Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Days of Work to Go!

Monday - Gym workout - equivalent to 5 miles

Got up and went to mum's gym this morning as I just didn't fancy an joogling on my belly. Despite quite tired legs from my previously active 3 days I had a good work out:

5 min walking warm up
15 mins X-trainer
10 mins Arm Bike
10 mins Recline Bike
5 mins Rower (I am too ungainly for the rower now hence the 5 mins - frog's legs spring to mind!)
15 mins X-trainer
5 mins walking cool down
Total = 65 minutes


As that had been 4 days exercising in a row and because I had a load of prep to do for work that is exactly what I did - work prep. Work was busy as usual. After sitting down and really thinking through the logistics on Monday I realised I need to get another general tutor; a senior maths tutor and a receptionist/admin assistant all in and trained before I leave. Before I do all this I need to make sure I have job descriptions all organised etc etc and make sure that all resources, accounts, policies are all up to date before I leave. I really don't want to have to think about work while coping with a newborn so I am aiming to have as much as poss working like clockwork before I'm away. To be able to do this I need to get my tutors covering my lessons as soon as possible. I nearly spontaneously combusted with the logistics on Mon, but I think I've got it sorted in my mind - just need to start putting it into action!

It was snowing again here yesterday and the glen had returned to full on winter except it wasn't lieing on the road; however when we left work it was belting down with snow, even in Kirkcaldy and dad phoned to say that it was really bad at theirs. I asked if he could drive me over the glen (I wouldn't normally be such a woose, but the thought of getting stuck and having to hike in work clothes to the nearest farm in a snow storm while 27 weeks pregnant didn't really fill me with joy). He very kindly agreed and I was very glad as it was swirling snow and 1 car track.

On account of the hellish drive home and supporting a new tutor with their planning it was a late night home. Thank god there are just 2 more days to go until the hols!


I slept until 9.30am this morning (well with about 2 hours of disruption from light - headedness and hunger etc - I think the baby is really growing at mo because I seem to always be hungry - trouble is I can't eat too much at one sitting so I'm constantly grazing - even at night it would seem!). I'm going to take another day off exercise today and recoup the energies.

Plan for the rest of the week:

Thursday - 50 mins Pilates
Friday - Cardio of some sort - Al is off too so maybe a run while he runs at a decent pace.
Sat - The club is organising an egg-stavaganza. The eggs will be hidden around the area and we (in teams) need to run to various locations noted on a map to collect eggs! Al and I are running as a team and I'm really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed for good weather as we are meant to be picnic-ing after.
Sun: 50 minutes Pilates.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Good Few Days.

Friday: 27km Bike spin = 16 miles = equivalent to 5.5 mile run.

After heartily chilling out on Friday morning, I recouped my energies to attack the chores and get a good 60 minute spin on the bike. I made sure I did a really good stretch after to ensure my ligaments didn't tighten up as I had a feeling that added to the sore knees last Saturday.

Saturday: 5 mile run + about 0.5 - 1 mile warm up / cool down walk

Al and I got up on Saturday and went to the club speed seesion. Al and Phil did 4x4 minutes with 1 min recoveries + 4x2 minutes with 30s recoveries while I ran along Lady Mary's and back adopting a 4 minute run 1 minute walking strategy. Once they had finished, Al then accompanied me around the Lady Mary's loop so that I could have a decent length of run. It was good for easing his legs out too. It was such a lovely morning after the past few yucky rainy days and it was lovely to walk back from the 'beach' to the car with the sun on my skin and sparkling off the River Earn. The best thing about this morning was that my knees didn't hurt at all. I think the good walking warm up really helped as well as a really good stretch before running. I also wore my road shoes so I think that helped too. A good stretch while basking in the sun after and a steady walk back to the car also meant I wasn't too stiff later.

