Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Mayhem!

Wed: 30 mins Pilates

On Wednesday Al nearly got hit with a sharp implement that I grabbed in a panic as I heard the front door opening at 8.45am (Al leaves for work at 6.50am). I instantly thought I was being burgled, but it was just Al returning from an insane attempt to get to work. A long story cut short - a mix of closed A9 and snowy back roads that caused more accidents meant the only way was home, so in he wandered and damn near gave me a heart attack!

Once I had recovered from that, balanced the accounts, ordered my food shop online, cooked dinner for me for lunch and Al for dinner with the last remnants of veggies and food in the cupboards and restored some order to the kitchen I had 30 mins left in which I could squeeze my Pilates.

The journey home from work was not terribly pleasant as it had continued to snow while I was at work, but the Glen was at least passable.

Thursday: 25 min bike spin (equiv to 2 mile run)

Al got up to go to work on Thursday, but as it had not stopped snowing all night and was still snowing, the buses couldn't run. I planned to get in (self employed do not get the luxury of snow days) so got on with my chores while breakfast digested and then hopped on the bike to do a 45 min bike ride. After 25 mins my mate Claire phoned from Oz and so I hopped off the bike to get a good catch up with her. I would have been more than happy to do this at any time as she is so far away, but particularly so on this occasion as she had a nasty cycling accident a couple of weeks ago that landed her in hospital for a good 5 days or so and feeling pretty crappy (well I think any one would with a broken collar bone, ribs, fractured vertebra and brain contusions!) so I was even more keen to speak to her now she was able to make the call. It was with relief to hear her laughing and in typical style trying to do too much too soon, but I really hope she doesn't try to really do too much if you know what I mean.

While I had been on the bike I had turned it so it was facing looking out on the street as there was endless entertainment of local farmer with tractor pulling cars up the road that had been sliding on the snow;however it was slowly dawning on me that perhaps trying to get to work may be somewhat tricky. Mum phoned after I spoke to Claire and after I found out that the road was blocked by fallen down branches and we made the decision that she could make it out (for once she had less than us) but that I should stay at home. Wise decision, as it turned out there were trees down all along the road from mine to the glen and that glen was closed too. Thank heavens for fabulous staff (I guess they'll have to cope when I'm on maternity) but they did a brilliant job!

I took advantage of not going to work and spent the afternoon having a fantastic snooze!

Friday: 55 minute bike spin (equiv to 5 mile run)

Poor Al struggled into work. It took him nearly 4 hours, as the roads were still crazy (so much so we were on sky news!) but he did get there. When I headed out later I realised what a good decision I had made yesterday. In some places the plough had only been able to clear one carriageway of the road due to fallen trees and it was insane! I reckon the same amount of snow fell over 2 days as it did over a couple of weeks at Christmas!

When I did my spin today I watched the bbc iplayer and caught up on some shows. It was great and 55 mins flew by. I will def do that again.

In the afternoon I headed out over to Glasgow (so many people) to firstly catch up with a mate for coffee and cake and then once Al arrived from work meet up with his parents who were over from Belfast for a wee city break. We all stayed in the Jury's Inn which was actually really handy. We decided to just eat in the hotel restaurant which was OK (once we got over the hiccup of cream in the chicken risotto. I can't tolerate cow's dairy, so I asked the waitress if the risotto had cow's dairy in it. She wasn't sure so I asked her if she could ask the chef. She came back and assured me that there wasn't so I ordered it thinking yum! however when it arrived it was very clearly -thankfully clearly- covered in a cream sauce - now either I'm seriously concerned about the chef's knowledge, or something was lost in translation along the line. Anyhoo, they quickly sorted it out by getting me the pan seared (in oil, no butter!) sea bass which was actually very nice).


Had a lovely day in soggy Glasgow - how good is the new (haven't been to Glasgow for quite a while so it may not be new to most folk) North Face shop. So many cool things I had to be dragged out drooling!
Got Al a new suit, had lunch in Princess Square in a lovely wee bistro whose name I've forgotten, said our goodbyes to Al's folks and headed for home. Thankfully all roads are now open so as long as we don't have a stupidly quick melt thus flooding, all transport should be back to normal next week.

My Plan for tomorrow was to go for a run, but no chance with all this snow. Perhaps we'll get out for a hike, or if it's really grotty a swim or back on the bike.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Endorphins always do the trick!

