Friday, June 29, 2012

23 Weeks + End of Term

It's finally the end of term - hoorah!

I hit 23 weeks on Wednesday, 24 next week when the baby becomes viable - that's quite cool. I also see the midwife next week for my 24 week appointment which will be nice as I love getting to hear the heart beat. I guess once you can feel them moving the kicks give you reassurance, but there is something v comforting about hearing that heart beat. I felt baby move for definite just after the 20 week scan, so pretty much identical timing to last time, but to be honest I was pretty sure I had already felt babba move, but it was those gentle flutterings that you are never sure for definite are not just your gut protesting! LOL! I can't believe they are the baby until I've seen it moving on the scan and know it's OK.

It's Murray's 2nd Birthday on Sunday, so today has been spent buying food and cleaning the house! Hoping we get nice weather and I'll do a post about that next week.

I bought Murray his 4th pair of shoes today. Rather annoyingly I had to pay the full price of £30 (when I've got the previous 3 at £4, £6 and £10 respectively), but as he had gone from a 4.5 to a 5.5 I felt it would be a bit unfair to leave him hobbling on his tippy toes while I searched for another bargain. Just unfortunate that there were none on special in his size and width. I also got him some new wellie boots as it would seem that the rain will NEVER stop!

Today's fun also included trying to get a pee sample from Murray to check that that is not the reason for his temperatures he's been having.. The doc gave me this pretty useful bag that sticks over his bits and stays inside the nappy until you've collected enough you can transfer to a sample bottle. The only downside was he hadn't done enough wee when he pooped, so I had to delightfully clean the bag of poo as well as his butt! Finally got enough after lunch. Def a lot easier than chasing an un potty trained toddler around the house with a bottle! Having said that I could have just wrung out the mattress in the travel cot that he gets put in when he is naughty at bed time. He was being such a pest while I was trying to get him dressed into his pyjamas, so ended up in the naughty pen. SOOOO knew I should have got his nappy on him before I did that, but didn't and so, yes, returned to him standing in a pool of pee!!! I was actually quite glad he had produced a decent amount, because his nappy was still dry bone dry from his change after lunch - so 6 hours later and was getting little worried as he had been drinking! I think he's maybe getting close to potty training time, but Birthday first!

Tues: 50 mins gym + 10 mins conditioning ~ 4.5 miles
Wed: 110 lengths swimming ~ 5.5 miles
Friday: 110 lengths swimming ~ 5.5 miles

Saturday: Plan to go to the gym. ~ as per Tues.
Hoping my total will be ~20 miles. UPDATE: I did my 50 mins and 20 mins weights/conditioning.

Cannot believe my first wee baby is going to be 2 on Sunday!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

22 weeks exercise + DIY Prep.

Slightly disappointed with this week's exercise, but still did 3 cardio sessions so shouldn't be too down hearted. It's been a busy week, coupled with Murray getting 3, yes 3 new teeth, which throws him into waking up at 5am and naughty behaviour due to pain and tiredness due to early starts. He's had 10 teeth in 16 weeks!

Tues: 1 hour spin using proper spinning DVD. Hard work and needed to make sure I didn't over cook it. (atleast ~ 5 miles)
Wed: 116 lengths - 2212m ~5.5 miles
Sun: 110 lengths - 2200m ~5.5miles
Total: 16 miles

I was absolutely exhausted on Fri and Sat. On Fri, driving home from a playdate and lunch with my friend and her toddler, I could feel myself dropping off to sleep while driving up the m-way. Not funny! When we got home, Murray got some half an hour bonus tv time while I had a cup of tea and a cherry bakewell to get a sugar hit and wake me up!

On Sat I was still shattered, so thought it would be better to save my energy for going to B&Q to buy paint for our DIY projects. It was the last thing I felt like doing truth be told, especially as my back was KILLING me, but as we had booked mum to look after Murray, so we could choose colours without fielding Murray, we had to get on with it.

We bought all the paint we will need for doing Murray's new big boy room. We chose lovely yellow walls to tie in with his Thomas the tank curtains and duvet set as well as some Thomas the Tank things to go on the wall. As we will be moving out of our room (so Murray can have it) and moving downstairs, we needed to choose paint for that room too. I'm quite excited about finally having a decorated room. We've been in our house 6 years, and for 6 years I've woken up and looked at the hideous wallpaper in our current room and grumbled about when we could get round to doing our room! We choose a lovely gentle/calm green called celtic moor which will be paired with antique white. I'm hoping it will be nice! Once it's painted I'll buy curtains and things to tie in.

By the time we left my back was SCREAMING and I was so uncomfy. I was actually getting a bit panicked about how I'll feel in T3 as I was so uncomfy just now. I think perhaps maybe babba is having a growth spurt and all my round ligaments are stretching because boy oh boy! After an early night and a good sleep, I've been a lot better today thankfully. I think my swim first thing did me the world of good this am. I just love how I feel during and after my swim as I feel like my body is my own once more and the relief from the weight is just indescribable. 