In the afternoon Al and I popped down to Stirling (we were able to go on the motorway as Al can now drive on it) for me to buy some 'big Budda' clothes. I really wanted another pair of track pants as on some days even my track pants can feel like they dig in - I think it is when wee babba is curled up at the bottom of my tum - so I end up wearing jammies. All good unless someone comes to the door and you just feel like a slob. Anyway I wasn't able to get track pants as the maternity ones were so long, but I did get a few new tops: 1 slogan t-shirt that says 'I heart My Bump, a red t-shirt that I can wear to work with smart trousers, A French/nautical type stripey vest with a red, blue and white theme and a navy cardy that isn't designed to do up and is really long.Even better was I still had quite a bit on my New Look gift card that I got for Christmas, so they all cost me very little. We also bought a name book and a how to look after your baby book. I was starting to think: 'I have absolutely no idea how to .......(insert various requirement of a baby)'. I have been avidly reading it and I must admit it helps to calm many of the worries. I'm looking forward to my antenatal classes too which start on the 12th April as I think they will help to make me feel a bit more informed. Anyway, after my run and then walking about shops all afternoon I must admit I felt a bit pooped and was really glad Al was driving home. I even managed a good white colour in the face - I've managed to avoid that for a while so definitely tired myself out.

I've taken to sitting on our dining chairs in the living room instead of our sofas as they seems to give me a bit more space between my ribs and pelvis; the only problem is they tend to give me a numb bum. Therefore the sooner I get a rocking chair the better!

Sunday: 50 minutes Pilates

I really enjoyed my Pilates and I am really pleased that after a couple of weeks with struggling to get my workouts done I have had a good week.

After Mass I arranged to go and view a crib that one of the ladies at church has offered us. Al and I will go have a look at it on Friday and I'm really excited. She also has a baby backpack hiking thing which is really new, so she wants a bit of money for that. If it is one like we want I am more than happy to buy it. We will be going to collect a cot off another friend in the Easter hols and I'm so excited. Both crib and cot need new mattresses so we will head to Ikea and get some, once we know the dimensions, as well as a baby bath, changing mat, curtains and some other bits and bobs - such fun!

I have researched prams now too, and I think we are going to get an 'Out and About Nipper Sport' which is designed for running and hiking on trails and off road so has a fixed 16" wheels and some suspension, but is not massive either. It is suitable for newborns up to 4yrs. I think I will get a sling for around town (Bjorn Baby active). I haven't decided on our car seat yet. There is such a choice and I think I'd like to actually see them rather than buy on the internet.

I've had such a nice day today: Church, post Mass coffee, Potter, food shop, Read baby book, Pilates, cook risotto (v. v. yummmy), make list of baby names, write blog and soon off to bed! Sometimes it's the simple things in life!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Third Trimester + Driving Husband

Third Trimester Today (Fri 26th March)

Yikes, where is the time going? I have been planning for a while to get lots done in the Easter break - 1 week to go - but now the closer I get to it, the bigger I am, and I realise that there may be a lot of directing of Al involved - thank goodness he has taken the 2 weeks off too.

My tummy genuinely seems to get bigger daily and loves to sit really high up under my ribs. On Sunday night I woke up feeling really odd and breathing in a really shallow way. I've woken up feeling a little light headed before but rolled back on my side and it has sorted itself out, however this time it took about an hour to feel like I could breathe normally. Not terribly pleasant. Went to the doctor and he said it was a combination of being a very wee frame (5ft) & carrying a normal sized baby resulting in no room so baby sits high up into Diaphragm and as dizzy too, very probably baby sitting on a vein that wasn't allowing blood to get back to my 'nogging' very well. He said that he was sorry to say that it will probably happen again due to my frame, but to keep 'sleeping' how I am (bolt upright with lots of pillows) and keep very hydrated to keep blood pressure up to help the blood return. Anyway he wasn't wrong about it happening again as babba decided to sit on a vein again last night. Not nearly as scary as I knew what it was, but just not pleasant. Kept trying to get little one to move but was definitely asleep as wouldn't shift. Eventually babba woke up and moved and it was altogether more comfortable.

Monday - End of Term 'Run' or 5 mile Hike.

Well my knees were a lot better on Monday, but after the weird breathing thing I didn't think it would be very sensible to run. It was really nice actually as there were 4 of us walking on account of one of the ladies coming back from a broken leg and 2 recovering from a half marathon the day before. It was a good plan not to run as my knees were a little sore coming down hills and walking let them fully recover.