Tuesday - 4 mile run

I was determined to get out and do some sort of exercise yesterday. It was an absolutely cracking day - blue skies, hard frost, sun shining.

I'm finding I'm having to leave quite a while for my food to digest before running or I suffer with nasty heartburn. Giving myself a few hours also means I can get enough water down before my run without also causing heartburn (the joys!) so I finally got out at about 11.30pm ish which is quite tight for getting to work, but I was determined to go out and if I had to rush, so be it.

I had a 5 minute walking warm up from the house and then ran out from the village along what I call the flat triangle route. I hit the junction and was feeling OK, so headed on for about another mile. Now I call this route the flat triangle, but I'm not altogether sure that I should keep doing that because the base of the triangle is actually quite hilly and I needed to break in to a walk. Now I understand why if I'm doing that route fast (it is a good indicator of my fitness) it hurts at that point!
After about 22 minutes out, I headed back home back along the same route as I didn't want to do the full route and also meant I kept on the quieter road. It took me 23 mins to get back as I always forget it is a bit more uphill on the way back and I really wanted to take it steady.
It felt so good to be out running in the sun, looking over to the snowy mountains. In the sun it was so warm I was in my t-shirt. Endorphins and sunshine - fab cocktail to chase those blues away! I finished off with a 5 minute walking cool down.

Not bad at all - 4 miles, 45 mins running, 55 minutes workout time.

I don't feel any more tired than I usually do today so I'm glad I went out, especially given that it is piling down with snow today. Now today I'm glad of the indoor exercise option! Getting to work will probably be a nightmare. Mum's just phoned to say she's putting the car up to the end of the drive as it is drifting at theirs. Nevermind - all part of the adventure that is rural living.

Plan for the week

Take each day as it comes, bit will hopefully involve, Pilates, Spinning, a swim (if it is not too snowy tomorrow) and a hike or run on Sunday.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

I was feeling just a smidge frustrated at being pregnant on Friday and I guess I still am a little. I know this is stupid as it is something I desperately wanted and planned for, but I was so tired last week and was so fed up of feeling so. I'm still feeling tired and I do think it is because I've got a low level bug - Al is a bit sinusy too, but it's not amounting to anything proper and I'm not very good with that. I need to be on death's door before I'll accept that I'm not well rather than lazy!

It's been an amazing winter and I've not been able to enjoy the snow. Friends keep heading up North to ski and it just kills me. I miss skiing. I miss the freedom and the adrenaline. I've still been running, but my max has been a 5miler and I miss being out in the hills and in the scenery for hours at a time. During the week I do a lot of my exercise in the house which means even less time out and about and I'm starting to feel like I'm just too slow to go to running club and I miss that. I've gone from running 5 times a week, sometimes on my own, but often with others, to running 2 times a week and now I realise it will be on my own until June I'm feeling a little blue.

So...I went out for a lovely 5 mile hike on Fri as I just wasn't up for a run and needed to just be out in the hills for a wee while. I drove up to Loch Turret so that I was in the hills without being out in the hills on my own. It was so lovely to look up at the snow for 2 hours; to feel the cold on my skin; to hear the birds and the rivers flowing through the ice into the loch. I took some really nice pics which I'll post when I find my cable that allows me to upload the pics from my phone. Anyway it did cheer me up, but I was pooped in the evening.

On Saturday I headed up to Aberdeen to see my sis and had a lovely stay with her. It was great on the bus because my mate Elaine was on the bus going for a visit with her friend also in Aberdeen, so the journey whizzed by as we caught up. On Sunday I slept in until 9.30am and then we had a lazy morning which was lovely. At lunch time on the Sunday we headed out for about a 3 mile walk in the snow (lots of snow up there) which was gorgeous. The snow on the trees was sparkling in the sunshine and it was beautiful.

I was hoping last week that I just needed to get some more daylight and that would sort me out, but I was in bed again at 9.30pm and couldn't even stay up to watch the men's skiing. I slept again until 9am (WTF) which is just ridiculous, but does make me feel like I def have some wee bug and my body is fighting it. I was desperate to get out in the beautiful weather to day, but I'm afraid my energy levels have allowed me to do what I needed for work and then to have a snooze! I'm hoping that tomorrow, after a good rest today, that I will be able to get back to it. If I can't throw the fatigue soon, I'll go and get my bloods checked and make sure I'm not anaemic.

