Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Rough Week 30; Here's to a Better Week 31.

Week 30 was a bit rough to say the least. I ended up with some sort of tummy bug/troubles. The tummy troubles caused dreadful cramping that started on Sunday, were awful on Monday, improved somewhat on Tuesday but came back full force on Wed, so Thursday found me at PRI on the monitor where they could see that the stomach cramping was causing some contractions albeit short lived. They explained that they needed the cramping to stop so it didn't set things off properly so was on strict take it easy mode and to phone if they didn't calm down. Back up over the weekend as hadn't stopped, but finally by Monday things had calmed down and was given the all clear that I wasn't going to go into pre term labour. PHEW! I am not ready to meet this baby!

30 Weeks with Murray

31 Weeks With Babba #2

OMG! There literally is a ball stuck in my tum!

When I first saw the photo this time I thought - B hell I'm way bigger than last time, but actually I'm a week further on and so yes a little bigger, but I think it is my stupid belly button that makes the difference - it sticks out sooo much! I am so low this time though and that does make things look a little different and boy oh boy does it make things feel different. My BACK has had enough! What a difference to last time. I ran until 34 weeks with Murray and now I can barely walk up to the village shop without being in a tonne of pain. Ah well, it was to be expected. I am really hoping to get back in the pool this weekend as I have really missed it this past week. I LOVE being so weightless and being able to feel like I still have some semblence of athelticism!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some Fun in the Sun!

We've finally had some dry, sunny weather, so been able to have some fun in the sun in the back garden. My dad (Grancha) got Murray a bubble machine for his birthday and he LOVES IT!

Bubble Machine Fun!

I Can Drive My Own Car

Murray has been able to go backward for quite a while, but he has clocked onto how to paddle forwards which is great as it means less pushing for me!

Chalk Drawing on the Patio

Quite impressed with my idea for fun this afternoon. Got out the chalk and we drew on the patio slabs. There was a fair bit of teaching that it was ONLY the patio that was to be drawn on - not the gate, table and certainly not inside the house on the walls, so probably he is only just ready (or perhaps it is only just me that is ready) for this activity! He really enjoyed 'helping' me draw various things and 'colouring' them in.

Paddling Pool Fun!

Just after I had finished blowing up the pool (phew!) a big cloud came over, but Murray didn't care and was so excited. He kept repeating over and over: 'paddling pool, paddling pool'.

What a happy boy, sitting on the side of the pool and playing with his watering can.

That's a good idea, Daddy!

Entertaining a toddler is 100% easier when it is sunny and, in the words of Murray from the other day, not 'raining again'!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Holiday; Amaemia; Pain + Anti D

We were due to go on holiday last Wednesday, but on Tuesday morning I got a call from nursery to say Murray was pretty upset and could they try and put him down for a sleep? Murray is never upset for long at nursery - he loves it and wanders in quite the thing, so I was a bit concerned. They did put him down for a nap and he clonked out immediately but for only 20 mins, so when I went to pick him up he was whimpering and upset. Too heartbreaking. Murray also never falls asleep again after he has had a nap, but on the way home he was out like a light and slept for 2 hours thanks to calpol given to him when we got home. The wee soul was still not himself that afternoon, and when I was changing his nappy I spotted gunky stuff coming out of his ear. Ah ha! Ear infection - sore! I decided to see how Tuesday night went, but was pretty sure we'd be visiting the doc instead of driving up North to stay with friends. Sure enough Tuesday night was a bit rough with high temps and tears. Wee soul. He did seem a bit happier the next day, but the doc confirmed an ear infection and gave us some antibiotics. I figured as we were all knackered, we'd just chill out and get things packed up and head up on Thursday once we'd all had a decent night's sleep.

Despite having an extra day to get organised, it seemed to take me FOREVER! Between Murray wanting cuddles and the breathlessness from my anaemia, it was SOOO HARD! Anyway, eventually we headed off and just before Perth, Murray fell asleep so we were able to press on to Aviemore in one swoop where we stopped for lunch at my favourite place to eat: The Mountain Cafe - a gluten and dairy free haven of yummy food and cakes! The next part of the journey was HARD going. Murray HATES to sit for any length of time so it was 1hour 15 mins of 'OUT, OUT, OUT' despite my best efforts of providing toys, books and then ALOT of nursery rhymes! Phew! When we arrived I think poor wee Hamish (17 months) was totally taken aback by the whirling dirvish that flew out of the car and ran round the garden trying out every single one of Hamish's toys! LOL!

We had a lovely afternoon at Claire's house and as it was actually really nice weather, we were able to go for a gentle walk down to the burn nearby and sit outside while the boys had tea in the garden.

The next day was lovely too and as we couldn't check into our caravan or 'caraban' as Murray called it until 4pm we decided to head out to the beach near her house. Unfortunately the wind was pretty ferocious on the beach and the kids got really cold, so we had to make a hasty retreat back to Claire's house where between rain showers it was lovely.

After the boys had napped  (v jealous of Murray, as he had been awake in our bed between 3am and 5am so I was knackered) we headed about 30 mins further North to 'Grannie's Heilin' Hame Caravan Park' at Embo beach. We were really lucky as our caravan, although one row back, had a view over to the sea as there was no caravan in front of us to the left.