We had a lovely lunch and then I headed out with Wendy for another walk as she hadn't been out on her bike before lunch and needed to walk her dog. I reckon in total I walked about 5 miles over the 2 walks so I don't feel too miffed - especially as it is pretty hilly around there so gets the heart working anyway.

Tuesday - 50 minutes Pilates
Really good Pilates session but transitions between moves are getting a bit more cumbersome! On the plus side, my whale thrashing around on the ground impressions are most definitely improving!

After supporting my new staff member to do his planning I was late home and that with a combination of the bad nights I 'woke' up feeling like death. I was so tired I could barely string a sentence together. I took the difficult decision to take the day off and boy was it a wise decision.

Thursday - No longer the sole driver!
I had a meeting down in Stirling in the morning. The best thing about this was that it took my mind off the fact that Al was sitting his driving test. When I got home for lunch he was just getting back and he had passed! I still can't believe it; 10 years together and I've literally driven us around the world! Wow - I can send him to the shops to go get bits and bobs while I finish cooking or in a few months when I'm feeding the wee one. Best of all I don't have to drive myself to the hospital when I go into labour! Hoorah! I'm so excited and just so pleased for him too.

So I will try and get some exercise done in the next 3 days - definitey another Pilates session and a run tomorrow - fingers crossed my knees are OK - and hopefully a bike session too, but for this morning I am am enjoying some chill time.

Last week of term next week - Hallelujah!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peely Wally Legs on Show!

10K Route

Yesterday Al had a driving lesson and while He was at that I skyped my friend in OZ. It was the first time I had managed to get the video phone call thing working and it was fab to 'see' her!

Al and I finally managed to head out at about 12.30 - poss not the best plan as I was starting to get a bit peckish already, but a few glugs of coke sorted me out. I was really excited to be doing the 10k route (minus the rugby pitch that adds on an extra 0.5 miles) as it would be my longest run yet at 5.5 miles.

We ran happily along Lady Mary's, although I definitely could feel my heavier belly and it took me a while to get my bump comfy. I had worn my innovates as I was worried that once off LM that it would be a but muddy, but actually I didn't need them as it wasn't very muddy at all, so my more supportive trails would have done. When we hit the road I needed a snack which was consumed as we walked up the incline from the road. Al then headed off at a decent pace while I puffed up the incline and came back to join me as I reached the top. It then flattens out and I was able to break back into a run and really surprised myself by running half way up the next up section until it got too steep. The views from the gap in the trees when you get to the top of that section are just lovely - looking out to Comrie and beyond. There is then a nice long flattish section after that and I was just getting into my stride when my left knee started to niggle. It progressively got worse so I walked up the next hill while Al had a blast ahead and came back for me. I had hoped the walk would ease the knee out, but it niggled for the rest of the run. I am hoping that it is not because I have reached as long as I can run for and was more to do with the fact that I was wearing my innovates which are less supportive than my other shoes. Despite my left knee hurting for quite a bit of the run (and my right knee too by the end) I had such a lovely run. The sun was out and my white legs were bared to the elements for the first time this year. It was also warm enough to wear a t-shirt and it just felt so good for the soul to be out in the beautiful scenery with the sun on your face. I actually think training for the Fling last year has been beneficial for pregnant running as I think there are quite a lot of parallels between the two - you can't go off to fast; you have to make sure you have snack and water on you; you need to walk up the hills...

It was so lovely we took the opportunity to take a few photos:

I don't look pregnant from behind - I just look like a very unfit, slow runner!

Al though this was funny as he thought I looked like I was running in a little black dress!

One of my favourite veiws across to Loch Turret for the 10K route

I like this photo as you can see where the path goes (the tree line) from Lady Mary's up the first part of Laggan hill. This path is not part of the 10k but is a regular route run/hiked on Monday. You can also see the Comrie hills just peeking up above the trees in the background.


