Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day and 4th of January Hikes

Monday 4th January

Today, as Al is still off, all 3 of us got out for a walk up to the top of the Knock and then around its base. I was really pleased because, having had to take the hill at one step at a time previously, I was able to go up at a steady pace. I was glad the snow was still grippy and not too icy like other walks in the area however. It is strange having to be a bit of a woose and be extra careful on the ice.

The view from the top is absolutely spectacular and I don't know if I will ever tire of it. On the right you can see up Glen Turret towards Ben Chonzie while directly ahead is the Strathearn valley that leads up to Ben Vorlich. It makes me feel like I am still in touch with 2 of my favourite mountain runs. Unfortunately as everything is so white at the mo' and it was quite flat light today it is quite hard to pick out the different features in the photo.

From the top

Half way up, through the trees

We mourned the end of the holiday by having lunch in the Crieff Hydro after our walk as we were starving (this baby likes to eat!)

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas at my parents. My mum and dad live in a forrest (no joke) so, as their drive was blocked due to snow, to get to the house on Christmas Eve we had to hike up the drive with all our pressies. This is the view we woke up to from our bedroom:

So of course, once presents had been opened and the turkey had been stuffed, as we had been to 'midnight' mass (we opted for the 8pm version this year as making it to 10pm is an achievement!)all 3 of us headed out for a lovely hike in the glittering snow up the hill opposite mum and dad's. We didn't make it all the way up, but we made it further than I had thought, especially considering the snow was quite deep.

The end of mum and dad's drive - it gets steep so cars get stuck half way up so its easier if everyone just parks at the end of the drive.

The views were so far stretching as the light was outstanding. My parents live in the triangle of forest directly at the bottom - told you I wasn't kidding!

At the top mum, dad and babba-bean had some non alcoholic mulled wine - yum!

Then it was time to take babba-bean home for turkey dinner as the sun dropped behind the hill.

What a great Christmas hike. I was like a kid in a sweetie store in my excitement at being able to be up a hill in the sparkling snow!

Back to work tomorrow - boo! As I don't finish work until 9.30pm at the earliest and therefore don't get home until 10.30pm I'm expecting some white faced days ahead of me! Fingers crossed that I surprise myself.

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