Sunday, June 6, 2010

1st week Of Maternity Leave

All in all it's been a good week. It has taken me most of this week to settle into maternity leave. I've been quite twitchy and tired and frustrated about not being very spritely, but today it really hit me that I should just try and enjoy each day I get to relax. I think it was when I was at church and the family in the pew in front asked how long I had to go and if it was my first (they had 2) and the mum said, "Do something nice for yourself while you can." That really hit home and I thought, 'If I get the cleaning done, great; if not, que sera sera!' So with that in mind, I've made a list of what I want to do and I can target 1 or 2 things a day around doing things for me, rather than feeling like I have to get it all done in a oner!

I think it also helps that we have got our bedroom sorted and thoroughly cleaned so that there is room for the baby's crib when it decides to make an appearance.


Tues: 45 min bike:equiv to 4 mile bike + 30 min Pilates
Wed: 3 mile walk
Thurs: 65 min swim: equiv to 5 mile run + 2 mile walk
Sunday: 40 mins Pilates.

It has been nice being able to get back to some exercise after last weeks' dearth of any exercise.

Next Week

I'm going for a swim tomorrow with mum and thenon Tues I have an 'expressing' class with girls from my NCT antenatal classes. Kathryn has had her wee boy and is still happy to host it, while Claire delivered her wee boy this morning so won't make it. I'm quite jealous of Claire as we were due on the same day, but due to early waters breaking she needed to be induced!
On Wed I am meeting the girls from my NHS antenatal classes for coffee so that will be nice and then on Thurs I'll go for another swim with mum, so I've got some nice things to look forward to that will hopefully keep my mind off when babba is going to come.

On that note at a family dinner tonight for my dad's birthday they were all having a sweepstake on when I'll pop. Ian thinks the 14th, My dad thinks the 20th (father's day), Al chose the 13th, mum took my due date the 25th and my sister just howled with laughter at the thought of everyone betting on my discomfort! Ha, Ha! I refused to bet but would be happy with either Al's or Ian's dates!!!!

Right off to bed with me - far too late!

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