Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Harris is 2 Weeks Old

I can't believe Harris is 2 week. Time with a newborn both flies and elongates - the latter mainly because you are up feeding half the night!

The midwife came out on Monday to weigh Harris and he weighed 7lbs 6oz, so had gained 5oz in a week and is already 4oz above his birth weight. What a clever boy!

We had a really rough Sunday. Saturday night Harris fed 5 times and I struggled to resettle him and it continued into Sunday. He slept for 3 hours max between 7am and 9pm! Wow and did he cry! Bless him, he had terrible wind plus it turns out from the midwife coming yesterday that his nipples had become engorged. Poor wee soul. Apparently it is a result of withdrawal from your hormones and can take a few weeks to subside, but can upset them a bit. I thought we were in for a hell of a night, but by some miracle he did settle (thanks infacol) and only need fed at 12.45, 4 and 7. Miracle. He was a lot better yesterday,  but still a little windy, but he's been a bit unsettled again today. Thankfully Al took him for a walk in the buggy and he slept as did I as Murray was at nursery this am. The afternoon wasn't bad but the evening was rough and Al had to do the cliche of driving Harris around to get him to drop off and let me go to bed. He has been really good today though, which has really helped me to recharge the batteries.

Murray has settled down a lot and has been super excited when we have all got out as a family. On Sat we got to the soft play area just up the road for an hour. His face was full of smiles and he kept saying: 'baby Harris in the car, mummy in front'. I asked him if he was excited and he replied: 'Yeah! Yeah! Too cute! Then yesterday we got out to the playroom at the Hydro and he was so happy again. He has also asked to cuddle Harris a couple of times. Too lovely and both moments needed to be captured by photo. Yesterday he also said, Harris is my brother. So sweet.

First Brotherly Cuddle

Another Cuddle

Al's paternity finished today, but thankfully he also has two weeks holiday as there is no way I'd be able to cope without him yet. If it was just Harris, possibly, although it would be pretty hard work, and I wouldn't be able to drive anywhere, but with Murray to run around after, there is no way. I get v tired by the afternoon and sore, plus I couldn't lift Murray at all.

To celebrate Harris' 2 week birthday we all went to Toddlers this am for the Halloween party. Murray went as a Sheriff, while Harris was a pumpkin. Both boys are just so cute.

Murray, The Sheriff of Muthill!

Pumpkin Harris

Friday, October 26, 2012

First Week at Home.

My first week (well 5 days) at home have been pretty exhausting. Murray has been pretty challenging swinging between being desperate to crawl all over me and naughty behaviour. It's been quite upsetting to see him upset and also to not be able to lift him whenever he's wanted a cuddle. That said, I was able to do his story time last night and he has been much more settled today, so fingers crossed that continues. I think the more I'm able to do the less wobbly he'll feel, but I must be careful as I have a bit of swelling above my scar again (coupled with pretty rough pain) that came back last night after being pretty flat, so steady, steady.

The midwife weighed Harris on day 5 and he had only lost 1oz so he (and me) are doing really well with breast feeding. When she came out today she was going to re-weigh him, but she decided not to dishcharge me and let my normal midwife who has been on hol come out on Monday to see me and weigh Harris then. I'm looking forward to finding out f he has gained - certainly from the amount of feeds, he should do.

The first couple of nights home were a bit rough with cluster feeding, but the past 3 have been perfectly acceptable for this stage - I go to bed about 9 - 10 ish and Al brings Harris through for a feed about 11.30 - midnight ish. Then another feed between about half 2 and 3 and then another between half 5 and 6. Then Murray is up so it is breakfast for him and me and before I know it another feed. During the day Harris will swing between feeds 1.5, 2 and 3 hours apart depending on whether he sleeps or is awake between feeds.

The night before his 1 week old birthday, we gave Harris his first bath at home.

This evening activity seemed to help him sleep so we've been getting him awake every evening either with a bath or mat time. It is so lovely when he opens his eyes.

Today I managed to venture out of the house to the cafe over the road for hot choc and lunch. It was lovely to take Harris out and helped me to feel a bit more confident about getting out with Murray soon (he was at nursery this am). I was shattered after though and crashed out for an hour so must keep that in mind if going out.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Harris Stewart Nicholl

Welcome to the world little baby Harris!

