Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A bad day!

Today, after having a lovely time at my class on how to express milk, I came home to a work email explaining that my admin assistant had handed in her notice to the temp agency and was finishing with us at the end of this week as her other job had upped her hours!!!!! As you can probably imagine this is a total nightmare. I have just spent the best part of the last 3 weeks training her up! This would be annoying enough if I was still working and had the energy to train another, but I'm exhausted, on maternity leave and am now having to think about how to sort this out.

It is especially crap as I had just started to unwind and feel more ready for baby to come. If I'm honest I could quite happily sit here a bawl my eyes out! Not my finest hour, but honestly I worked my ass off in order to be able to be ready and I just feel so disappointed.

Hopefully something will come to mind about how I can sort this out, but for now I feel a little bit too shell shocked!

Hope every body else is having a better day than me!

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