Sunday, May 20, 2012

17 miles for 17 weeks! + Review of 1.5 hour naps

A good week for exercise:

After Thursday's shock, I did not go for my usual Friday swim and took it pretty easy altogether as I really felt pretty wiped out. However, I've had a good weekend and so my week's total is as follows:

Tue: 3 mile hike (I walk pretty fast and I definitely feel tired at the end of my hikes)
Wed: 110 lengths (~5.5)
Sat:: 4 mile hike + 30 mins pilates. Oooh, sore arms and butt the next day and as for my tummy muscles......
Sun: 60 min gym workout. (I would say atleast ~ to 5 miles)
Total: 17.5 miles.

I worked hard at the gym this am and it felt really good, but I must say I was out like a light while Murray napped today, so I need to make sure I don't push any harder! I was so zonked I woke up 30 mins after I was supposed to wake Murray, so he had a 2 hour nap today - yikes; I really hope I don't regret that tonight.

Sleep Review

This week we've been waking Murray after 1.5 hours of pm nap (he usually sleeps 2), as we are so fed up of the night time chatter/ singing/crashing and banging about that is impossible to sleep through. So far (touch wood) he's been sleeping better, but as I said he had 2 hours today. Still, he was up by half 2 and I ran him ragged at the animal park this afternoon, so finger's crossed!

Family Hiking

Saturday's Hike was lovely as we strapped Murray into the backpack and headed out for a good fast hike in Comrie. As Al is carrying Murray, he gets a decent workout too! Plus it has the added bonus of family time and Al and I can exercise together. Murray loved the walk on Sat as we saw calves; had to go over a bridge which he loves; touch moss on tree bark and the enjoy newly discovered joy of running through gorse bushes. He finds it hysterical to go through the bushes and for the leaves and flowers to tickle his face! Too funny watching him screw up his wee face and put his hands up in defence while giggling his head off! This was discovered by accident, but he kept asking for 'more, again' and was thoroughly disappointed when there were no more bushes! Such a boy! I love it!

Murray is really enjoying the backpack again at the mo' (he would hardly sit in it for quite a while and had to be seriously jollied along) which is really nice as a) we're getting more use out of it b) he gets to 'explore' his wider surroundings c) we get to hike together for a bit longer before bump 2 arrives.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

17 Weeks + Blessings


Tues: 3 mile hike
Wed: 110 lengths (2200m ~ 5.5 miles)


110 lengths (2200m ~ 5.5 miles)
Gym session of at least 45 mins

Would like:
To re-start my pilates. I like the flexibility and strength it gave me.

Scare + Blessings

Today I got a real fright. I was driving to work (very wet) when I cam upon a bit of a mangled car that had obviously spun off and back onto the road. The poor lad driving was out and trying to flag cars down so I duly slowed down and wound the window down to check he was OK/needed help, as was the driver coming in the opposite direction, when flying around the corner pelts a second car in the opposite direction. He hits the brakes, but there wasn't enough room to stop on his side, so he's driving on my side straight towards me. I'm thinking 'Oh my God, please stop, I'm pregnant, please stop!' And by some absolute miracle he did. I drove off and quickly realised I was a bit in shock (crying/white/ shaking), so pulled over where I could and phoned work. Was swiftly told to go home and put feet up and recover. After calming myself I shakily drove home (luckily not far) and swiftly drank a hot sugary tea. Thankfully Al was working from home, so he has been able to look after Murray. It really gets you thinking. You realise how blessed you are to have a gorgeous toddler and a precious little load on board. Thank you God for watching over me, my little avacado (it's rough size at this stage) and my whole family today.

Today was also beautiful as Murray told me he loved me.
The conversation went like this:

Al: 'say, night night to mummy'
M: 'ni-night mummy'
Al: 'say, I love you mummy'
M: 'lovee mummy'

Awwww my heart brimmeth over!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trip to Grandma and Grandad May 2012 + Some Random Pics.