Did any one else get frustrated during pregnancy? Is it normal? How did you combat it?

I know how blessed I am, really, truly I do. I'm just feeling a bit lonely; a bit estranged from my favourite things and frustrated that when I do things to make me feel less lonely/estranged I am then shattered and have to stagger through work! Oh and 1 last moan - I counted wrong - I still have 6 weeks of term not 5 - GRRRRRRR, I'm gonna be on my knees! OK enough Kaz, stop whinging and suck it up - I must remember how ill I was in first trimester and be grateful for any exercise I can get!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Swimming Costume Hilarity!

Plan For The Week.

I've been feeling very tired this week with a stuffy nose and just a bit below par. It's hard to tell if I actually have a bug as I've had a stuffy nose for most of my pregnancy. I didn't do anything on Monday or Tuesday to give myself a proper rest after my busy weekend and hoped that would help, but even yesterday I felt pretty whacked. I had a report to do for a child in the morning, but I managed to squeeze in my Pilates (30 mins) as I hoped it would pep me up. It kind of did, but I definitely had to take it easy and I did feel pretty tired at work. I think this week I need to just play it by ear and make decisions daily as whether to do any exercise or not.

On Thursdays my mum goes to an aqua fit class at her lovely gym and so I joined her this morning to do some laps while she is doing her class (there are 2 pools). I was quite looking forward to it actually as I hadn't swum in ages. I used to swim a lot but since stopping my gym membership over a year ago I haven't been. I could go to the local pool, but just haven't got into the habit of doing it. The thing I wasn't looking forward to though was wearing my swimmers. I tried my proper suit on last night. Oh my God, what a scream! I could barely get it on. This is hardly surprising really as it is an age 10 (the joys of being a short a#@*e) and simply looked ridiculous over my bump and breasts. Breathing was a bit of an optional extra in the suit so I swiftly abandoned that idea and moved on to my bikini. I can't get used to having rounded boobs above my bikini top and then of course my belly is out on show for all to see. It is a lovely belly, if I do say so myself, very firm and round, but well, I feel a little bit exposed to say the least. It was hard enough when we went out for dinner on Sat and people were looking as my belly was quite prominent in the dress I was wearing. Anyhoo I was rescued as they sell swimmers at the club and so I took the executive decision that a purchase was allowable.

I had a great swim. At first I was a bit worried it would drag, but the 45 mins soon went in. My workout was as follows:

10 lengths warm up (7xFront Crawl -FC and 3xBack Crawl - BC)
4 lengths kick board(FC legs)
6 lengths arms only with leg float (2xBreast Stroke - BS, 2xFC, 2xBC)
4 x kick board
10 lengths hard (7FC,3BC)
4x kick board
6x arms (3xBS, 3xBC)
4x kick board
10 lengths hard (7FC, 3BC)
2x kick board
2x legs (2BS)
2x kick board
6x lengths hard (4FC, 2BC)
2x kick board
8 lengths cool down (5FC, 3BC)
Total:80 lengths x 20m = 1600m

According to runner's world, a pool swim is equivalent to 4x the running distance therefore my swim was equivalent to about a 4 mile run.

Not bad for my first swim in a long time and I feel confident that an hours workout (100 lengths or 2km) will be easy to build up to. Even better is that I feel good for doing it - much better than I felt after Pilates yesterday. How strange pregnancy is - perhaps I was just tired! I must admit it was nice being in the water as your belly just isn't an issue. Felt very chilly after though. Thank heavens for the lovely hot showers there. Perhaps that's what is putting me off going to the local leisure pool!

Tomorrow if I feel up for it I will head out for a run. If it's raining however I may opt for the bike!

At the weekend I'm heading up North to see my sister so we may get out for a walk or do some sort of exercise if she fancies it too, but perhaps not. I'm happy to go with the flow this week. I'm really looking forward to having a girly weekend with my sis as it's been a while.

OK, must head out to work - gosh, it's been a long week! Roll on Easter hols!

Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Mile run and Hike: 15 Mile Week!

Saturday 14th February.

