Sunday, July 4, 2010

Murray David Nicholl

The short version is:

After 31 and a half hours of labour, Murray David Nicholl was born at 9.25am on Thursday the 1st of July 2010 weighing 7lbs 15.

He is absolutely gorgeous and I am so in love it is really quite hard to describe.

Murray and Me

The Nicholl Family

He is Soo Perfect!

I will do a longer post once I am a bit more settled into home - feeling a bit overwhelmed not having a buzzer to be able to get a m/wife to help - and once I've got my head a bit more around my birthing experience. It was all a little traumatic. I had hoped to be au naturel as much as poss, but if needed intervention would do what I needed to do. As poor wee Murray refused to tuck his head in and turn around, Forceps and a spinal were finally required to get him out, but not until I did pretty Herculean effort for about 30 hours to get him out myself. Let me run an Ultra any day of the week - let me tell you. Al is pretty proud of the fact that throughout this effort my HR didn't go much above 60BPM! He nearly wet himself when the m/wife asked if I usually kept myself fit!

Any hoo! I'm off for a snooze before Murray needs another feed.


  1. That's the post I've been waiting for! :-) So happy for you all. Congratulations. Little Murray is just gorgeous. Debs xx

  2. SO cute - congrats Kaz!! Lover the name!

  3. CONGRATS! I've been waiting too... Love his name and you look fantastic. I knew it was a boy!

  4. Look at that, you're already 7 pounds lighter! Congrats on your ultra-baby-marathon.