Wednesday, September 26, 2012

36 Weeks....+ Photos of Murray

Boy am I uncomfortable today. My stomach is brick hard and constricting so it is really hard work to breathe. And soooo low. The baby is really enjoying bouncing on a nerve on my right hand side of my groin which sends shooting pains down my leg that makes me jump like I've been stuck with a cattle prod and grab at the back of my leg in the process. It is yell out loud sore which of course brings attention to the fact that you are grabbing at what looks like your ass while darting forward. So sore! The baby is so low that my left leg just feels fairly permanently numb - oooh the joys!

We are a v sleep deprived household at mo too. M is waking really early (4 or 5 regularly) and just will not go back to sleep and insists on singing at the top of his voice and crashing about in his cot so loudly, that it sounds like he's about to come through the roof. Al doesn't hear much of this, but is getting up when I ask him to see to Murray, so he's knackered and I manage about 1 -1 .5 hours of sleep between pees and then Murray starts and it is game over. I de-camped to the sofa last night and actually got a block of 3 hours which felt like magic! I'm pretty sure Murray needs to ditch the nap but I can't face doing that at mo and I know he'll be shattered in the pm. Was speaking to a mum of 3 at toddlers today and her son is 1 month younger than M and she lets him sleep 30 mins then lifts him and they cuddle on the sofa to let him come round and that tops him up but lets him sleep at night, so I think once baby comes that may be the way forward.

Last week I got swimming Wed and Sat (90 lengths). I had hoped to go Monday, but between being absolutely shattered and fighting a scratchy throat, I've postponed until tomorrow and I'll go at the weekend too. It's a bit disappointing to be only able to do 2 times, but I guess that's just the way it is. I'll continue to aim for 3 and see how we go.

My sister and I went for a massage at the weekend. It was absolute BLISS to be pampered and to get some mummy time off. It was also really lovely to catch up with my sis before baby 2 arrives. She stayed over so Murray really enjoyed getting to play with Aunty 'elen.

 Fingers crossed the next few weeks pass relatively swiftly, but I suspect they will slow down further.

I like to go to the park on my trike

Honestly, Murray doesn't get a lot of TV, but he can just look so cute (and still) when he does, that it is nice to take some pics!
Chilling, watching Thomas the Tank

I can fit in the buggy for the doll - honest mummy - it's a great spot for watching some TV

Cosy, cosy, in mummy's sleeping bag

Crazy morning hair!

Helping mummy with making Pizza. He was such a big help and they were yummy!

Sleepy in mummy's bed. It's v comfy as she needs sooo many pillows just now!

I'm v cute!

My first Sunflower grown from seed

In my flying goggles (mummy's swimmng goggles)

What a cracker!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

35 Weeks today + Buggy Purchased.

Today I hit 35 weeks. Time seems to have slowed right down and the next few weeks seem like they will never end - can't believe I was still working this time last time - I had one more week to go! I suppose I didn't have a toddler to look after and entertain too and could put my feet up before work if I wanted to. My skin feels like it is going to split open at any moment so I'm moisturising like a demon. I truly feel like I cannot grow any bigger, but as I've still a few more weeks to go, I guess I will. UGHHHHH!

I'm really hoping to get some regular swimming again now that we have the house pretty well sorted. I am so wiped out after a day of house reorganising that swimming has just had to be postponed for the past week or so - of course it doesn't help that we've all had the cold too. Despite an absolutely awful night's sleep (awake at 2.30 and couldn't get back to slep until 4.30/5am I ot up when my alarm went off at 6.15 and went for  a swim (90 lengths). My back really loves me to go swimming as it is the only relief I get. Had physio today at Thompson Therapy and she has relieved the shoulder and lower back ache for now, but the mid back pain is still there and basically that is going to be that way to end due to the way the baby lieing and the fact that I am so out front - joy! She worked on the pubis bone to unstick it and the round ligaments too and it has given me some relief from the feeling of the belly literally siting on the pubis bone. She hopes that will hold for the next month or so, but can't be sure. time will see. All I know is that despite getting some relief from that I am still extraordinarily uncomfortable tonight.

On Sunday I managed to track down a 2nd hand Phil and Teds buggy for sale relatively locally, so in the pm we hotfooted it round to view it and buy it. I'm really pleased as included in the price was a double rain cover; double suncover; sleeping bag and 2 panniers. The latter are really useful as the buggy is not ideal for hanging your change bag over the handle as the bag then hangs down over the second seat. I wouldn't have bought them though as they are fairly expensive by themselves, so feel like I've got a real bargain. Murray loved it too which is a bonus.

Here's me a at 35 weeks with Murray

Here's me with Babba 2

More front on like above

Check out the side on view!

OOOOFFFFF! I am a stuffed Christmas bird!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

34 Weeks; Nesting

I hit 34 weeks on Wed.

My stomach now feels like it is ready to rip open. I feel so bruised around my belly button and lifting Murray is really not any fun at all.

It's been a tough week as Murray has had a cold and has been up during the night and now it appears he is incapable of sleeping past 6am.

I got for a swim on Wed (75 lengths which was plenty) and had planned to go today (Sat), but was pretty wiped out and knew I had house cleaning on the agenda so ditched the idea, and plan to go tomorrow instead.


I am in mega nest mode. Last weekend my folks looked after Murray a bit so Al and I could get storage sorted and baby stuff down from the loft and this weekend they've taken him again and I am in mega nest clean mode.

