Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 days late + Harriers' sweeptstake

So I have officially joined the 70% of folk who have their baby post due date and as I am incredibly crap at waiting (you should see me at a bus stop waiting on a bus!) I think poor Al is in for a tough few days /weeks. See that is the problem, it could be tonight, it could be another 12 days and I'm not very good at that. I must try to see it as an opportunity to practise the art of patience, but when your back is aching and your belly is so low it is practically down to your toes, it proves quite difficult indeed, so to keep e from grumping too much, I thought I'd sit bouncing on my birthing ball and write a blog post!

On Friday I did 40 mins Pilates and then used the opportunity to get all my staff''s holiday pay and payslips all sorted out as well as paying any outstanding bills for the centre and recording the accounts, so I guess at least that is all sorted out and I don't need to worry about that post baby! Al and I then went out for dinner and generally I did a good job of keeping my mind busy.

Yesterday I was absolutely exhausted for some reason, so chilled out as much as poss. Al and I went to Auchterarder for lunch and then up to Crieff to put some stuff to the charity shops and generally pootle around the shops so that gravity could get to work. I got 4 books in one of the charity shops for £6! Bargain! So that should help to keep me busy. My mate had a really good idea of getting out all my photos that need to be put into albums and start to organise them. Great idea, but I don't have any empty albums and so hoped to buy some yesterday, but to no avail!

The harriers now have a sweepstake on when baby will arrive, it's weight and sex which is really quite funny. The thing I find really strange is the weights people are guessing. There is only 1 above 7lbs! I am a bit concerned about their opticians because my stomach is quite clearly enormous! I know I'm teeny, but my belly ain't!

When we were in Crieff my mates Wendy and Lawrence went past in their camper-van as they set off on hol and waved hello. I got a text from her later that said that she didn't want to peep the horn in case she made the baby come and lost her guess on the sweepstake! LOL!

Today I have felt pretty fed up, but doing my pilates (40mins) has cheered me up as did watching the village gala parade! There were loads of mums accompanying their children as there is a fancy dress contest and I thought, gosh that could be me soon! Actually it was a bit of a shame as we have had absolutely no rain for about 2 weeks solid and although it was dry for the parade, it then rained after while the fair etc was on! Typical! poor old Muthill!

Right, I will do my best to 'enjoy the quiet while I still have it' - yup, you guessed it, I've heard that quite a lot recently!


  1. Hey Kaz,
    I must have added about 200 hits to your blog in the last two days. Where is that baby?
    Hope you are well.
    Debs x