Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heating - what a luxury!

Yesterday Al and I picked up our new car (second hand, but who cares). It was snowing again and it was an hours drive to get to where we were picking up our car - needless to say that by the time we arrived at the car dealership we were both a little chilly to say the least. All paper work signed we jumped in our new car and guess what we did first? Yup, put the heating on full blast. Pure heaven! I didn't have to drive in my hat, ski gloves and jacket.

Our new 'Family Car'.

It feels so big and I don't feel nearly responsible enough to have a 'family' car! That doesn't bode well does it - if I don't feel responsible enough to have a family car, what about the family to go in it! I do sometimes have moments of panick actually - usually manifested in dreams where I've left the kid in the supermarket or gone out for a run and left it to fend for itself!!!! Horrible dreams. It is probably perfectly normal worries, because really I'm very excited. I can't wait until my next scan (4 weeks) so I can see my little Babba-bean again. It is definitely growing a pace as my belly is expanding. After the Christmas Hols I found I have only 1 pair of work trousers to fit as they sit nice and low - definitely time to try and find a petite pair of maternity work trousers - not a particularly easy task!

Friday 8th Jan - 4 miles

I woke up to a glorious day on Friday so thought I'd postpone the Pilates and head out for a
lovely walk. After spending 30mins chipping half an inch thick ice off the inside of the car windscreen I finally got on my way which of course meant that by the time I got to my destination I needed to pee again! That done I managed to head out on my walk nearly an hour later than planned!
It was absolutely freezing on Friday -9 degreesC. I wouldn't mind betting it was even colder than that in the shade and I could feel it biting at my face. I was so glad I had about a hundred layers on because not a single one was taken off! Still it was worth it as the views everywhere were fantastic and when the sun hit the snow it sparkled pinks, yellows, blues and the normal silvers. I can't remember seeing rainbow coloured sparkles before. Really special.
My walk took quite a while, as generally walking in the snow takes longer, but in addition, there were sections that were like a skating rink and I needed to take quite a bit of care. When I got home I was absolutely ravenous - I think between the extra mile, the extra effort of the snow and the extra freezing cold, I was burning energy like no tomorrow!

Sunday 10th January - 30 mins pilates

Driving to church this morning was such a pleasant experience in my warm car. I've had to literally force my self out the past few weeks as the thought of icy car and then chilly church was not terribly appealing.

This afternoon I'm about to do my Pilates DVD and then get on with the last of the chores. Why a chores never ending? In addition to the usual clothes washing, hoovering etc I've decided I'm really going to try and cook up batches of main meals and shove them in the freezer so that when time is short during the week I'm a lot less harassed.

Right I must stop procrastinating!


  1. Are you sure it's not more mince pie and less baby? Te he. I went to Vietnam when I was 20 weeks pregnant with a relatively flat stomach and came back with a football. I know it was more noodle and less baby :-)

    Enjoy the cold weather because when the heat is turned up, you'll really feel it. I think my core temperature went through the roof!!

  2. BTW I still panic that I'll leave Cairn somewhere. My Gran left my Mum outside a shop for an hour when she was a baby...maybe it's in my genes.

  3. No I def have a bump, but I was hamming it up a bit in the photo at Christmas, plus as I can look pregnant when I need to pee even at the best of times I'm not totally surprised I'm showing a little. I'm only 5ft so I don't think there is a lot of space in there! God only knows what I'll be like come June! Hee hee!

  4. yea for the new car!
    I like the running club idea.

  5. So glad you do, Good luck with finding a club.