Sunday, January 3, 2010


What a strange concept writing into cyberspace is. That said, I'm quite excited about keeping a record of some amazing things that happen in our life. The most incredible at the moment being, of course, the growth of our little baby in my belly.

Weeks 1 -12

Before I fell pregnant I had bought books on: 'how to run through your pregnancy' and 'exercising while pregnant' etc and as far as I was concerned no one was going to stop me.
Well up until week 7 that was all going to plan - I was a bit puffed to say the least and I certainly wasn't going to break any records, but I was still churning out the miles.
Then week 7 struck and Progesterone Poisening (all day hideous nausea, all consuming fatigue and breathlessness) commenced, rendering me incapable of doing anything more taxing than lie flat on my back, let alone continue to run. On any good days I would try and get for a walk, but it usually left me so exhausted that I would be back to flat on my back shivering uncontrollably. Not the most pleasant experience of my life, but the doctors assured me that in many ways they were all good signs as I had plenty hormones to support the baby!

I had no idea that pregnancy could make you feel like that - what a contrast - only a few weeks before hand, I had been running up and down Ben Nevis. I'm sure not everyone feels like that, but I'm sure for those that have done/are feeling like it, it is a comfort to know that other ladies struggle to keep up with the exercise. I felt quite disappointed in myself that I wasn't able to keep running and as I have had to rely on my staff (I'm self employed) to support me through these past few months, I really found it a new and taxing experience. I felt very lonely and felt like all the things that usually give me so much joy were totally out of reach. Thank you Emily for your constant presence at the end of the phone on my worst days!

Then I had my 12 week scan and all the hideousness was instantly made bearable as my husband and I watched our little baby wave its little arms and legs around and hear its heart beating strong and clear. If that is what it took for my wee one to develop healthily in its first few months, then as awful as it was, I'm happy to do it. It is incredible how much you can love something so much so quickly.

Here is little babba-bean at 11 weeks 6 days:

Christmas Hols

Thankfully at the end of my first Trimester the Christmas Holidays arrived and I have spent the past couple of weeks steadily experiencing more energy. The thing I am most grateful for, is in between bouts of fatigue, feeling like myself and wanting to laugh and do things. In the past 2 weeks I've been out for 4 lovely hikes in the snow, done 2 sessions of Pilates and yesterday, the most exciting of all, I was able to get on the spinning bike my husband and I bought each other for Crimbo and get a proper cardio workout! I still get tired - usually every other day and am still sleeping 10 - 12 hours a night, but every other day I have been able to do some sort of exercise. I feel so much happier already and hopefully my energy levels will steadily increase for the next few weeks anyway.

The advantage of being able to do nothing for about 2 months is that anything I am able to do now I am hugely grateful for, rather than comparing it to pre pregnancy! In addition I've had to ask for help - from my hubby, my parents and my staff which is something I find quite hard to do - perhaps my babba-bean is really quite clever and decided I needed to be taught and few lessons! I hear you wee one - can we start having a few gentle adventures now?


  1. What a lovely idea!
    Looking forward to the next installment.

    Helen xx

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. I will be following your blog closely. All the best and hopefully you will feel much better in the 2nd trimester! Silke