Wed: 3 mile hike
Fri: 110 lengths (2200m ~ 5.5 miles)
Sat: 3.5 mile hike
Total: 12 miles

I had hoped to do something today, but I was v tired and as my sis was coming to visit I'd have had to have gone early, so I figured I cut my losses and be pleased with 3 sessions this week.

Hopefully back up to 4 sessions next week and I really want to try and squeeze in my pilates to keep strong. Trouble is I keep falling asleep while Murray is napping when I plan to do it! LOL!

Here's some pics of Murray from our trip last weekend:

On 'The Big Boat in the Water'

At the Park

Dancing With Grandma

 Snack Time

Toy Heaven at Graunty Jane's House (She's a childminder)

Some random pics I love:

On Cobweb (my sister's horse's name). I bought this lovely wooden horse for £10 at a nearly new sale!

Walking in the leaves.

The food shopping in the Cool Trolley!

Go Away, Mummy, I'm reading!

Snack time at the Library. I've only got 2 more stars to get and I'll get my book bug certificate for reading so many books!

'Helping' Mummy Cook.

Utter Contentment with Eeyore and Piglet while in my Pooh Bear Sleepy suit!

'Helping' Mummy with the shopping.

In the Tunnel/Tent with my teddies. We often have a picnic too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

16 miles for 15 Weeks.

Just a quick post to record last week's exercise:

Mon: 2 mile walk
Tues: 50 min gym (equiv to 4.5 miles)
Wed: 55min swim (100 lengths - 2000m ~ 5miles)
Fri: 55 min swim (100 lengths - 2000m ~ 5miles)

So 16 miles for 15 weeks. 2 miles more than last week. This week will be a bit trickier I think as we're just back from visiting Al's folks in N Ireland and we were so busy visiting family, which was lovely, exercise wasn't really a high priority.

Murray loved going on the ferry and especially going out on the deck, but I'll post some pics another time as I'm shattered and need to go to bed soon. It's hard work entertaining a toddler on a 2h15 ferry journey and a 3 hour car drive especially when he only sleeps for 30 mins of the journey! Phew!

I'm feeling pregnant all of a sudden. In close fitting clothes I definitely look it. I think I took my first tummy pic at 20 weeks so I'll wait until then to compare!

16 Weeks tomorrow! Blimey!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baa, Baa Murray Sheep!

On Sunday I took Murray to a birthday party. I say a party but it was only small (thank goodness - I had an image of a house full of sugar induced crazed toddlers). The party consisted of the birthday boy's mum's family, plus 2 other toddlers including the birthday boy and a 5 yr old and a 7yr old with respective mums in tow. It was a lovely relaxed affair with the kids playing in the granny's huge farmhouse garden for half the time, while the parents enjoyed a glass of vino (or me on the hard stuff of a cup of tea) and then going inside for a birthday tea and opening presents.

Murray was mega hungry and chowed down on sausages, crusty bread, Pom Bears, cheese, a chocolate finger and birthday cake. He's had a dodgy bottom yesterday and today, but I'm hoping it's not the food (wheat laden) and more to do with teething of which he is constantly. Poor soul had such a bad explosion today at nursery, he was in a completely fresh set on clothing when I picked him up! He's not ben himself this afternoon either, but I think that's more to do with the fact he was up at 4am (playing, singing and yelling like a loon) and simply not wanting to get up from his nap as he was so tired!

Anyway here are some pics of him dressed as a sheep and a donkey (the party had a farmyard theme). Pretty cute if I do say so myself!

Eeyore, Eeyore!

Baa Baa Cute Sheep!

Exercise Done + Planned 

Monday: Hadn't planned on doing anything as had done 3 days in a row, but Murray and I ended up doing about a 2 mile walk with him in his new buggy which he loves. I really enjoyed it too as I really miss my buggy walks with him.
Tuesday: 50 mins gym (equiv 4.5 miles)

I'd love to say I'm going to get up early tomorrow for a swim, but given that Murray's sleep is very erratic at mo, we'll see. I'll def get a workout Fri courtesy of the baby sitting services of Nanna. We're off to Northern Ireland on Sat, so we'll see how it goes.