On Saturday I joined the club for time trials. Well when I say the club I really mean the 2 Phils and Liz, plus a new potential club member called Jim. Not exactly a record turn out! It is quite frustrating actually as I look at other people's blogs and I see that they have regular club training nights that help support their training. I know they are often bigger clubs and perhaps they too had the same problems when they first set up structured training in terms of getting a regular turn out, but I think the speed session on a Sat morning are a really good idea and I hope we can keep them going long enough that more of the club regularly turns out.

Anyhoo I set off before everyone and in a scarily short amount of time Phil T came pounding by followed shortly by Phil M. I expected Liz any mo' but it wasn't until I headed back toward the starting point (we do 2 laps) that I heard Liz and Jim behind me and realised that Liz had been her usual welcoming self and had stayed with Jim so that he knew where to go. They finally caught me up coming up the first wee hill after the gates about 2/3rds of the way around the first lap which was surprisingly far round. I was comfortable running with them until the end of the first lap and then I was going to reverse the second lap but Liz and Jim told me to come with them. I didn't want to hold them back but they said not to be silly and I was able to keep up relatively comfortably. The toughest bit was the little hills on the second time round - had to break into a wee walk for a short time before reaching the top. Anyway I ended up running the 5 miles in 54 mins which included 1 minute of walking and 4 mins of v steady warm up running so I was actually quite chuffed. I figure if I can maintain a steady pace, getting back to it properly will be substantially easier. Also I feel like 5 miles is a decent distance and again is a good spring board to get back to it. I remember when I was chuffed at regularly running 5- 6 miles when I first joined the club a few years ago!

I needed a wee snooze in the afternoon, but that was mainly because Al and I were going out for dinner in the evening and I didn't want to fall asleep in my main course! Afternoon snoozes rock!

Sunday 15th February

Yesterday Al made me breaky in bed which was lovely and then I headed off to church. When I arrived in the car park there were no cars and as I was 2 mins early that was very weird. I looked at the clock and it turned out I was an hour and 2 mins early - Al had reset the clock by mistake the previous nights (that's what happens after a few glasses of wine!). Therefore I headed home, made an apple and pear crumble as we had friends coming for a visit and headed back out to Mass! There was a nice surprise in the car park - my dad's car which is unmissable as it has the first type of ski box ever invented on the roof. Dad had just got back from France so I hadn't seen him for about a month or so and it was lovely to see him and to be able to show him my scan pics.

Our friends (Morna and Richard) arrived at lunch time and so after some food and a chin wag we headed out for a lovely 5-6 mile walk up in Comrie. We were really lucky as the weather had been pretty grotty in the morning but by the time we headed out it was chilly but dry with even some patches of blue sky so we got some lovely views. It was fab to be up to Comrie again as I can't run there at the mo' as it is too hilly and the footing is a bit dodgy in places and in January when I was still walking to get back into the running there was still all the lethal snow so I couldn't go to Comrie on my own.

It was funny at one point on the walk as I had forgotten you need to clamber over a fence (no stile) and I learnt that I am definitely less agile. Good to remember as if I have to stop running then I will still head out hiking, but must remember to avoid that part of the route! Al would kill me if I had to phone him to rescue me from a abreast of a fence! Hee hee - what an image! Despite being less agile I definitely fitter though because I was able to walk up the hills comfortably - a little out of breath, but able to chat compared to month 2/3 where I had to put do a few steps and rest! A great feeling.

We had a lovely drink in The Royal Hotel afterwards and then came home to enjoy a roast and crumble. M and R headed back to Glasgow about 10pm and I headed straight to bed. What a great day!

I slept like a log last night after my busy day and woke up at 9am. Monday club run is at 9.15, so needless to say I didn't go this morning, but I had purposefully not to set the alarm as I knew I was tired. I didn't miss it when I got up as it was pretty wet. Also I realised last week that I have been building up my mileage / exercise times etc for quite a few weeks now and maybe it would be a good idea to have a recovery week.

One I've decided on my plan I'll post that. Right, I must get to work.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Felt My Baby!

3 am Wake-up Call!

This morning I was woken up at 3 am (Friday 12th Feb) by a little baby making itself known to me.

I had thought I felt it yesterday morning,; but as I was on my own and again had just woken up I ended up convincing myself that I had imagined it; but this morning there was absolutely no denying it so I woke Al up and put his hand on my belly. He was a smidge confused at being woken up at 3 am, but fortunately babba saved me from a "what the heck did you wake me for?" and gave another hearty kick. Well that woke Al up. He was so excited and couldn't believe it and quickly forgave me for disturbing his sleep.

