Wednesday, June 2, 2010

36 Week Midwife Appointment - 4/5ths engaged!

I had my 36 week appointment today - even though I will be 37 weeks on Friday. I was really looking forward to it, but I had the same midwife as I had 4 weeks ago and while she is polite and pleasant enough, she is just not very enthusiastic. Both times I've seen her I've been in and out within 5 minutes! Everything is checked and she asks how you are etc, but doesn't really give any thing else. All the other midwives I've seen are very enthusiastic and encouraging and really, it seems, want to know how you are and offer advice. I've been quite nauseous recently and very uncomfortable after a meal, despite eating small portions. It seems veggies, although not salad bizzarly cause too much bloating as every time I eat a meal with veggies I honestly feel like my stomach skin is going to split open. Last night I had a chicken and veggie stir fry with buckwheat noodles. I can't emphasise enough how small the portion was and I was in agony after! I felt so sick and vowed, not for the first time recently, to never eat again! Honestly I was saying: "That's it, all I'm having from now on is soya milk!!!!" I've actually seen me throw half an apple away recently because I just can't be bothered finishing it as I can feel it starting to really fill me up. The trouble is, you still get very hungry and want to eat. However, the midwife didn't offer any advice or ask me to explain further. At least I've managed lunch today and it doesn't seem to be causing to much discomfort.

Anyway despite the lack of interest, all is well with babs. Back is lying on right hand side for a change, HR healthy and head is now 4/5ths engaged!!!!! Also 37cm uterus and not quite at 37 weeks yet - let's hope babba is on the way.

I then met up with my friend who is finally looking like she is on the mend form a broken leg. The poor thing has had a torrid time - she broke the leg almost a year ago and first it didn't knit, then she needed metal put in which got it to mend but then needed to have the metal out as she couldn't flex her ankle and in amongst that she got an infection when they put the metal in that has only just cleared up but the wound is still open. What a nightmare! Anyway she is walking so much better and we had a lovely 3 mile walk around Lady Mary's and we were pretty perfectly matched for pace which was great.

This evening Al and I are going to watch the Auchterarder 10K, another Harriers' club champ race. Poor Al has decided to give it a miss as he is just running on trail at the mo' until he has managed to completely knock the shins splints into touch. It's nice to go and cheer folk on even if you can't run, especially as it is the Harriers' weekend away this weekend and we simply cannot venture all the way to Gairloch! Totally gutted not to be able to go, but the thought of giving birth up there aided by various medical members of the club just does not bare thinking about! Can you imagine! I'd never be able to look them in the eye again!


I plan to go for a swim tomorrow and then Dad is coming around for a cuppa as it is his birthday. Why are Dads so hard to buy for! Finally got something so I can relax now!


Mum is coming round to help me with the spring cleaning again. I managed to do the kitchen cupboards and oven yesterday as well as the bathroom tiles, but that was enough, so I appreciate mum's help so much. I think I'll set Al to tasks over the weekend too so that if babba hasn't arrived next week I can enjoy my relaxation!

Sorry, Claire. I know I promised no more to do lists, but, if you can go into uni after a head accident.... hee hee!

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