He was born on Wednesday 17th October at 2.13pm, weighing 7lbs 2oz.

Harris and Mummy

Harris, Mummy and Daddy

Family Nicholl - What a lucky Mummy I am!

Despite a UTI diagnosed 4 days before my scheduled section date that was causing contractions I made it to  my date without going into labour.

On Wednesday 17th October I arrived at the Labour Suite at Ninewells hospital feeling terrified, relieved that pregnancy was nearly over and excited to meet my wee babba. Despite having to be there at 9am I wasn't taken into theatre until about half 1 ish (I was STARVING!) and little baby Harris Stewart was born at 2.13pm weighing 7lbs 2oz.

We were able to watch Harris enter the world as they lowered the drapes for us at our request, and it was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

The section was very overwhelming as the spinal works incredibly quickly and you sort of fold in two as they lay you down. It can also cause various side effects like low BP, pain in chest, blinding headache and itching. Unbelievably I got them all! Fortunately they are able to give drugs to counteract them but it does mean that your system has been pumped full of a tonne of drugs. The only one that can't be treated completely is the itching and unless it is awful they let the spinal wear off slowly so you keep the pain relief and just give you pirotin which helps but doesn't remove it, so you spend the next 24 hours itching. I had forgotten I had that last time too, but my sis reminded me. I was expecting it to be painful after, but I don't think you can ever be fully prepared for when the pain block wears off - phew! That first night was a bit rough until they upped the drugs a bit. I'm now at the stage where I know when the pain meds have worn off and I remember it is pretty sore, but that first night it was sore even with the drugs!

The team in the labour ward at Ninewells were absolutely lovely and I cannot fault them in anyway, but crickey as soon as you go up into that postnatal ward it is bedlam. Midwives and doctors disappear to get drugs/second opinions and don't return! Again I got NO sleep as there are just so many babies crying and you're in pain etc... Luckily the pain reduced enough the next day to be able to get up and get back to PRI where once again the standard of care is magnificent in the midwife unit. I even had a private room this time. I am so glad to have taken the time to recover as hard as it was to be away from Murray as it has allowed Breast feeding to get going and so far it is like night and day compared to last time, plus I've been able to reduce my pain levels significantly without a toddler wanting to crawl all over me. I got back today and I left PRI feeling quite good, but by the time we arrived home after a 30 min drive I was wiped and I had to feed Harris immediately and then read Murray a story. Thankfully Al's folks took Murray out to the Park then and I was able to lie down and within about 1 minute I was asleep!

When I woke up I came through to Harris needing a feed and Murray stroking Harris' head. Too cute! Even cuter was before he had gone to the park he had wanted to help Al swaddle Harris and it was just too gorgeous to watch him handing his daddy the ends of the blanket to wrap around his little brother.

Vital Stats:

Head Circumference: Harris: 33.3cm    Murray: 33.3cm
Length: Harris: 49cm   Murray: 47.5cm
Weight: Harris: 7lbs 2oz  Murray: 7lbs 15oz
APGAR Score: Harris: 9 @ 1 and 5 mins  Murray: 9 @ 1 and 5 mins.

I am so blessed to have 2 beautiful, beautiful, healthy boys.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

38 Weeks - comparison pics!

So I took my last pregnancy pics with Murray a couple of days shy of 38 weeks.

The second set of photos with babba 2 were taken at 38 weeks + 2days.

Murray Pics

Babba #2 Pics

I reckon I'm lower and further out front, but poss not as wide???? Perhaps it is just perspective. All I know is my poor wee belly button has actually turned right the way out and hurts! 

I am ready to be done. I saw the midwife yesterday and she told me not to go too far afield as I was 3/5ths engaged. I am almost waddling (really trying to engage 'abs' to prevent myself) but baby's head is def v v low and it is getting pretty hard not to just want to move about on all 4s! LOL! 