Murray LOVED  the 'caraban' soooo much and loved the beach even more as we went to play on it while Al unpacked the car. He particularly loved jumping over the waves as they rolled in. Fortunately this beach was far more sheltered and it was really a nice temperature.

On Saturday we woke up to sunshine, so Murray could have great play at the park and especially on the 'curly wurly' slide while I got everything organised.

 'Open le door; shut; open;shut!'

We then headed off to go to a gala day in a fishing village a wee drive away, as it was meant to be a really pretty wee spot. Murrray fell asleep en route and while we were driving the heavens opened, so as lovely as the village did look, we decided to keep driving around while Murray slept on and explore the countryside a bit more. When he woke up we all went for a lovely lunch in Dornoch which was a really lovely wee town 3 miles away from the caravan site.

After lunch we headed back to the site and 'released' Murray onto the beach as it had dried up. The tide was out and there were loads of rock pools for him to 'go ploring' in. He played and played and played and it was just so lovely to watch / play with him and show him things.

Rock pool fun.

Looking for and finding, 'teeny tiny crabs'

This way Daddy!

My gorgeous boy and me. A cracking Scottish Beach day - shorts and fleece jumpers/down jackets for mummy sitting and watching/taking videos!

On Sunday after another play in the park (this time in waterproof suit) we headed to Church. Once again Murray fell asleep in the car after Mass (it had been a pretty rough night as poor wee thing kept getting old so ended up in our bed to warm up), so we had another drive and explore of the area and then went for lunch in Tain this time.

The caravan site had a pool and we had booked to use it (v small pool, so numbers kept to 30) at 4pm, so after lunch we headed for our swim (by this time Murray's ear was all healed up so we felt it ok to take him for a swim). He really enjoyed it and as Al was there it was fun to show him proper swimming and kicking and his 'kicky legs' really improved after him watching me!

Monday saw another waterproof suit play (it was sunny, but everything was soaking) while I packed up the caravan and then we headed down the road. Murray fell asleep 5 mins out of the park due to waking at 4.45am, and stayed asleep for the next 1.5 hours until we reached Aviemore.

Sleepy mummy and Murray after a few rough nights!

Another lunch stop at my favourite cafe and then we took Murray to a soft play area to burn off some energy in an attempt to make the next 2 hours in the car bearable. Despite having a great hour or so of running around he was still hard work in the car. At least a hearty snack helped pass some time!

We had such a great time. I just wish Murray could last longer in the car!!!!

Here's some lovely videos of the boys on the beach!

Anaemia Update.

I think the Iron is starting to kick in as I feel so much more myself and can actually go up the stairs without feeling like I'm about to pass out at the top! I barely did any exercise last week and I really didn't care as just catching my breath standing was hard enough! I did go for a swim on Thurs am before we headed up the road as I was so sore in my back and just needed to take the weight of this stomach off my body! I pootled up an down and after 80 lengths I was really, really rather tired! After that I really couldn't care if I did any exercise while we were on holiday. Anyway, as I was saying, suddenly in the past couple of days I feel like I have a better colour to my skin and just feel more normal. I got up and went for a swim this am, but still took it fairly steady and 100 lengths was plenty and I REALLY needed a nap at lunch time. Ordinarily I'd get up tomorrow am too, but I think the most I'll do is 30 mins pilates. I really need to ease back in slowly as the doc did say it would take a few weeks for the iron to fully kick in. The holiday really came at the right time to force me to relax and as Al was off to help, relaxing was possible.

Back Brace

In addition to being anaemic, I have been so uncomfortable physically. This was not unexpected. The doctors did say that I'd probably get v uncomfortable in 3rd trimester. I had hoped to get into 3rd T before the pain kicked in, but 2 - 3 weeks before the final countdown I was already struggling with serious pelvis and back pain, so I got the midwife to refer me to physio and today my new brace arrived to help lift the pressure off my pelvis and back and it really does help. I was also under strict instructions to get Murray climbing up into his own car seat. I had previously tried, but he kept running through the middle of the seats and clambering into the front seats which was not helpful at all! Anyway I've worked out over the past couple of days that, if I hold onto his hands and get him to do it in 2 stages he goes into the seat and turns round (well on a good day) which saves me quite a bit of pain. As a result of this discomfort I've come to the conclusion (not much option really) that exercise is going to be mainly in the pool. Once I feel less anaemic I may re try the bike, but nothing weight bearing at all any more. Bye bye hikes and gym :-( Amazing to think I went for a 5 mile hike the night before I went into labour last time! I'll see how I go with Pilates too and at least I've been able to enjoy it until now.

Here's some glamorous shots of me sporting the 'jellyfish'! It really helps!

I always knew this pregnancy was going to be tough, but it is quite hard to feel like I do with 11 or so weeks to go. I don't want to wish away the time, but it is hard to be in pain everyday. Ah well, once the babba arrives into the world, it will all be worth it. I do feel really blessed to even have this little babba in my tummy despite the discomfort, so I just need to keep focusing on that.

Bits and Bobs

1) I don't have a linea nigra this time. I'm pretty sure I had one by now last time round - oooh - what does that mean?????

2) Had my Anti D today - OUCH!

3) I'm officially in T3 - feels weird - feel like I've been in T3 for ages and yet now that I actually am I find it hard to believe I'm 2/3rds way through my pregnancy!