Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sick Murray and Mummy.

Ugh I don't feel well. I've been shattered all week and by Thursday I was beyond tired. Unfortunately this coincided with Murray not feeling very well. The poor wee thing gurned and cried his way through the day. I couldn't put him down. I gave him some calpol which he promptly threw up a long with his feed - ugh - it was like the early days all over again. I was so tired I chickened out of bed time routine and popped Murray in the car and went to pick up Al from the train station so he could help when we got back. Although the day was pretty hideous 2 great things happened: 1) Al sent me 20 red roses! Gorgeous!  and 2) I was sensible enough to ask if Al could take the Friday off and he could.

We were both glad he was off when that night we were up to 1am trying to de stuff Murray's nose as he kept waking himself up crying as he couldn't breathe (sitting in the bathroom with hot taps on full! We now have some drops that we can put on a cloth near his bed.). Al let me sleep in on Friday and I slept until 11am!!!!!!!!!!!! I really was tired. I felt so groggy on Friday, but figured a chilled out day with Al's help would sort me out. I did feel a lot better on Sat so went out for a run but it was a real slog as Tuesday had been. Despite that and despite having to dive through a beech hedge to get away from some angry cows - OMG - it had been great to get out as it was gorgeous weather - a bit of a change from the past 4 days of black skies and rain. Anyway I thought it had been a good idea, but last night my right gland was sore and I knew I'd wake up feeling crap and sure enough I do. I had promised Al a lie in this morning so I dragged myself up and did first feed so Al could get some sleep. I am now firmly ensconced in the sofa with fruit juice, tea, blanket, pills while Al is out with Murray for a walk.

Needless to say I've not done as well on the old exercise front but none the less I've still done the following:

Mon: 30km spin
Tue: 6 mile run (v slow, a real slo and I am not going any further for at least a month)
Wed: 60 mins Pilates
Sat: 6 mile run (A slog again but pleased with ability to run hills) + 3 mile walk

Sun: Lift tea and lemisp to lips! LOL!

Here's hoping both Mray and I feel better soon.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Il y a du neige sur les montagnes!

We woke up - well actually we woke up to Murray's chattering at 4.50am, but on managing to successfully ignore that and thus him fall back asleep - we re-awoke to snow on the mountains today - absolutely cracking!
As a result I had breaky and got dressed in my full length running trousers and headed out to tackle the 10k route for the first time. I am very chuffed to report I made it round and even managed to run the hills except for one when I was taking a walking break. I am almost there - next time I could probably run the whole route - not breaking any speed (fast speed that is) records - but run it none the less. I have been constantly amazed at how much improvement I feel  each week. I suspect in a few of weeks I will be running for that distance and not even be aware of anything any more which is really, really great. In many ways it has been good that I've not been able to get straight back to it as I have built up really steadily and only been out twice a week for the past couple of weeks which I am sure has helped prevent (fingers crossed) any injuries developing. I want to get my running up to at least 3 times a week and plateau at that stage for a while to let my body adjust and then I can start building miles very gradually to develop my aerobic base.

So to surmise my exercise week has been really good again (despite Murray's sleep routine changing somewhat and his feeding being very odd too):

Monday: 33km spin - equiv to 6.5 mile run + 4 mile walk with buggy
Tuesday: 50 mins Pilates + 3 mile walk with buggy
Wednesday: 30km spin - equiv to 6 mile run
Thursday: 60 mins Pilates + 4 mile walk with buggy
Friday: 5 mile run/walk ( total of 42.5 min running +13.5 min walking) - thanks dad for babysitting!
Saturday: 5.5 mile trail run (10k route) - 14 min walking + 49 min running
Total mileage = 34 miles

I just managed to finish my spin as Murray woke up on Wednesday - he's not been going down for very long after his first feed this week despite waking earlier (5.20am) and Thursday's Pilates was finished with rattle toys in hands with him at my feet or between my legs as I stretched to keep him interested! That'll teach me to try and have some breaky before my pilates! On the plus, when I've been in the house I am managing to get him down for a morning and afternoon nap so at least I know I could use those times if need be.

Baby Massage

Murray and I have started a 5 week course on baby massage. We really enjoyed it on Wednesday ( once we had recovered from the stress of trying to get up to Perth for 10am and combining feeds etc). Our homework is to find a good time to do it everyday. We've been doing it at about 4.45 / 5pm when he is alert and happy before he gets really tired. It is a lovely thing to do as it is so interactive and relaxing.

Baby Yoga

Murray and I are also starting baby yoga on a Monday. I am really looking forward to that too (again apart from the getting to Perth for another 10am start).

Leap Frog Table

Murray's neck is getting strong enough to put him in his leap frog table (thanks Aunty Jane) for short periods of time. He seems to really enjoy it.

Some cute images:

Teddy and me!


All smiles for Grandma and Grandad Nicholl.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chitter chatter!