It is HARD going with a toddler - at this stage last time I could just sit down if I wanted to, but Murray is not terribly understanding of that (although he does come up to me now and rub my back while saying, 'rub it better for mummy' -awwwww too cute) so toddler classes etc still have to be attended. 

Mum and dad have been fab and dad rescued me today and let me get a sleep this pm as I had only managed 3 hours last night thanks to some pretty rough Braxtons that had me thinking perhaps the time had come, but did ease off. Trouble is by that stage I could not get back to sleep until some time after 5am. Rough!

I am looking forward to meeting baby now though, this space so to speak.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Murray's First Big Boy Haircut At The Hairdressers.

Today I took Murray to get his first proper haircut at the hairdressers. Up until now I've just done it myself, for fear of him losing both ears and the hairdresser losing all her fingers! This has been fine as he has just needed trimming around the ears, the neck and at the front of his 'fringe', but recently it has really thickened up and has started to resemble a mushroom exploding from his head.

I know I don't have the required skills to thin it out and layer it so, today I dropped into my hairdressers after we had been to a kiddie exercise class complete with bouncy castle that had him burning off energy for an hour and asked if they could cut his hair. Fortunately they could and he was actually really good.

At first I think he stayed rooted in the seat out of fear as his wee eyes were locked onto mine and a bit wide eyed, but gradually he relaxed and loved blowing the cut hair off his gown! He did really well and he looks so gorgeous and grown up! He got a special cake for after lunch for being such a good boy!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Yummy, Simple Dinner; Meal Planning and 1 Hour Nap

Thought I'd record the meal I did tonight (Mon):

  • 2 beetroots
  • 4 carrots peeled, topped, tailed and cut into batons
  • 1 fennel quartered.
  • Lay into a roasting dish and drizzled in olive oil, honey and dill
  • Lay 2 Salmon fillets on top of veggies and also drizzled in honey and dill
  • Whack the lot into an oven (180 degrees) for about half an hour.
  • Serve with salad or rice depending on how big a meal you need. Delicious! 

Oh and I crumbled a little feta on top of the veggies for a calcium hit once served up.

L'il Runner has been menu planning and I realised I do do that but don't tend to do it formally so thought I might write it down for a wee change so here goes:

  • Also on the menu this week will be a mushroom and asparagus risotto which I'll no doubt make a tonne of and as there is no room in the freezer will have to be finished up another night (Tues/ Thurs)
  • Home made Pizza (Bought gluten/dairy free pizza bases) and I (or Murray and I) do the toppings. (Wed)
  • Friday will prob be pasta with chicken - either done as a creamy/cheesy sauce or with carrot juice instead of tomatoes - again I'll end up making extra, so will be Sat or Sunday too.

So that just leaves Sunday, but by that stage I will need to do another food shop so will prob tie that in with my new shop. Murray will eat the same as us, except instead of left overs I may keep up variety with a sweet potato and beans and cheese medley one day and an omelette another day.

Murray's really enjoying getting independent skills and as he wanted a rice cracker and honey for his pudding today, he helped spread the margarine and honey and was so chuffed with himself. Too cute.

The one hour nap is wrecking me during the day and he is exhausted and so does not want to be woken, but so far it has meant he has slept through, so I think it'll be here to stay until he starts his night time singing performances again and then it'll be time to bite the bullet and knock down to 30 mins!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

37 weeks

37 Weeks has arrived.

Not much to report except time seems to have slowed down - especially night which is a 1 - 2 hourly round of sleep, get up for the loo, sleep, move to the sofa and try to get a little more sleep in between more of Murray waking up.

As of today he is now on a 1 hour nap time. Boy was he tired this afternoon - fingers crossed, it helps the night time rubbish. He actually slept until 7 on Tuesday and as I managed a decent sleep until 6 I felt almost human for the first time in ages!

My bags are packed; the freezer is full of meals for post birth for all of us and for Murray while I'm in hospital; the house has been scrubbed; the car has even been scrubbed, so now it is just plodding through each day and enjoying time with the Murray munchkin' until the big day arrives.

I'm pretty sure I took my last photos with Murray at 38 weeks so assuming I am still with enormous bump I will take my last set of comparison pics next week. I find it quite amazing how big my stomach can get!