Monday, August 29, 2011

What a Week!

What a week - and not in a good way. Murray caught a tummy bug and has not been very well at all. By 8am on Friday, I had cleared up 2 lots of sick and a nappy that could have been used by the army as a secret weapon to knock out any enemy attack! Most of this week was spent doing the following: pick Murray up as crying to be up; wee cuddle; put Murray down as trying to wriggle out of arms to try play; v short attempt to play; pick Murray up; put Murray down; feed Murray a watered down bottle of milk; put Murry down; try to wash bottle so ready for next feed while Murray sat on floor making very pathetic grizzling sounds (poor thing); pick Murray up.... you get the picture. He seems to be on the mend today and had some proper lunch for the first time in days so hopefully next week will be back to 'normal'.

As a result of the above I haven't managed anything since Tuesday, but quite honestly exercise has been the last thing on my mind. Murray has taken priority and it is as simple as that. Today I've spent the day cleaning (as no housework could be done during the week) and generally getting sorted for the week ahead so that I can get back to it next week. I actually think my body will have appreciated the recovery week as I've been pushing quite hard (for me at the mo') for a few weeks now.

Yesterday I finally signed up for a cyclosportive. I've been mulling it over for a while, but finally bit the bullet. It is in 4 weeks time so it has worked out quite well to have a rest week this week and hopefully I can build up again for the next 3 before tapering for a week. I HAVE to get 2 more long rides of 40+ in the next few weeks and will try and cycle / spin over gym as much as poss. I'm quite nervous as I'm not a good cyclist, but, you've got to start somewhere and it's nice to have a challenge. I just really hope it's dry on the day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bike Seat + Reins.

On Saturday we headed up to Perth as a family to research bike seats for my normal bike so Murray and I can go out together. We found some for a decent price in Halfords, but couldn't get a helmet to fit Murray (all too big) so headed round to Tiso to see if we could get one there. We could, so we got it. Too, too cute!

I also got a set of reins for Murray. He was off before I could even lengthen out the reins!

As it was a bit early for lunch we paid to go into the soft play. Murray loved it. So much so he had his first mega melt down in public on being removed at ,lunch time! Mega tears! He then went on lunch strike! so our lunch was not terribly enjoyable! Oh well! As Muray was knackered we didn't go back to get the seat from Halfords but I think I will try and get it soon now we have the hat. (update: have bought said seat from the slowest assistant in the world who clearly could not understand the concept of a little mush mush, I need to get back to see my child before I have to leave for work!)

The reins were bought just in time as Al was running in the 11 mile Sheriffmuir road race and having the reins meant I could walk around with Murray while Al was getting organised. He absolutely loved the 'freedom' and tired himself out so much that he had a wee power nap in the buggy when we went for a walk while Al was racing. Al did really well and ran 1h28 which he was really pleased with especially as he was doing it as a fast training run and it is uphill the whole way back! Once Al had finished, he took Murray home for lunch and as we had taken my road bike I hopped on and road 30miles to get home (it is closer if you go straight home, but I wanted to do about that distance and do not like the busy roads so am happy to go on the windier, longer routes! I was really please as I pushed the pace a bit and did 30 in just under 2 hours so just over 15mph pace with a route that included a killer up and thus down - the downs frustrated me more. I was overtaken by 3 sorry 4 folk on the way down and 2 of them were on a flipping tandem for crying out loud. It is so frustrating - if it was skiing or running I'd be hooning down, but on the bike I just get really freaked out that there will be a random pothole and I'll go flying and then a car will come round a bend and ..... I definitely need to get braver as I know that would increase my average pace!

This morning Murray and I went to Rhyme Time at the library. It was really good despite him not wanting to sit for hardly a minute - God help his P1 teacher when it comes time for him to start School! LOL! Thankfully a mum friend was there too with her little boy who has started crawling now and was all over the place too. I'm always amazed to see little boys and girls who can move sat at their mum's feet waiting patiently. Murray does NOT do waiting (woops - sorry wee dude, mummy doesn't do waiting either!). I'm enjoying taking this Monday off as I have to work Saturday, but as Mum can't baby sit until 11 on a Monday we should be able to go every week before I need to get my head down and work like crazy. Thankfully mum can stay on late and give him his tea so I can work until 6 ish, so I should get a lot done. that is definitely the bonus of working for yourself - you can be a bit more flexible with your hours.

