Monday, January 25, 2010

First Pregnant Club Run + The Ben Nevis Race

Yeah! After Saturday's confidence boost I decided I really wanted to try and get to Monday morning club run. Despite a crappy night sleep I forced myself up at 7.30am (nearly 2 hours earlier than usual) in order to get breakfast with enough time for it to digest.

I arrived a wee bit before everyone else in order to be able to do 5 minutes of walking in my warm clothes before everyone else arrived. Once folk started arriving I pulled off my warm layers and headed off before everyone else so I could walk for a further 5 mins before starting to run.

Just as I started to run I could hear the others starting to approach so I didn't get too much of a head start but it didn't matter as I was bale to run along with various people for a wee stretch before they bit by bit overtook me. Beth was the last to be ready to overtake but by that stage we were nearly at the junction where we all wait and we were deep in conversation so she kindly kept me company.

Everyone except Beth (who wanted a shorter run) carried on around the 10k route while Beth and I head back along the time trial route. I had to have a little walk up the first wee hill to get me started again, but despite breathing fairly heavily I was able to carry on a conversation with Beth the whole way back (Thanks, Beth - really nice) so knew I wasn't pushing overly hard.

So chuffed! Had a 5 minute walk at the end to ease off legs and stretch so that I am not as stiff as a board tomorrow. Actually I'm really pleased that I was not stiff yesterday after Saturday's run. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing.

The application forms for the Ben Nevis race are out today. The race is on the 6th September. Baby is due 25th June - is that too soon? Hmmmm decisions! I suppose I could enter and if there are complications and I just don't feel fit enough I could opt out. I would feel bad doing that as places are limited, but on the flip side I enjoyed the race so much last year that it would be fab to do it again. I had hope to be ready for the Comrie Hills Relay race usually about a week later, but is considerably shorter (1 hour compared to 2.5). Any opinions, please post them.

Plan for the week is:

2 x 3 mile runs
2 x 30 - 40 minutes pilates
1 x 35-40 minute bike ride.

OK, chores are a-calling!


  1. Go Kaz! Thanks for the comments and glad I made you laugh. Keep on gettin' out there and you'll be back in the saddle in no time.


  2. how long is that ben nevis race, like 99 miles or something? Say you have 2 months to get ready.. I did a marathon.. you are keeping up your fitness, so you could definitely do it if you think you can.