Another busy day today as after church and Murray's nap, mum and I headed back to B&Q to buy turf for Al to lay in the garden. We reckon we'll need about 40 in total, but as the car was sinking lower and lower on its suspension we thought we'd stop the assistant when he got to 10 or we'd be in danger of breaking down on the journey home, so we'll be able to judge once we've got those laid. Al had worked wonders in the garden by the time we got home so we'll hopefully get those turfs laid this week, so that the garden looks nice for family coming for Murray's second birthday on Sunday. Can't believe my wee boy will be 2 a week today!!!!!

Last week of term coming up - Hoorah!!!!! Roll on Friday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

21 weeks and 2 days: Photo

So thought I'd take a wee photie for posterity.

Here's bump #2 at 21 weeks and 2 days.

Here's a comparison photo taken for Murray at 20 weeks 3 days.

It's amazing how folk forget - people love to tell me that I'm pretty big already (gotta love that pregnancy induced need for folk to share their exact thoughts with you) and that's because it's baby 2. Well - no, I'm pretty sure it's because I'm a short ass and the only way is out front!  Not loving my belly button this time though! LOL!


Had a good week:

Tues: 50 minute gym workout (4.5 miles)
Wed: 1 hr Swim - 110 lengths (5.5 miles)
Fri: 1hr swim - 116 lengths (5.5 miles)
Sun: 3.5 mile hike
Total: 19 miles.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

20 Week Scan

We had our 20 week scan on Fri. I had been really apprehensive for most of the week about it, but all was well. Little babba was just so cute sticking out its tongue and smacking its lips! So in love!

Babba tickling its nose!

Such a clear pic - I just LOVE its little face profile!

I have been REALLY tired this week and still been recovering from this cold I think. I've been really icky and light headed first thing so decided to just ease back into exercise with walking. This week's exercise has this been as follows:

Mon: 3 mile hike
Tues: 3 mile hike
Sat: 3.5 mile hike + 30 mins pilates
Sun 3 mile hike
Total: 12.5 miles. Not great, but a vast improvement on the week before which was a right off.

Hopefully, I'll be more on form this coming week.

Today we supported at The Strathearn Harriers' Marathon. It was our first year running the marathon on a v hilly route and it seemed to go great. We headed to the start of the Marathon to drop of our homebaking for the runners post race and to help our where we could for a short spell.

Then we drove round to 15 miles and walked to 13.5 miles with Murray in the backpack and mimicking our supporting cheers like: 'keep goin'; 'doing great'; 'good job' which was too cute. We carried a bag of jelly babies with us which in general where gratefully revceived. It was so funny seeing the runners' faces light up as they realised you had sweeties on you! We made sure we had enough for the Strathearn Harriers that were running. It was just great to see that your cheers and encouragement gave everyone such a lift.

Murray all wrapped up to cheer on the runners!

As we were only about a mile from our house, we nipped home and had lunch before driving back out to Comrie. As we drove along, we were able to cheer on the runners we had encouraged earlier and they were so grateful. There were a couple of folk who slowed to a walk, so as we drove by I yelled: 'one foot in front of the other', 'in fron of other' parrots Murray from the back and it was really great to see them, pick back up to a run! We arrived back to see 3 out of the 4 lady harriers just reaching the finish line (we had just missed the 4th ). All the ladies running were under 4 hours which on such a hilly route was awesome! Go ladies!

Murray had a great play at the end while Al helped out with results, especially as he got to look like a proper marshal in his high viz vest sent over from Al's folks.

 By the end we were all shattered and we then headed round to folks to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had a lovely buffet tea and Murray was over the moon to spend some time with my folks and Aunty Helen and Uncle Ian. By the time we got home though, as he had only had a wee short nap in the car he was BEYOND tired and had forged into 'over hyper' mode which resulted in a bang to the head and massive tears. After a big cuddle, stories and milk he could barely keep his eyes open - wee soul. Know how he feels - Its 8.30pm and I'm BEAT! Great day though and totally worth it. Go the Harriers!

Monday, June 4, 2012

19 weeks, almost 20; Badaguish and 20 miler week!

I am 19 weeks, although I'll be 20 on Wednesday - scary - half way through! We have our 20 week scan on Friday, nervous and excited as always.

20 miles for 18 weeks

Last week I had a really good exercise week, aided by being away at The Strathearn Harriers' weekend at Badaguish, Aviemore.

Tues: 110 lengths (5.5miles)

Wed: 110 lengths (5.5miles)
                                        A really good session with my mate Kerry who is also a really good swimmer and makes me look like a floundering beginner in her wake! It was nice getting some technique tips and having a session made up for me as it can get dull doing your own session every week.