I'm hoping for another good week. Aim this week is more pilates. Speaking of which, as Murray is napping I'd better get on with it. I skipped swimming last night but got up early a did a spin first thing, so a ggod start. Did 50 mins pilates yesterday too.

Here are some lovely pics / video that Al took to show me when I get home as I miss him while I'm at work.

I'm so cute!

Night Time Bath - night night, sleep tight!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Mummy to A Toddler!

Last week I had another good week - the second in a row which feels like a first for a while. I started taking booster B vitamins and I really think it is helping with energy. The proof will be in the pudding once I'm back to work today.

Mon: 110 lengths @ swim group - really good session
Tue: 4 mile hilly walk with M in buggy (he is heavy!) + 50 mins pilates
Thurs: REST
Fri: 60 min spin
Sat: 50 mins pilates + 40 mins  Gym
Sun: 33 mile Bike rid (av pace 14mph) + 3 mile flat walk with Al pushing M

Mon: 3 mile hilly walk with M in buggy + 30 mins pilates + 110 lengths @ swim group - phew!
Tue: REST!

I wrote the above on Tues and then did the following:

Wed: 4 mile hilly walk pushing Murray in the buggy
Thurs: 40 min gym workout
Fri: 10 mins Ab pilates - then M woke up early!

I am v v tired today so decided to have a rest day but plan on a long bike, a shorter workout and some pilates over the weekend. Trying to do my pilates during the week is tricky now M naps once a day as that sleep coincides with me leaving for work. I'm sure I'll find my groove with that once I've adjusted to the new routine. The only problem is as Murray adjusts to 1 nap his sleep is haywire - up in the night sometimes so sleeps later; other mornings he wakes early; sometimes he can cope util after lunch and at others I have to put him down before as he is getting past it and wouldn't eat his lunch anyway - that does mean he is v tired at tea time. I put him for a nap at 11 on Thurs as he hardly slept at nursery on Tues and was almost sick with tiredness and that seemed to help so as long as he's up at 7am I'll do that again I think as I figure longer earlier is better than short later. I contemplated doing my pilates but it was my only chance to sit for half an hour before running around getting ready for work - hopefully next week I'll be in the groove more.  I've started putting his cuddly toy (eeyore) in with him and certainly he resettled himself last night and had a long nap yesterday (3 hours - WHAT? once I'd done pilates, housework, cooked soup and Murray food and had a cup of tea I was twiddling my thumbs!) so I'm hoping that helps with the nights and settling for naps.

I read somewhere that unsettled sleep often goes hand in hand with learning to walk which makes sense because I often don't sleep as well if I've done a hard workout close to bed or am doing a lot of study. he's wee body and mind is developing so much at the mo. He's v hungry at most meal / snack times and keeps amazing me with how much he wants - a whole nectarine the other day for snack! He started walking about a week ago properly, but clocked himself doing it on Saturday and since then is walking more and more with a big smile on his face that just shouts: 'look at me, I'm soooooo clever!' he even claps himself as he walks too - v funny!

I went round to my neighbour's yesterday ( she has a 9.5 month old) for the boys to play. Firstly we went round on his fire truck - OMG - he loved it and then as she has a bigger house, Murray was walking up and down the corridor. It really made me wish we had more space for him inside, but that's not going to change any time soon - so he'll just have to get used to his shoes so he can walk about in our big garden. We've started to going to the village playgroup too, now that he isn't taking a nap, and that gave him a really good chance to practise his toddling skills. I was really impressed with the toys and every one seemed really friendly so I think we'll be back.

I'm so glad the first week back is over and some yukky reducing of staff hours has been done. It has been hard being away from Murray more and I am v tired today, but I hope with an early night I be back to full pistons tomorrow. I'll definitely keep popping those B-vits!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo + Video and General Catch up.

Murray is getting faster and faster. His crawling is lightening speed now and his cruising around the furniture can often be at almost a run. He walked more than 2 steps himself mid last week and is now regularly walking 4 or 5 steps on his own. Usually at a bit of headlong wobble but he can correct his balance too and so it really won't be long until he can do it properly - that is if he doesn't keep resorting to crawling because he can get places so much quicker!

Down side of his cruising everywhere is being able to switch on the dishwasher / washing machine and also being able to reach the knobs on the oven. Cooking time can be rather problematic! I walk around the house a lot of the time with Murray hanging onto my trousers!

