Sunday, April 24, 2011

Penicillin and Photies!

I think the last time I did such little exercise was just after Murray was born! My sore throat and ear ache didn't get any better and even double dosing of Ibuprofen and paracetamol didn't dull the pain (of course teaching with a sore throat doesn't help) so by Thurs I got an appointment with the doc who prescribed a good dose of penicillin. It's pretty strong and I think it knocked me out the first 2 days, (well that's my excuse for falling asleep any time I was a passenger in the car). I think (fingers crossed) it is starting to take effect. Although still sore I can cope without paracetamol now and the throat is less sore than the ear so hopefully I'll be back to full health soon.

Murray has settled really well at Nursery and is a big hit! Mummy's very proud!

Some Cracking Photos!

Writing Mummy's First Mother's Day Card

Posing for the Paps!

Bathtime Fun!

Crazy Hair!

Mummy and Daddy took away my swaddling as I kept getting it wrapped around my neck! Now I like to roll around in my cot until I find a comfy position to fall asleep in. Sometimes it is face down, sometimes it's right at the bottom of the crib! Mummy and Daddy come and put me on my back in the correct direction once I've fallen asleep! They think the positions I end up in are hilarious!

Garden Fun with Daddy while poor mummy was at work. She was really sad not to be with us!

Mummy's 'tupperware' cupboard is great fun to explore in: she lets me go into the cupboard so she can do dishes or put a clothes wash on. She seems to love cleaning so I do a really good job of pulling out every tub, just so she can put them away. It's really fun!

My mummy's friend gave me this groovy Tour de France vest - perhaps I'll be the next Lance Armstrong!


Monday, April 18, 2011

GRRRRR to Bugs!


1 x 1 hr gym + 10 min abs
1 x 5 mile run (bad idea)
2 x 2.5 mile walk with buggy
1 x 50 min gym session + 10 min abs
0 Pliates!

The week started off really well and I was all fired up to get in a good week. We went away for my birthday and I thought I'd give a run a go as Al and I could go out together. It was a total disaster. Pain levels were high and perhaps because of that I tripped, went A over T and quite badly grazed my elbow. All I could think, as I commando rolled in slow motion was, 'please let me not break my collar bone,' as that is what I did the last time I didn't pick me feet up enough!

I was knackered after going away, so could only face a walk on the Thursday. On Friday I nearly didn't go to the gym as I thought I felt blaaah, but we had a power cut and I needed a shower so thought I'd just go anyway - another bad idea: I was so tired I had to cut the workout short which I never do!

My sis was visiting on Sat ,so after lunch at the Hydro we went for a walk round the knock so Murray could have a sleep. Another bad idea - I was knackered after! My shoulders and neck were all achy and I had to take Ibuprofen! I was in bed by 9pm and thanks to a lovely hubby I slept until 9am!!!!!!! I then lay horizontal on the sofa until we had to leave to go to the Harriers' Eggstravaganza as Al was running and I didn't want him to miss it. It was a lovely day too so it was nice to picnic in the sun. I had to totally dose up on ibuprofen and paracetamol to cope. I was in bed by 8pm last night!

So, as I still feel pretty grotty and have work on Wed I am going to rest it up as much as poss in the hope that I will fully kick this bug as I am so bored of getting sick. I just don't do being ill. I think it is just such a waste of time! I'm not making any exercise plans and will only go walking if feel better or perhaps some pilates, but I really think I need a proper rest!


Murray did really well at nursery on Thurs and Fri, although he was absolutely knackered after both sessions! He starts properly this week for full sessions. I think I've found it far harder than him. I'm embarrassed to admit I had a wee cry when I left him both days. Friday was the worst as the nursery assistant walked off with him looking at me over her shoulder and it just felt so awful. He was fine, but I just felt so sad! Tomorrow's job is to finish labelling the rest of his clothes! It makes him seem so old!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Break and Nursery + General Round up!

Today is my Birthday so as a really lovely treat, Al and I booked into a hotel and left Murray with my parents. It took all morning to get everything organised for Murray/mum (food, clothes, schedule written down, instructions for steriliser.......) and then we had to pack for ourselves. I was knackered by the time we left!!!! You don't realise what you do automatically! Anyway it was soooooooo hard to leave Murray, especially as he woke with a bit of a cold, but after about a thousand cuddles Al managed to drag me away!
We had a lovely stay / meal / few wines and probably the most enjoyable part, the opportunity to lazily watch some TV this morning with a cup of coffee in bed and not having to get up, make bottle, get Murray's breakfast etc etc. It was so lovely to get home though and gets lots more cuddles and big smiles on our return.

In the afternoon we went to Tiso to have a look for a down jacket as I got lots of vouchers to spend there for my birthday (as well as massage and hot stones treatment at my gym's spa). I've wanted a down jacket for so long. I tried on 2 that I liked, but they only had a size 10 in one of them so I couldn't get a proper feel for what it would look like, so I will have to go to another shop and then make my decision.

Lower Cot

It took Murray quite a while to settle tonight and one of the times we went to resettle him he had rolled onto his front - nightmare - we've managed to avoid this so far, but he's really getting active now - time to move the cot to the lower setting I believe!


It's been a tough few weeks for exercise. Murray and Al were sick and that lasted nearly 2 weeks and as a result for those 2 weeks I think I managed to get out about twice. Then as soon as term finished I of course got sick (all teachers will know what I mean about the first week of hols curse). I was floored on the Saturday. Fortunately I didn't get it as bad as the  boys and felt a bit better already by the Sunday. I couldn't face exercise until Tuesday however. I did a spin and it kind of wiped me out, but by Fri I felt I could try to do another spin and this time I was able to push some of the intervals a bit harder. I was determined to get more than 2 workouts this week so got out to the gym yesterday after mass and thus managed to reserrect the week slightly with:
2 x 60 min spin (~12 miles from the 2 sessions)
1 x 3 mile walk with buggy
2 x 50 mins pilates (really tough after nopt doing much)
1 x hour gym session.

I'm determined to get a better week this week too.


I took Murray for his first settling in day last Thursday. I stayed with him for half an hour and then sneaked away and left him for an hour. He was really good and apparently spent the time trying to catch the sunbeams coming in through the window and hitting the floor! He was so happy to see me when I got back his legs and arms shook with joy!!!!

He goes in tomorrow for 2 hours and 3 hours on Friday before starting properly for whole sessions when I'm back at work for the summer term. Although I'd prefer to be with him 100% of the time, as I have to work, I felt a lot happier leaving him this time than when I went to visit in Feb. He looks so much more robust now and I think it will be good for his socialisation. I think what I'll find hard tough is leaving him to go to the gym in addition to these times for work, I'll have to though as I just have to do exercise for my own sanity!!!!

Car seat

I was rather organised and got Murray's next car seat ordered a wee while back. As it turns out it has taken him longer tonhit 9kgs than I thought ( I need to get him weighed to see if he has reached it or not) so he hasn't been  out in the car in it.

Some Random Mummy and Murray Silliness!