Only just the other day Al and I were saying that Murray hasn't been very vocal recently and then lo and behold Murray chitter chattered to us all day yesterday and it has continued today. It is so unbelievably cute. His whole body goes rigid sometimes when it is a particularly loud urrrrrr. He has had me in stitches all day. I love the shape of his mouth when he makes his urrr urrr sounds. He is really concentrating and then he looks so very pleased with himself! I was woken at 5.40am to the sound of his sing songing urrrs through the monitor and it was the loveliest way to wake up.

Here are a couple of video clips we took of him yesterday. I know I'm biased, but I could just eat him up he's so darn adorable!

We went for a trip to the new Tiso's outdoor experience shop (outdoor stuff) that has just opened in Perth yesterday. It was great. There is a climbing wall, a soft play area with creche staff and a lovely cafe with, wheat, dairy+ gluten free options - I can highly recommend the flapjack and soya milk cappuccino! There were a lot of babies and kids there and I couldn't help but think: those without kids were out in the mountains/on bikes/in kayaks whilst the rest of us were in Tiso's cafe thinking about when we'll be able to head out on adventures again! Hee hee! I wouldn't have it any other way - this is the best adventure I've been on yet!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Great Week!

I've had a great exercise week. I don't know if next week will be as good, so I'm just enjoying a good week just now. Since Murray's been here I've definitely found myself grabbing the moment as I don't know if I'll get a chance tomorrow!

Mon: at least 3 mile run + 3 mile hilly walk w/out buggy
Tue: 50 mins Pilates + at least 3 mile hilly walk with buggy
Wed: 30km (~ 6 mile run) spin + 3 mile walk with buggy + 10 mins Abs Pilates
Thurs: 20 mins Pilates + 3 mile hilly walk with buggy
Fri: 30km (#6mile run) spin

Sat: run - at least 3 miles, prob nearer 4 + if time 30 - 50 mins Pilates
Sun: rest.

Weekly mileage has been 27 already and so a v least will be 30! The walking is great as it is good for us both to get the fresh air and helps to build up the mileage gently without too much strain on my body.

Target next week is to link longer block of running together for one run and for the other, poss get out with buggy so the blocks will prob need to be shorter - we'll see how we go.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Murray's Baptism (10/10/10)

Yesterday (1oth of the 10th 2010!) was Murray's Baptism. It was such a lovely day, somewhat exhausting, but a really special occasion.

My mum and I headed up to the church in the morning and started to deck out the family room in the church house. I had to have an emergency run to the supermarket as we didn't have enough tablecloths, but in the end and thanks to my mum and sis (who arrived with the cakes - one fruit and one wheat and dairy free) the room looked lovely. My sis had decorated the cakes and I think they looked just fab!

Fruit Cake

Wheat and Dairy Free Cake

We got Murray changed into his gorgeous wee outfit as late as possible and then as Murray started to get tired and grizzly Al took him for a drive around in the car so that he could get a sleep before the ceremony! I'm so glad we did that because he was such a good boy - even when I had to stop feeding him to be baptised! He could have screamed the house down provided he didn't throw up in the font but he did neither. The Canon is so lovely and the ceremony was really relaxed and intimate. My mum and Al's mum each did a reading and our sisters were great as God mums.

Canon, Al, Murray and Me

Canon, God Mums, Al, Murray and Me

After the ceremony we all went to the family room for cake and coffee.

Murray and Me eyeing up the cake!

Al, Murray and Me.

Aunty Helen (My sis) and Murray

It was so good to see lots of friends and family and for some of them to meet Murray for the first time.

After cake the families and my friend Emily and her boys came back to our house for bubbly and buffet lunch/dinner. As always I bought far too much and so I'm going to spend the next week eating it all up - I think I'll be inviting various folk here to help out!

Al's Family

The 2 families looking at baby photos of Al and laughing at how much Murray and him look alike as babies!!! No kidding, it is freaky how alike!

Murray was exhausted come 5pm so we did an early bath and bedtime last night. Thank goodness because we were shattered too! He was all smiles again this morning and came down for a morning cuddle with Aunty Fe before she had to leave for the airport.

Al's Parents then looked after Murray while I went to running club and Al took Fe to the airport. It was GREAT to run with everyone at first and then my friend Liz when everyone else went on for a longer run. I was hoping I was running at a good pace but thought it might just be because I was on my own, but I was able to keep up with Liz quite well AND still be able to chat so I was well chuffed. I did 2 x 10 min running blocks + 1 x 11 min running block with 4 mins walk warm up, cool down and rest breaks. I hope to get out again this week so that I will have run twice in a week and my next progression will be to reduce the walking sections.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well Done Me - nothing like positive affirmations to give your self a boost!


A great week so far:
Mon: 50 mins Pilates + 3 mile walk with buggy
Tue: 60 minute spin (30km = 6 mile run) + 3 mile walk with buggy
Wed: 30 mins Pilates
Thursday: 4.5 mile run (3 x 10 min running blocks with 4 min recoveries + 2 min jog cool down)

Friday: I hope to do another spin tomorrow which will take mileage to 20.5
Sat: I hope to do 50 mins Pilates

I really enjoyed my run this morning. It really felt like proper running! Definitely at my limit though so steady, steady.