We've got rid of afternoon bottle and his appetite has really soared. Yesterday he ate an entire nectarine for snack and a yoghurt! Next will be getting rid of the bottle with breakfast. Only problem is he doesn't drink a lot for his cup, so may have to get one of those cups with a straw thing. I'm glad he likes his fruit as at least he gets liquids from them.
He's so good at feeding himself with finger food and is getting better all the time with his spoon - so much so that you have to let him taste the meal with his spoonful first to see if it is acceptable to his taste buds!!! LOL!

I love this pic taken after his nap when he was actually letting me give him a cuddle.

I may be speaking too soon, but we seem to have changed to 1 nap a day. We have just had a week of up at 3.30am and resettling until 4 - 4.30!!!! but he has then slept until later and so his nap has been after lunch. he finally slept through last night but still kept to the same pattern so goodbye mummy morning time just in time for the new term! It's going to be a looong day!

Debs suggested getting a bike seat for Murray so we can go out on t bike together. I think I may well do that as it would be nice to have a different option for exercise that doesn't require a baby sitter and I'm sure he would find the breeze in his face fun.

Some Randoms:

He is obsessed with that doggy pillow. He loves to cuddle into it and carries it everywhere! It can really get him walking if you hold it just out of his reach! Tee Hee! Oh and I spend my life throwing those ball back in the pit after he has emptied them out!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mojo Returns

I've found some mojo this week and as such had some good workouts:

Mon: 60 min spin + 20 mins pilates
Tue: 45 min grym workout + 50 mins pilates
Wed: 60 min spin
Thurs + Fri rest
Sat: 40 mile bike ride

Hope to also do at least 30 mins in gym tomorrow and some pilates.

My bike ride today was really good, but also quite tough. I started from the house and headed to Crieff via Kinkell Bridge (10miles). Once at Crieff I headed to towards the Sma Glen via Monzie (15). I then started the upwards grunt through the Sma' Glen to Aberfeldy (36). The descent into Aberfeldy was terrifying especially as the rain had just come on and the roads felt lethal. From Aberfeldy I finished off the last 4 miles to the village Grand Tully (40) where there is the loveliest Chocolatier, shop and cafe and where Al and Murray were waiting for me. It was so lovely to have them there as it kept me pushing on when my legs were cream crackered and the heavens had opened! We had a yummy lunch and I bought some of the special Karen friendly dark chocs while Al had an amazing looking apple caramel pie.

I have a massage booked for tomorrow. Al got me a voucher for my birthday a way back in April and I still haven't used it so I thought before the craziness of term starts I'd get a chance to relax. Speaking of the craziness of term I had to make some tough decisions yesterday while I was doing the accounts. Unfortunately I need to increase my working hours. I was really upset yesterday at the thought of being away from Murray more. It is not what I would chose but needs must. Hopefully it won't be forever and once new exam students return I can re evaluate again, but for now it is back to pretty much full time hours. I'm very grateful to have had a good amount of time for his first year, but I am apprehensive about how I'm going to juggle everything. Time will tell. I have to admit I found it hard to go out for my ride today as I felt it was another time away from Murray, but it really did me the world of good and both the wee dude and I were so pleased to see each other again. Getting out to do something for myself really re-centres me helps me be a happy mummy. I must remember that when the guilts kick in.

Monday, August 1, 2011

13 months + First Shoes

Murray turned 13 months today. I can't believe it. My friend was over with her boys today and he was right in the middle of all the boys' play. Although he's still crawling he really didn't seem that much younger at all. I definitely think going to nursery has helped with that as he just loved having friends to play. He aslo wanted to join then on the slide so with my mates help, I helped Murray climb up the steps and then Emily helped him slide down while I then made my way down. He loooooved it.

Yesterday we all headed into town and got Murray fitted for his first pair of shoes. He is a size 3.5H. Poor wee guy got my wide spades! LOL. Really chuffed as I got a pair for £6. All the rest were min £20 but like a true bargain hunter the £6 pair were snapped up.

 I was going to wait until Murray was walking, but then I thought it would be better if he got used to them in the house. This was a good plan as he keeps looking down at them and when he cruises around the place he lifts his feet really high. It is hilarious!

It is really good at Clarks because they take a photo to mark the occasion.