Friday, July 29, 2011

Ants in his Pants!

Murray is non stop! He has a serious case of ants in his pants the entire time he is awake. He hates being in his buggy if he is awake and he will not nap in it so basically he hates it! If he's in the back pack you have to keep moving or he starts gurning to get out. Then if you take him out, like I did while helping out at the Crieff 10K, the Benny Hill chasing shenanigans start. He had huge grassy area (about size of 3 rugby pitches) to crawl all over and where did he want to go? Onto the tarmac path and cement stairs of course, so then ensues me repeatedly carrying him to a far away point and then chasing after him as he crawls full tilt toward the steps. A club mate even asked me if he ever stopped! No is the answer except for when he naps.

Murray exploring the empty Famous Grouse costume (our sponsor). It kept him away from the road and steps for about 5 mins!

We are now at the stage where he takes about 30 mins to fall asleep in the car so any usual journey is not enough to give a sleep unless I want to waste fuel by driving around on a loop and with the cost of fuel at the mo' it is not a great prospect, and as said previously, he refuses to nap in his buggy, so if I want him to rest (and me to rest) then to home it is. As a mum friend of mine said the other day - it is now all about endurance! The other week was a toughy as a) Murray had a bug - I'm wondering now if he put something a bit grotty in his mouth or if it was something going around and then when the worst of that passed b) he was teething like I've never seen before - he was driven demented and spent 2 days crawling full tilt back and forth to me, but when he came for a cuddle, he'd arch his back and thrash out and yell. He was too sore to fall asleep too. Hard days. Had a mummy meet a few days later though and we all had a good cathartic chat about the emerging tantrums and it all became a lot easier suddenly. He is back to his old self again now - just the ants in the pants!

I'm v glad he's back to his old self as Al was running as part of a team at a race a couple of weekends ago and we went along to support. It was forecast to pour with rain, but actually it was a really nice day - muggy, but dry. It was a great day and Al's team won the relay! How cool was that! The other really nice thing that happened was that I met Debs as she was running the whole route (40 miles). She wanted to do under 6 hours and she came 2nd lady in 5 hours 56! Awesome running - well done lady. It was really lovely meeting you in person and Cairn is so another Daddy look alike! It was adorable to see him run and give you a hug at the finish!

 At the start. Murray had been great and finished his breaky in time for us to cheer on all the runners

 The Strathearn Stags team shot post race!

The stags receiving their trophy! Well done guys!
 Murray's bib says: crawl, walk, run, marathon! Someone said it was missing ultra to be like his mummy! LOL! I'd take being able to do 3 miles at the mo though!
Murray was a good boy and it had been a great day.

Exercise has been a bit hit and miss recently between Murray's bugs and my bugs and actually a general lack of motivation. Some days are really good and I'll have a really good spin or a 33 mile bike ride or a 15 mile tempo ride done at 15mph (fastest average yet) and other days are just a real drag to get my sorry ass to the gym. I'm so bored of the gym and basically I have no goals. I keep meaning to enter a cycling sportive but just haven't quite managed to do it. I worry that even if I enter I still won't find the motivation and then I'll be even more annoyed. I think I just feel so v frustrated at not being able to run and not having a strong body like I used to have. I've been working so hard with my physio and I'm no further forward. I must remember that it is not just exercise that is affected and that daily life can be quite tiring too - some days more than others so exercising is not what my recovery needs on those days. I'm sure, in time, I'll look back and laugh, but in the mean time I need to dig deep and I'll come out the other side. On the plus (a good day) Al and I powered up Ben Chonzie (900m ish high) this am while Murray was at nursery as we woke up to glorious sunshine. We had 4 hours max to get up and down and it took us 3.5 hrs with a nice wee tea break at the summit! I'm meant to be doing a 40 mile ride tomorrow, but I'm wiped out tonight so we'll see how we go! Will happily accept any positive vibes sent my way!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Murray turned 1 on Friday. I was so excited to get him up, but weirdly he slept until 7.50am! I didn't of course (programmed to wake at 6am at the latest plus I was going for a bike ride with a friend so needed to get up for breakfast). It was so odd to be up before anyone else, but as soon as I heard him I rushed in singing Happy Birthday which he loved! We opened his cards and gave him his wee Thomas the tank ball we got him, but then it was time for him to go to nursery. I love his birthday banner made by my aunty - there are 10 birthday bears and you put the hat on the bear holding the correct number!

My friend and I had a great 34/35 mile bike ride then it was a quick shower before picking Murray up from Nursery and heading to the supermarket to buy up what felt like the entire store for Murray's party! Al's sister had arrived on the Thursday evening and Al's parents on the Friday so they all went off together for the day as Al was working but when they got back Murray was excited to see his Nicholl grandparents and aunty.

Due to work commitments we planned his party for Saturday and saved his pressies for then. We had planned a BBQ come rain or shine, but fortunately, by some miracle, when we woke it was blue skies and stayed gorgeous all day. When my sis and parents arrived my sis and I set about decorating the cake. I was pretty pleased with the results! I really felt like a mum when I was doing that!

We then had champagne to celebrate our first year of parenthood and opened Murray's presents which he loved!

As it was such a lovely day we put the water pit straight up and it kept him happy for ages!

We all just sat around watching Murray play until it was time for his nap. Unfortunately he was asleep when we did his cake, but he got his bit at tea time - I can't say he terribly impressed!

I cannot believe my wee boy is 1 - how,how, how did I become the mum of a 1 year old - so hard to get my head around still!

As Al's family were still here today and it is still nice weather, Al and I got a lovely walk together in Comrie while Murray slept. What a nice wee present for us to get some together time.

After a lovely lunch at our favourite Deli

and meringues in the garden (Al's mum is a demon meringue maker) on our return, they headed off home. Al's sis stays until Tuesday and so Al has taken the day off tomorrow - what a great way to start the summer hols! Long may the sunny days continue!