views!

Everybody really enjoyed it and got a great run in too as they said they found themselves going as fast as poss between points. Some folk overcooked the time and lost points that way so didn't win even though the had collected more points. It was great fun and I can only imagine it would be a great workout at full speed. Al got some sprint intervals in too as when we neared a point I would tell him to sprint on to search for it while I plodded on and caught up as he searched!

I wish I had photos of it, but we were too busy running!

Everyone had brought home -baking for the picnic so it was dead yummy. I made date, walnut and cinnamon muffins with rice flour and sheep's yoghurt. They were delicious and as I made a few extras I still have some left for the coming week.

When we got home I was really tired and ended up having to have 1.5 hour sleep. I hadn't realised how tired I was, but as soon as I put my head down out was out like a light and the next thing I knew Al was waking me so that I could be tired enough to sleep that night.

So... despite not getting my 2nd Pilates workout I've had a good week.

The next 2 weeks should be easier for exercise as we are both off, so we should be able to fit it around operation decorate Nursery!