Al comes to Mass with me once a month and today was his time to come which was really nice. We then headed down to Bridge of Allan for a lazy lunch which was delicious. I have been a bit off my food recently which I have put down eating the same things too often. I've been trying to economise on the food shopping, but that has resulted in buying the same things week in week out and every time I go to make something I just feel a bit ick. However if we go out for food I will quite happily dig in. It probably doesn't help that if I eat too much I am just horribly uncomfortable for the rest of the day/evening. When I say too much - that doesn't describe a big portion by any standards so it is a bit off putting. Anyhoo - I thought perhaps a physical visit to the supermarket (as opposed to ordering online) with recipe book to hand might aid the situation. It has, and the cupboards are now fully stocked and I am looking forward to making: Butternut squash and Adzui bean soup, Lemograss Salmon, Sesame Chicken and Beetroot Risotto. They also had my sheep's yoghurt. I love yog and fruit, but as I can't eat cow's dairy it get's tricky to to find nice yoghurt (soya yog can be ok, but has palled recently and I simply struggle to eat Goat's yog).

My bump is definitely getting heavier as by the time we had finished shopping my hips and knees were quite tired. I so hope I can keep running. Time will tell - I will let my knees recover and try again. I'm a bit disappointed as tomorrow is the end of term run and I was worried I wouldn't make it because of a lingering bug, but in fact my knees are a pest instead. The ironic thing is that loads of folk did a half marathon today so will be slow tomorrow so I may have been able to keep up. However it may be a blessing in disguise as it is quite hilly where we are going and I may have pushed too hard. We'll see. At the very least I will head out for a hike while the others run.

I haven't done my Pilates today, which I am a bit disappointed about, but I think I'm going to just right it off and start a fresh next week. I enjoyed getting out and about today and I think considering I've been fighting a bug all week, I've done not too badly at all.

2 weeks to the Easter break -cannot wait.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finlay's Baptism

Finlay's Baptism

Sunday (14th March) saw me waking bleary eyed from a horrendous night's sleep, (awake from 2 -6.30am) but excited none the less to be going to my God son's Baptism. Thankfully the heat rash I had developed on my face on Saturday had all but gone, so I didn't need to apply my make up with a trowel!
Finlay's Baptism was at 3.30pm so we met at the church at 3.15pm. The Baptismal service was lovely and there were just 2 children being Baptised so it was really intimate. Finlay was so good as the priest poured the holy water on his forehead. He was so funny because he gave a little frown on the first splash as if to say: 'something just happened', then thought, 'nah, must have been wrong.' On the second time he frowned again thinking, 'something definitely happened', then the third time was like 'yup I was right' and then had a wee smile. So adorable.

We then all headed back to Emily's and Scott's for food which was yummy. I only wish I could have eaten more - silly baby was squishing my tummy! Despite having such little sleep I managed to feel pretty wide awake until about 7.30pm when we had to head or I would have been a danger on the road! It was so lovely to see Harry (can't believe he is nearly 3). He is so lovely with Finlay. He got to open the presents, but knew they were for Finlay and even went to show Finlay one of the books. So adorable! I watched him cut open a ribbon with scissors and the pull off the sellotape gently so he wouldn't rip the paper - awesome motor skills (spot the teacher!). It was lovely to meet Finlay properly too, as he was just born the last time I saw him, but now at 5 months he is a wee smiler and dancer.

We got home at 9pm and I made a beeline for bed and thankfully slept through! If I had 2 words to describe this pregnancy it would be fatigue and constipation!

New Week + Dealing with back niggles.

Yup, you guessed it - I woke up tired and realised very quickly that there was no chance of getting to running club. I was so sleepy that I went out to my optician's appointment without my handbag! By the after noon I was desperate for a snooze, but resisted the urge by going to pay for my glasses so they could be ordered and went for a wee walk with my mate Wendy and her dog. The blast of fresh air (about 2 miles) did me the world of good and then I popped in for coffee at my friend Ali's to have a look at the travel cot she was offering me. It is pretty heavy, but apart from that pretty cute, so we now have a nappy bin and a travel cot! I am glad I fought the sleepy attack because I slept through again on Monday night. I don't think it is just pregnancy tiredness; I do think my body is fighting a cold as my nose is a nightmare and my glands are a little temperamental. The staff at work are choked up and so are lots of the kids, so I am actually quite pleased that I'm fighting the bugs as well as I am.

