Friday, June 11, 2010

38 Weeks Today + Pics!

So I've made it to 38 weeks and with that landmark have drawn a line under his week's shennanigans.

Done and Dusted
The Admin A who promised the day before to help out for an extra couple of days has now pulled out of that (I was half expecting it) but in many ways it is just better as I can just get back in control of the situation and not rely on her. I am still hacked off with having to do a whole heap of work for seemingly nothing, but I couldn't have not done the work. My teaching staff have been amazing and are rallying around and helping out in every way they can because they know the efforts I went to to ensure everything was as organised as possible for them. That is completely different to just abandoning them - not that I ever would. Things I have learned - I must insist on a month's notice and that it is their responsibility to train the next candidate as once I am back to teaching I can't do it. I am miffed that I will have to lug down to the centre to interview and train with baby in tow (as I'll still be feeding) only about 6 or so weeks after birth, but I am determined not to dwell on that just now and just enjoy my maternity leave and my baby coming. I will admit to feeling pretty low the past few days and a lot of that joy had disappeared. However I not going to miss this joyful time in my life because of someone else's inability to honour their word. So mum is going to call me from work definitely on a Tuesday and maybe everyday and I can give her reminders and instructions about what needs to be remembered. The other staff are staying on when they are not teaching or coming in early so that they can answer the phone as that is a nightmare while teaching and is the thing that stresses mum out the most. Basically we will muddle through and I am just really thankful for fantastic teaching staff.

So far this week, despite everything, I have had some good exercise - actually it has really helped me to stay semi-sane.
Monday: 65 min swim - 2km - equiv to 5 mile run
Wednesday: 4 mile walk/hike with hills
Thursday: 50 min gym session including 30mins on X-Trainer: equiv to 4 mile run
Friday: 40 minutes Pilates

Tomorrow I will either go for a hike while the club does their training or I will get on the spinning bike - may be weather dependant or baby dependant who knows - frightening!

Full Term Photos.

These were taken a couple of days ago so not quite 38 weeks, but certainly full term. I'm huge and so low. Yesterday I had my belly support on for the gym and I could see how much my tummy had grown from where the waist strap reached compared to before. I think because the belly is so low now too, that also adds to the added girth.

What do I look like! Ha Ha! That is rhetorical question by the the way - no nasty comments please!


  1. alright baby! appear!!! :)

  2. you're all baby by the way - I think BOY