The kitchen has been scrubbed within an inch of its life, as has the living room. I have to say it feels sooo good to just have all those jobs you put off/ daren't do with a toddler running around, done. I'm so glad to have all our storage sorted. I couldn't face a winter with a toddler and baby and trying to find winter kit and gloves to get out the door. There really is nothing more cathartic than having a mega clear out.

Phil and Teds Buggy

I really want a Phil and Teds double buggy. We can't afford a brand new one, so I've been on the second hand sites and thought we had one, but unfortunately missed out. I still have a few weeks to get one, but I definitely feel like time is running out especially as I feel like I'm on borrowed time most days!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sarah's Wedding + 33 Weeks.

On Sunday we were at my gorgeous friend's wedding. Sarah was one of my bridesmaids, so it was absolutely fantastic to be there and be part of her 'bridal brigade'. Below is a pic of us waiting outside for the gorgeous bride to arrive. 

After a frantic search about a week before the wedding I got this dress. It was hugely long so during the week I had to get it taken up by 4 inches - I'm such a shrimp! It was really stretchy material so was really comfy all day. I was fairly impressed with myself that I lasted in my sparkly heels all day although I was doing ALOT of sitting down and my poor feet were pretty swollen by the time we limped off to the car!

Murray did really well and lasted until 9.15pm, but by that time he was actually relieved to be put into his pyjamas for the drive home. I have to say that Al did a fantastic job running after Murray all day as he was in hyper tired mode all day after only have 30 mins kip in the car en route to the wedding.

Top tip for helping a hyper wee boy sit for longer in their high chair over the meal (in addition to the fortuitous aid of Murray experiencing chips and ketchup for the first time) - take a few bits of brio train track, some blocks to make a bridge and several trains. Genius - kept him there for quite some time. Of course the kids toy boxes that Sarah provided helped too.

The pic below is at the end of the ceremony while the bride and groom signed the register and Murray, as you can see, is just desperate to run off. The pic before this had his shirt around his neck!!! Boy he was a handful. Snacks managed to save the day and kept him put long enough to let me watch my friend say 'I do'.

33 Weeks

Today I hit 33 weeks.

I'm very uncomfortable at night but actually the last 2 nights have been  reasonable and on Monday night I got 5 hours straight for the first time in weeks.

The weight of the baby actually takes my breath away as I stand up out of bed!

Swimming is blissful and weightless and I'm still hitting 100 lengths. I'm managing about 3 times / week and that is enough. General housework, looking after Murray etc causes me to be in quite a bit of pain so I have to save my energy to be able to do it.

It was great not to have to go to work tonight, but it has not sunk in that I don't have to do it again ever!

Time is ticking on, but I still can't fully get my head round another wee nipper is coming along! We bought a box of newborn nappies on Monday and I think I really need to start getting my hospital bags organised. Al has taken a long weekend this weekend and we are really hoping to get the house fully organised and more baby stuff down from the attic as I definitely feel like I'm on borrowed time!

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Stay at Home Mum - Yikes!

So, over the summer I have been in discussion with a buyer for my business and as of the 1st September (Sat), Kip McGrath, Kirkcaldy is no longer owned and run by me. I am now officially a stay at home mum for the next wee while. We are not sure for how long, but certainly for the next year. I am terrified at the thought of no income and a little sad at saying farewell (for now) to my career, but super, super excited about being able to be a full time mum to my soon to be 2 kiddies (yikes again) without having to juggle running a business too.
Last maternity leave it was possible to manage the juggle as when Murray slept I could do things, but with 2, I just feel like it would be too much of a juggle of everything and I don't want to look back in a few years and regret missing my babies developing.
I am under no illusions that there will be days where I wish I was heading off to work, and probably in a year finances will force that situation, but for now I am excited not to have responsibility for 6 staff and 60+ students resting on my shoulders. 2 kiddies under 3 is enough thanks! At least I know I have a super hubby who shares parental duties with me so that we can both get out for exercise, so I know if I need a wee break to recharge the mummy batteries, I WILL get one.

32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks and 5 days. In general it has been a better week. I'm getting loads of Braxton Hicks and they hurt. Standing / walking for longer than 10 mins is pretty rough as it triggers more or my back starts killing me, but we are plodding on and by making sure I rest when I can, I can manage it all. I got my bloods redone this week and the good news my iron level are up - not fully, but on the up so that's good. The test showed my platelets (responsible for clotting) to have dropped again though which happens to some women in some pregnancies apparently. They are 109 and apparently the docs prefer them to be above 100, so I have to have my bloods done again in 2 weeks to see if they've dropped again. I'm not totally sure what happens if they have, but I'll guess I'll find out in due course if that is the case.

Murray is SO funny at times and I had to record these 2 crackers from him today:
1) while Al and I were trying to have a conversation, Murray was getting v annoyed at no attention so was swapping between spinning around in circles and grabbing at my legs, both while yelling 'mummy, mummy'. I finally got a bit impatient and told him off and before I could even ask he says: 'Oooh, little bit sorry! Little bit sorry, mummy!' Priceless!
2) While in Primark this am trying to buy some trousers, Murray had had enough, so I explained we needed to pay and then we'd get lunch, so as I push him in the buggy towards the cash desk he motions with both arms and legs to all in front of us, and yells full tilt: 'Out of the way! Get out of the way!' Mortified!