1 hour bike spin - equivalent to about 5.5 miles - felt really good

50 minute Pilates - really helped my back pain. I thought I was going to have to get up at 6am this morning as my side muscles were really hurting and it was reaching round into my back, but I finally found a comfy position (bolt upright with about 8 pillows behind me). The Pilates really did ease all my aches out.

Rest - gland has flared up and I just need to chill.

Plan for the rest of week.
I would like to get for a run with Al on Saturday and Pilates on Sunday. I have to go to the centre tomorrow so it is doubtful I'll get anything done, but that's OK. I just really want to be well for Monday club run as we are having our end of term run and lunch.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Best Made Plans....

Bah - Humbug - Stupid Colds

On Wednesday all was going well - did my 50minutes Pilates - but by Thursday I was pooped. I thought I was just tired, so rested and thought I'll just swap days, but after my friend left yesterday after a 'truly exhausting day of lunching and chatting'(thanks, Aileen, I had such a lovely time) I fell asleep in the afternoon!

When I woke up I realised that my throat was quite sore and that the tiredness was associated with a cold. I was in bed by 9pm last night and slept until 9.30am (not counting the various trips to the loo, waking up needing to drink or needing a cold compress as I was feeling very hot.) Needless to say my eagerly awaited run with the club this morning was a no-goer - bah humbug!

I do feel considerably better than last night so hopefully by putting my feet up today I will feel better again tomorrow for my God son's Baptism.

Antenatal Classes

I get 2 antenatal classes, 1 breastfeeding clinic and an appointment with the physio as part of the NHS. 2 classes to learn how to get a melon out of your tummy! How does that equate to good practise and one of those classes is on how to deal with your new arrival?

As such I have looked into NCT run classes and found classes on a Monday night in Stirling. As I don't work a Monday night I can go, but I just had the details through and the classes run until 9.45pm which means I won't be home until 10.15 - 10.30 ish.

On Mondays I try to get to bed early as by Thursday I'm generally 'cream crackered'; so now I'm in a dilemma. I feel quite frustrated to be honest, as I feel that my work takes precedence over my baby. I never wanted to be in this situation and here it is already and I haven't even had my baby yet. Anyway, I just wondered if any one had been to the classes - are they good? Has any one just been to the 2 NHS ones and coped?

I like to informed - it is just in my nature and I know if I don't have the information form which to make informed decisions I will feel stressed before Labour even starts, so I think I should go to the classes, but I just feel so guilty for being tired on a Thursday especially as I have exam students on a Thursday and May is when exam fever pitch reaches its highest. My God I'm telling you - the guilt associated with teaching is rubbish.

Oh well. Only 3 weeks until the holidays. Can't wait.

Monday, March 8, 2010

24 week Midwife Appointment

Midwife Appointment

I had my first regular midwife appointment today. It was great. She was lovely, answered ,loads of questions that I had and helped me to feel the baby's head - so cool! It was sitting upright with its head below my ribs (hence why I was uncomfy the other day). It was so funny as it kept moving away form where she was trying to feel it - hee hee! I also got to hear babba's heart too - I love that sound. My next appointment is in week 28 up in Perth where I will be getting my anti-D jag too. Can't wait - I love getting to know everything is all OK in there.

Monday Club Run: 4.5 - 5miles

I got up nice and early to have my breaky so I could go to running club and not have indigestion. I had bad indigestion yesterday and decided to try Gaviscon to help - apart form it tasting minging, I think it also gave me diaorrhea - bah humbug to my stupid fragile tum - I was burny hot and had to sleep with a cold compress so I though I might not make it to run club, but once over my bottom indiscretions I felt considerably better and by morning felt OK.