Rather Proud of Myself

Al's back from his course and off for the next few days. I am rather proud of myself for coping without him, especially given that Murray threw up loads yesterday - we are talking porridge lava flowing out of his mouth. I had to go home from my friend's house in her clothes as not only did Murray need changed, so did I. My friend is quite a bit taller than me (well most folk are) so her track pants were dragging along the ground as I walked up the street to my car! OMG I looked ridiculous. He then did a repeat effort at bed time - honestly I was so over the puking. We had been trying to wean him off the gaviscon but b#@@er that, especially as it is his Baptism on Sunday - I don't think the Canon would appreciate porridge puke flowing into the baptismal font!

It's going to be a busy few days as Al's parents arrive tomorrow afternoon and then we will pick up his sister from the airport on Saturday. The baptism is on Sunday so my family and friends will be arriving and then on Monday Al's family head home. In addition to that, I need to get Murray an outfit - I had bought one online, but when it arrived he was swamped in it, so I'll be hitting the shops big time tomorrow in order to get him and myself an outfit and do the food shop. Thankfully I can leave Murray with Al or I would never get it all done!

Physio Appointment

I have my appointment with my women's health physio tomorrow to check how everything is doing. I know things are very much improving, but I do have a few queries so it will be good to see her.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spin + Puke!


Today I had planned to go for a run so Al did first feed while I had breaky so I could get out before Mass. Just as I was about to go out I looked out and the weather was awful. If I was just running I'd have probably forced myself out, but with walking breaks I just thought - ugh! I REALLY wanted a workout so I wondered if I could manage my spinning bike and as it turned out it was fine and I was able to do the whole spinning DVD which gave me a great workout. I did 30km (equivalent of a 6 mile run) which brought my weekly mileage up to 20 miles so was well chuffed.


Poor Murray threw up big style last night and was then really upset after (when he's thrown up in the past he's been all smiles) and as he had been rather cranky all day I was quite worried. It took quite a while to calm him but eventually we did and he took a feed and got him settled. Apparently babies can throw up when they teeth. He was really in gum pain again this afternoon after Al had left but a dose of calpol took the edge off I think. I was a bit concerned he was going to be like that all afternoon(thank goodness my sis was here) but the calpol calmed him a bit. He fed well tonight and is now in bed - phew!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jabs, Teething, Exercise, Admin Assistant + Home Alone


Murray had his 2nd set of jabs on Wednesday (12 weeks + 6 days). The health Visitors hand slipped a bit as Murray moved just at the wrong moment so I nipped a wee bit I think judging by the scream that erupted from his toes. He screamed so loud he was sweating! A wee dose of Calpol when we got home and he was sparko for 2.5 hours. When he woke up all was forgotten and he was on good form!


Murray has had a mixed week - Tuesday was really grizzly, so much so I thought I was going to have to cancel meeting my running friends for afternoon tea at a lovely hotel. In the end I went and while not on his best form was OK. He was pretty grizzly on Thursday pm too which confused me as he had slept in the car to and from meeting with my mum friends and then again today he's been grizzly and hot (he's been hot all week actually - not feverish but just running warm) and then when I changed his nappy today, it was soooo stinky and I remembered the HV saying teething can do that, so I had a look in his mouth and sure enough he had wee white spots on his top gum. He has been drooling like crazy and is chomping down on anything that comes near his mouth. Poor wee thing. Trouble is - how long does it go on for?


It's been a pretty good week. Now I'm not expressing in the morning I've got more Pilates in.

Mon: 2240m swim (5.5 miles)
Tue: 50 min Pilates
Wed: Rest
Thurs: 50 min Pilates + 4.5 mile walk
Fri: 4.3 mile Run/walk (28 mins running in 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2 min blocks. 4 min walk warm up / 2 min walk cool down + walking blocks of 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 mins) Total time out = 45 mins. I'm quite pleased that my running must be at a reasonable pace as that is just over 10 minute miles including my walking. The last 2 mins were not speedy though as I felt pooped and I actually feel quite sore (legs) today. I don't care about sore legs though - that is just fitness, I'm just pleased that everything else is behaving!
Sat: I had thought I'd go for a walk but to be honest my legs are really quite sore and I feel quite tired so thought my body could do with the rest.
Sun: I hope to get out for something tomorrow to bring weekly mileage up to at least 18 so that I've averaged 20 miles over the last 2 weeks.

Admin Assistant

Al took the day off yesterday so that I could go down the centre and train up my new admin assistant. I hated being away from Murray and getting back after he was in bed. I do not want to go back in Jan but hey ho. I'm hoping to phase back in and do only 2 days at first. It also made me realise how much stuff I need to catch up and I came home feeling a smidge stressed. It is horrible leaving things in other folks' hands. Nevermind, I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

Home Alone

Al goes down to London for a training course tomorrow until Wednesday night so I will be home alone - yikes! I hope Murray's gums aren't too sore!