Friday, February 17, 2012

We Have a Tooth!!!!

I can't quite believe it, but, finally at 19.5 months Murray finally has a tooth poking through his gums!!!! Yeah! I wonder if the next ones will ping down in quick succession, especially as the whole of his top gum is v lumpy and bumpy.

On more good news, although the first week in Feb was still pretty rough with lack of sleep, we have now had a week of proper nights. All I can say is: 'Thank Goodness', as it was getting a bit much.

Murray has really grown recently and is now 83cm and his speech is exploding. Yesterday at dinner Al told me he took a big piece of cheese on toast and said: 'too big' and bit off a smaller bit. being a proud mum, I thought this v clever, and then again today he was trying to post things into his house and if it was too big, he said: 'too big'. Clever boy!

Here are some pics and videos of things we've been up to.

At The Park

Choo, Choo!

Sleepy Monster in Mummy's arms as my teeth hurt too much to sleep in my cot. He slept like that for 1.5 hours. I was v glad I had just been for a wee!

Although still struggling with motivation on account of not really having a purpose to my training (except for the vague hope of getting back to running at some point in the future), I've managed to average 4 times a week. Usually 1x5 mile walk; 1x 50 - 60 min gym session and 2x 60 min swim sessions. The only problem i'm having is I'm really struggling top throw the bugs I'm picking up from Murray. I thought I'd got rid of my last sore throat on Tues/Wed and then did a hard swim on Thurs (prob a bit too hard and would have been better to take it steady again) and by that night at work, my throat was sore to swallow again. Soooo annoying. I've almost forgotten what it feels like to feel well!

I'm hoping I'll be feeling on top form for next weekend as we are heading up to Aviemore for a long weeknd with my folks and my sis and bro in law for some skiing. I don't think we'll have much skiing as we've had a cruddy winter, but if the skiing is crud, we'll simply take advantage of the on tap babysitting and go hiking instead. Can't believe we've had 2 great winters and I've either been preggers or in still in severe pain with a pretty young wee one. Ah well, that's Scottish weather for you. It'll be fun just to get away and spend time with my family.