Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4 mile run and Plan for the Week

Monday Club Run - 4 miles!

Monday's club run was great. I had intended to go round Lady Mary's and try to add an extra mile around the park, but when I got to the far end of LM's I was persuaded to head up Laggan hill. I had to walk and everyone had to wait for me to get to the top (thanks so much ladies), but it was great to do a different route and to get the view from the top. The footing underneath was really dry and solid so it was fine, but I think I would not do that route if it was wet - too many roots. Everyone headed off to Currochs at the the junction while I headed back to the Park. I reckon that was about 3.5 miles so I added on another 0.5 miles to make my run up to 4 miles. Pretty chuffed as that is my longest run yet and I wasn't totally wiped out in the afternoon - good job really as I had to catch up with the work I didn't do on Friday!

30 mins Pilates

Yesterday I rested and this morning I did 30 mins Pilates. It seemed hard work today. I'm not sure why - the core session was fine but the 'Full body workout' was really tiring on my arms, so I was more glad than ever I haven't upped that workout.

Plan for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow: 45 min Bike spin (exactly the same as last week)
Sat: 4 mile run (going to go to club session and plod while they do their pyramid session)
Sun: 30 mins Pilates

Right better scoot off to work.

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  1. Hills are a totally different ball game when you're preggers, aren't they. It's definitely not the country for expectant runners :-) x