What a special thing carrying a baby is. Sometimes I can't get my head around the fact that only 21 weeks ago there was no life and now there is another human being growing and developing inside me. I know it's obvious, but there will be a new little person out in the world come June- a total miracle and I really feel so blessed.

Strange Week

I had planned to do my Pilates on Tues but by the time I had done household chores, visited a mate, gone for my scan, gone for cake to celebrate (absolutely compulsory), cooked dinner I felt shattered. I think it was the nervous energy that I had had been carrying around while waiting to hear wee-one was safe and sound. I hadn't realised I had been worried and I think afterwards I just felt - phew - relax. Therefore I did my Pilates on wed morning instead.

I had planned to do my spin yesterday, but woke up pretty pooped which confused me as I hadn't been to work on Tuesday and then I realised I always feel drained after interviewing and training which is what I had been doing at work on Wednesday. I like to meet potential staff and tell them about the centre, but I prefer to watch tutors in action as I think it gives me a far better sense of how they will be with the children; however it is exhausting demonstrating how things work and teaching in front of a tutor and then keeping an eye on them working with a student to gauge how the kids are responding. Any way needs must as I need to start putting things in place for when I won't be there. Therefore I decided to give it a skip which is probably just as well as couple of our friends are coming for a visit on Sunday and it would be nice to be able to go out for a hike with them.

So today it will be Pilates and tomorrow my 5 mile run as planned, then a hike on Sunday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

20 Week Scan

20 Weeks and 4 Days

Today was fantastic as we had our 20 week scan. I had a wee panic last night and then just before we went in that all was not OK, but I kept telling myself as my bump is growing, surely all must be well and everything was.
The sonographer was fab as she spent ages with us checking everything. You could see all 4 chambers of the heart; the spine and ribs; the brain, the legs, feet, arms and hands and the kidneys which were all developing perfectly. You could also see wee one swallowing and waving arms and legs around. She showed us the blood flow down the umbilical cord and we could hear wee one's heart beat and then mine.
My favourite pics are the one of the leg (definitely a future skier / runner) and the one of the foot (so unbelievably cute!). It is incredible how much you can love something you've never actually met.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Plan for 8th-14th February

Monday Club Run - 4 miles

I had a rubbish night's sleep last night - really restless from 3 - 5.45am. Finally dropped off to sleep after Al's alarm went off so was a bit sleepy this morning to say the least. Had planned to get to club early and do warm up before everyone arrived, but for some reason everyone else decided to be early! Did the same run as last week; along Lady Mary's; up Laggan hill at a walk; back down Laggan hill. I then headed back along the road (Laggan Rd I think it is called) to the houses to add on the extra 0.5 miles instead of where I went last week which was nicer. Oh and my new sport's bra is fab - very little movement!

Other workouts planned are:
2 x 30 minutes Pilates (Tue and Fri)
1 x 40 or 45 min bike ride (Thurs)
1 x 5 mile run (Sat)

This Sat is the monthly time trial which is 5 miles so I thought I would set off before everyone else and they can lap me as I plod round.

I cannot wait until tomorrow's scan. So excited to see wee Babba Bean again and to be reassured everything is going on OK. I think everything is, as my bump is growing, but it will be nice to have it confirmed.

My sister popped in yesterday which was so lovely as I haven't seen her since before Christmas and so she hadn't seen bump yet. She was very excited to see bump and it made me realise how much I have grown since Christmas.

Mum and Bump at 20 weeks 3 days

I did my food shopping on-line yesterday and so it will be delivered today between 12 and 2pm. It was a bit of a pest setting it up yesterday, but I think next time will be a lot easier as it saves your favourites and you just delete or add as required. The best thing is you can see your subtotal so can keep on budget and not buy extra rubbish that you just don't need. I reckon that despite having to pay delivery it is still cheaper than driving back and forth to Perth. I think I will do a 'big' shop that is delivered once or twice a month and then just do Somerfield in Crieff like before. we'll see.

OK, chores and work are awaiting.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Halfway There and New Bras!

