Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plan for week 11-17th Jan 2010

So my exercise plan for this weeks is as follows:

1 x 3 mile walk
2 x 40 mins Pilates (adding either an extra leg secton or Abs section
1 x 30 mins spin
1 x 3 mile run (if the ground isn't too treacherous - if it is I'll opt for a hike or perhaps even go for a swim)

So far I've done the walk and 1 x 40 minute Pilates (adding an extra leg section).

I've started teaching on a Tuesday again (mainly an exam student group so always a little more stressful than the younger ones) so I was home later on Tuesday night than I have been and thought it best to just relax yesterday morning.
The plan was to do my bike ride today, but I slept in until 10.15am and realised I was really tired (I guess I'm just getting used to being back at work plus doing exercise. I'm wondering if my body is fighting a bug too as everyone I know at the mo' has some bug or other and it is virtually impossible to avoid them) so decided to just catch up on some paper work and general chores.
I figure as I'm working from home tomorrow I will be able to squeeze in my bike ride easily enough without worrying about having to reserve enough energy for being uber enthusiastic for the kids!
I'm hoping that at the weekend I can get out for my first run in absolute yonks with my husband. I really don't want to head out on my own due to the conditions so I think I'll Pilates Sat and run on Sunday.

It's been really hard the past week because I've been organising the team for the Devil's Burden Hill Relay race and of course I can't run in it. Frustrating! The Devil's is such a great race. 2 legs need a team of two and running as a pair is great fun. Still if there isn't a huge thaw it will be hard going this year! I'll just have to learn to live vicariously through everyone else this year.

Yikes, I've just seen the time - must run and get lunch and then head to work.

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