Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Fitter + Harriers' Dinner Dance

I think I am getting fitter:

On Thursday, I had a great spin. I did 40 minutes including warm up and cool down. I did 6 x 5 minute intervals that were made up of 3.5 minutes of fast legs sitting down and 1.5 minutes slow legs with harder resistance. 3 of the slow intervals were done sitting and 3 standing. In addition to be able to do longer, I realised that the resistance for both faster and slower intervals was more, but didn't feel harder. I felt very chuffed when I had finished. oh and I wore my running skirt and it was very comfortable and supportive. I can't wait to wear it running on Saturday.

Hare and Tortoise Race and Harriers' Dinner Dance

On Saturday is the Harriers Dinner Dance. I'm really looking forward to it except I'll have to be careful which ceilidh dances I do - I'm usually a big fan of strip the willow, but I'll be bypassing that dance this year as it is always total bedlam!
I tried on my dress a couple of weeks ago to check my inflated breasts could fit in it still and they could - just! Also as Ladies' Captain I have to do a speech, which is all written, but I'll be glad when it's done and I can fully relax.
In the morning of the dance the club always runs a handicapped race or some such and this year we are having a hare and tortoise race where faster and slower club members are paired up. Each hare and tortoise then runs one lap (about 2.5 - 3 miles) and there will be a prize for the fastest team presented in the evening at the dinner. I have volunteered to be a tortoise and I'm really looking forward to it and still being able to be involved in the club activities. Al is going to run round with me to make sure I don't get too competitive and push myself too hard! Hee hee!
I plan to try and get a wee afternoon snooze on Saturday so I can stay up as late as possible.

Pilates + Tiredness

30 minutes of Pilates will be done today once I've relaxed for a while. Yesterday was one of those days where tiredness simply overwhelmed me. Work was incredibly busy and I didn't get a chance to eat anything before the kids arrived and boy did I suffer for it - I was so tired by home-time that I had to leave my car at the end of mum's glen and she drove me home as I don't think it would have been safe for me to drive. I find those days so frustrating as I know now the only thing to sort that out is to go to bed, but of course when at work, I can't. I hate being tired for the kids, but what can you do?

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