Sat: 6 mile hike (2h 20 mins) over 3 lovely lower peaks above Badaguish.
                                        It was v hot, but there was a cool breeze on the tops so babba didn't over heat. Worst bit was the forest trail back as the trees were too far apart to provide shade but blocked any breeze! Phew - glad it was only 20 mins.

Sun: 3 mile hike around Loch Morlich which was beautiful.

Total: 20 miles shame, I didn't manage my pilates.

Although last week started off well with a 3 mile hike around Loch an Eileen, the rest of the week was a right off due to a hideous cough and cold. Gradually feeling better so got out for a 3 mile walk today. Felt quite hard going up hill so that cough has taken its toll.

Badaguish 2012

The Harriers had our weekend away at Badaguish again this year (such a great location). Al took Fri and Mon off so we packed up the car and headed up the road after lunch on the Fri which was great timing as Murray slept the whole way up and meant we could do the journey in 2 hours rather than having to break it up.
After a wee shop in Tesco we arrived at Badaguish about 4pm. The weather was stunning and Murray played outside in his swimsuit jumping in and out of the water in his wee bathtub while Al (and Tony who was already there) unpacked the car.

Murray ready for a weekend of adventures!

Come on mummy, hurry up and fill the tub and get my swimmers, I'm roasting!

We were really lucky this year as someone had pulled out of the lodge so there was a spare room and we were able to use it for Murray - yeah, no hyper child in our room at night.
Just as I was contemplating keeping Murray up for a bit longer he started looking v tired so bath and stories it was and he was out like a light until 7 the next morning - fab! He was so deeply asleep we were able to socialise with everyone outside, just popping back to quickly check he was still out for the count. The place is great because the lodges look out on a big grassy area where those who are camping are and surrounded by the 'wigwam' huts. Ideal for a group trip as everyone is close by. The kids can run around in the grassy area and have a taste of 'freedom'.

Looking out from the lodge to the wigwam huts and the grassy area where folk camp. The ridge is the ridge I hiked along on the Sat.

On the Sat there were various runs organised. Al headed out on the 10 miler trail run (there were also 5 mile trail and 12 mile hill runs organised) despite not running much recently on account of his asthma, but as that is now under control again, he figured sod it. He found it really tough, but was glad he went for it.
When he got back I was then able to head out for my hike. I was getting a bit concerned as it was really hot and I was heading out during the hottest part of the day and I didn't want me or babba to cook. I was desperate to get a good walk though, so figured I'd head up onto the tops I had planned and if it was stifling, I'd come back down. As I had hoped though, there was a gorgeous breeze and the hike along the ridge was absolutely gorgeous. The hike back along the path was a bit too hot though.

When I got back everyone had already headed down to the beach, so we quickly piled everything into the car a joined everyone. The water was pretty nippy, but it was fun to have a splash in especially as Cathy loaned me a shot of her wet suit. Murray was a bit unsure at first but soon got the hang of it. My best bit of the day was taking him in Doug's kayak for a wee paddle. By about 5pm, Murray was freezing in the water, but didn't want to leave so we had to carry him out to get changed and head back to the lodge.
There was Karaoke that night, but both Al and I were pretty shattered, so we didn't last long. Good job as Murray was awake at 5. Thankfully we were able to ignore until just before 7!

On Sunday am there was the Hare, Tortoise and junior race. The hares run 3.5miles, the tortoises 3 and the juniors 1. The aim is to get the teams as similar to each other to get a good race and it really was. The juniors were amazing and put in so much effort  - amazing to see! After  wee prize giving everyone started either heading home or back to the beach. As neither Al or me had run in the am, we headed out for a walk around Loch Morlich with Murray in the backpack. We had a lovely 3 mile hike and then went straight to beach to join some others. We went to a quieter beach this time which was great for the wee ones as there was a wee area blocked off by stones. Doug took Murray out in the Kayak again to go and see the ducks. He was quite far out which was v exciting for him.

The quieter beach and paddling area outlined by boulders.

Looking over to the ski slopes with rapidly melting snow.

 Doug and Murray in the kayak heading back in after chasing the ducks!

Murray 'helping' Doug paddle!

Mummy and Murray paddling - my god, I'm astounded at the cleavage!

To book the lodge we need to have it for 3 nights, so just like last year we got our moneys worth and stayed Sunday night. We had a lovely calm night with Tony and Fi who also stayed.

On Monday, after we had packed up, we headed to Loch an Eileen for a lovely 3 mile hike with Murray in the backpack. When we got back to the beginning we had a lovely picnic lunch on the shores of the loch and then Murray had a great wee play in the water while Al and I chilled out with an ice lolly.

Picnic on the shores of Loch An Eileen

After that it was time to reluctantly head down the rd. Murray was asleep about 100metres of driving and stayed that way until Perth where we stopped at Tiso for a colld drink to round off our wee hol. The weather was amazing and I only wish we got more of it (back to chilly again). It felt like a proper summer hol.