I did go with the idea that if I did feel a bit odd I would call it quits, but as it turned out I felt pretty good and was able to run the majority of the route with everyone (Lady Mary's; Laggan hill - at a walk; down to Currochs - I could even keep up on the down hill; to the Hosh and then I departed from the ladies as I was beginning to tire and wanted to stay on the road and not have to watch my footing on trail so returned to Taylor park via the road past the distillery).
It was so nice to be out with everyone and I definitely feel a lot chirpier - I have a feeling my hormones were going mad for about 2 weeks coz I really felt Blahhhh and tears threatened at every junction!

Plan for the Rest of the Week

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for a cuppa in the morning so It will be a rest day and as I have done 3 days in a row that is no bad thing.

Wed: 50 minute Pilates
Thurs: Spin bike or gym

Fri: Not sure about Fri at mo' as another friend is coming to visit with her wee one, so we may head out for a walk if the weather is good, but not sure. I may do my Pilates in the morning or I may save it for Sunday - will play it by ear.

Sat: Club is doing time trials this sat so I will join them for a 5 mile plod (or shorter depending on the walk I do on Fri) while they lap at great speed around me.
Sun: 50 minutes Pilates if not done on Friday.

4 Weeks to the end of term....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yikes, how big does your tum get? + Birnam Hill Race.

Big Bump

Yesterday I felt HUGE. Bump has suddenly, most definitely, had a growth spurt. Wee one was sitting right under my right ribs and it was so uncomfortable. I spent most of the day sitting at a funny angle to try and stretch my right side and give me a bit more room and so I started to get a bit freaked out about how big your belly gets. Today has been more comfortable, but bump is very busy in there, growing away and kicking me like crazy. It really makes me laugh because it gets a bit feisty and goes for it big time, kicking away at one spot until it gets comfy and then chills out.

These are for you Aine:

Birnam Hill Race

Today 7 of the harriers were entered into the Birnam Hill Race so we headed up to support them all. The race was not terribly long but apparently the summit was really nasty - deep snow that you had to run through and slidy ice on the descent. Needless to say the times were a lot slower than last year. Al ( on his first run since hopefully getting his shin splints sorted out) and I headed off before the start and waited at the junction where the racers headed up the hill to cheer them on and then we headed off along the return route for about 30 minutes. It was such a lovely run - undulating trail and then it gradually headed steadily upwards which required me to walk as I was too out of puff. We had thought we would stop after 30 mins anyway, but as it happened there was a marshal at another junction at that point and then the first runners began to reach us so it was a perfect spot to turn around. We stood for a minute or 2 and watched the early folk belt down, including Strathearn Harriers' Phil Mestecky who had clearly had a wipe out as his face was all bloody. Apparently he had tripped and hit a couple of rocks - ouch! He has a shiner now, but apart from that is alright.

We headed back down the hill - this time at a run except in the snowy spots, cheering on anyone as they caught us up. The route back looked knackering as it was undulating - nice for us on a wee jaunt, but for the racers it will have been tough going as your legs are always like 'jello' after coming down and then you have to re-engage up muscles and it is energy sapping! As Wendy came past she was cursing that it was skiing conditions at the top, not running conditions, but as I had lent her my better innovates (hill shoes for those not in the know) with the promise of a smile as she passed, I managed to get a laugh from her and cheer her up! We got back to the initial junction just as the last harrier got back to there and jogged the last few mins back to the start, happy with our 50 minute run. I have no idea of the mileage, but it is irrelevant when out on trails and hills as even when walking your heart is working far harder than it is on the road, and it was so good to be out on the stuff I get a kick out of running on. It was also lovely to be a part of the club and cheer every one on - def a good decision as it made me feel much more in touch with my pre-prego life.

After the race we headed 15 mins further North to the House of Bruar for a late lunch. It is dead expensive there, but the food is fab and I love the farm shop. I usually buy about 5 loaves of the lovely rye bread they sell there and put them in the freezer as my attempts of bread making have not been terribly successful; however they didn't have any, so completely denied the joy of yummy bread.

OMG I'm watching Total Wipeout at the mo'. It is hilarious! Quality faceplants!