Halfway There

I can't believe it; I'm 20 weeks already - half way there! Yikes! Actually I'm really enjoying it now (most of the time). We have our 20 week scan on Tues and I'm so excited - I just can't wait to see little babba bean again. We won't be finding out the sex as we want a surprise and it really will be a surprise as I have absolutely no feeling either way whether it is a boy or a girl.

My Longest Run Yet

Today I got up and went to Saturday's club run. There was a pyramid speed session planned (2, 3 , 4 , 5, 5, 4, 3, 2 mins fast with half time recovery in between), but of course needless to say, I wasn't signing up for that; however it worked out really well as the club (Will and Phill M - poor show really) would head off along Lady Mary's for their allotted time and when they had reached the end of LM would turn around and do their next intervals on the way back. This meant that I could turn around when they reached me on their return leg. This went on until all their intervals were done and meant I was running back and forth along LM from 'the beach' for 45 mins. As I had run for 5 mins to reach the beach, it meant I did a total of 50 mins. I really enjoyed it because the guys could get in their workout, but I knew there was someone not very far away in case of any problems. Although slightly repetitive, it is hardly a hardship to run along a tree lined trail that follows the course of the River Earn. It also meant I could shout encouragement to the guys as they ran past.
I reckon that even at my slowest pace estimation I must have done at least 4.5 miles, half a mile up from Monday. I'm really chuffed because although I was pretty darned hungry at the end and a wee bit tired after lunch I was able to get my self out and head down to Stirling for some shopping.

New Bras and Shopping

I really needed to get re-measured for a bra as my sis was convinced they had done it incorrectly last time - she was right, so I am now the ?proud? owner of a 32D bra!!!!!! That is some growth from barely an A cup! In addition I wanted to get a good sport's bra as my normal ones are hardly appropriate.The best thing is my bra is really comfy now it is fitting correctly. My previous ones had been doing my head in, but I thought it was just a consequence of having boobs that actually need a little support. It still makes me laugh to feel them 'bouncing'. It's so funny - not something I usually experience!
I also wanted to get some clothes for work as my bump is pretty prominent now and while all my tops fit in terms of arms etc they are beginning to get a little short as they stretch over wee bambino; however I just didn't like most of the stuff - I did find a nice cardy but that was it. It was at about this point that I started to seriously flag, so it could have been that I just couldn't be bothered searching properly. A bottle of water seemed to sort me out, however so I must have just been thirsty rather than overdoing it.

40 mins Spin

I realised that last week I actually did 40 mins on the bike not 45, so that is what I did on Thurs as I didn't want to change too much in 1 week and I felt increasing my runs was enough. Any way I did the equivalent of a 4 mile run on my bike so my mileage this week has been at least 12 miles! My spin was great, actually and the best thing was that I was quite tired in the morning and was a little worried about overdoing things, but I genuinely think it pepped me up and I was able to cope fine at work; tired at the end, but not like last week. I have been making sure I have been getting something to eat before teaching starts as I think that is what totally killed me off last week. I'm pretty good with eating regularly most of the time, but if you miss time eating at work, you're scuppered.

Just Pilates to do tomorrow and another good week.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4 mile run and Plan for the Week

Monday Club Run - 4 miles!

Monday's club run was great. I had intended to go round Lady Mary's and try to add an extra mile around the park, but when I got to the far end of LM's I was persuaded to head up Laggan hill. I had to walk and everyone had to wait for me to get to the top (thanks so much ladies), but it was great to do a different route and to get the view from the top. The footing underneath was really dry and solid so it was fine, but I think I would not do that route if it was wet - too many roots. Everyone headed off to Currochs at the the junction while I headed back to the Park. I reckon that was about 3.5 miles so I added on another 0.5 miles to make my run up to 4 miles. Pretty chuffed as that is my longest run yet and I wasn't totally wiped out in the afternoon - good job really as I had to catch up with the work I didn't do on Friday!

30 mins Pilates

Yesterday I rested and this morning I did 30 mins Pilates. It seemed hard work today. I'm not sure why - the core session was fine but the 'Full body workout' was really tiring on my arms, so I was more glad than ever I haven't upped that workout.

Plan for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow: 45 min Bike spin (exactly the same as last week)
Sat: 4 mile run (going to go to club session and plod while they do their pyramid session)
Sun: 30 mins Pilates

Right better scoot off to work.