Sunday: 50 mins Pilates

As I had a tonne of prep to do for Thursdays lessons to ensure I was ready both for my teaching and for my new tutor I had to get that done before I tried to do any exercise; however, by the time I had completed all that it was time for shower, lunch and off to work so I didn't get to do my Pilates. I have just done it now and I must admit I am chuffed with my exercise this week:

2 x 50 mins Pilates
1 x 70 mins gym workout (equiv 6 miles)
1 x 5 mile run
1 x 50 minute trail run/hike (equiv to 4 miles min)
So Total mileage 15-16 miles.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pilates + Run + Maternity Clothes

Tuesday - 50 mins Pilates

I had a great Pilates session on Tues which I will repeat today.
I did 50 minutes in total made up as follows:

10 mins standing pilates
10 mins core
10 mins buns and thighs (yes it is cheesy, but damned hard work!)
10 mins full body workout
10 mins stretching Pilates.

I was saying to my friend yesterday that the standing and full body workouts use 1kg weights to work the arms too and although many of the exercises are fine there are 2 where you are sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you so you have very little leverage and are required to do these arm raises in various forms and they never seem to get any easier. 1kg is so light and yet it feels far heavier!

Wednesday - 5 mile run

I asked my friend Wendy if she would mind accompanying a slow poldder on a run as I was desperate for some company. She was happy to oblige, but I was glad to know she had been out for a speed session already so I didn't feel too guilty for being so slow. It was quite funny when we were running as I was gradually stripping off layers on account of my body temp being far higher than it normally is (I usually big time feel the cold) while Wendy was still in hat and jacket: read me working hard and Wendy tootling along hardly breathing! Pregnant running is funny! It was a beautiful, chilly day and as there is still quite a bit of snow about so we headed out from my house along the flattish triangle. We found a trail that lead out to a river for a kilometre that I had not explored before so that added another 2 kms to the run I did the other day so we did about 5 miles.

I'm really glad I asked Wendy for a run as it really cheered me up and as I was able to get up early enough to have breakfast in time for our run so I didn't have nasty heart burn I'm going to try and get out for Monday club again. Even if it means heading out on my own once everyone has met up then at least I get to see everyone. Also there are a few folk doing a race at Birnam on Sat so I think that (as long as Al's driving lesson is early enough) we will head up and cheer on the runners and go for a run up there.

Maternity Clothes

I may have to invest in some more maternity clothes as I'm starting to get a lot of gaping at the bottom of my tops which are gradually becoming too short. I always wear a long vest or cami underneath so nobody has to see my growing belly, but It would be quite nice not to have to wear several layers - especially when it gets warmer.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fresh Start!

I decided yesterday to scrap any idea of doing exercise and just starting this week a-fresh.

Got up this morning and met my mum at her lovely gym so she could sign me in. Had a fab gym session and feel great for it. By the time I got out form the gym it was 12 noon and so mum and I decided to have a spot of lunch together. Poor mum still has to hike up her drive to get to her car, as a result of the snow, and as she had jobs to do in Auchterarder tonight she decided she didn't want to go home and have to hike back out again later, so she was more than happy to while away a couple of hours enjoying a relaxing lunch. We sat at a table next to big French windows that let the sun shine in and it was simply gorgeous to look at the blue sky and the glistening snow. The drive back home was stunning. The mountains are spectacularly white again and looked Alpine with their backdrop of blue skies.

My workout was as follows:

5 min walk warm up
10 min recline bike
10 min x-trainer
10 min row (bump will be in the way in a few weeks I would reckon!)
10min run
10 min arm bike (Phew, that hurts the arms!)
10 min x-trainer
5 min walk cool down.
Total: 70 mins

I reckon that was prob about the equivalent of a 6 mile run!!! My longest workout yet!

I'm hoping that I can get out for a run on Wed as I think most of the roads are snow free even if the trails aren't.

Plan for the rest of the week:

Tues: 40 or 50 mins Pilates
Wed: Run (not sure about distance - atleast 4, hoping for 5 or bike spin depending on weather)
Thurs: 40 or 50 min Pilates
Sat: Run (5 miles at least)

Ladies' Captain.

We had the Harriers' AGM last night and I will be Ladies' captain again this year which I am very happy to take on again.