Friday, June 4, 2010

37 Weeks - Full Term!

So I am full term today!

I'm telling you, this baby can come whenever it wants. I'm so over being pregnant now! I want my body back, I want to run - hell I just want to be able to pick something up off the floor without having to be assisted by a crane!

The ironic thing is, you really look forward to maternity leave, but by the time it comes, you're too big to be able to enjoy it. I'm all for womens' lib and doing it for ourselves and all that, but there is definitely something to be said for not being able to work past 11 weeks to due date (the lady in the village petrol station gave me that fact).

Rant over - feel better now!

I had a great swim yesterday - 65 mins - 100 lengths - 2km.
The water rocks - it is so nice to get rid of that weight for a while.
It was my dad's birthday yesterday so he came round in the afternoon for tea and cake. We got him cinema vouchers for his birthday and he really liked them, so that was a relief. It was a gorgeous day yesterday so we sat outside in the sun. boy was I glad I had exchanges that dress on Monday because it was perfect for sitting in the sun. I'm also glad I very diligently put suncream on as even with doing so I have a tan mark today.
It was such a lovely evening that Al really wanted to go for a run rather than on the spinning bike, so I went along too and plodded along Lady Mary's while he ran out to the monument and back. It was rather nice walking along at what I call a tourist pace. LM is really leafy in the summer and it helped to keep me cool and the river sparkled in the sun as I pootled along. The only thing was I was really quite tired by the end (walked about 2 miles) as I think my swim was more tiring than I had realised. by the time I got back to he car, tourist pace would have seriously burned me off! Still it was better than sitting about all uncomfortable for the evening. I was asleep very quickly last night - well until 12.30 and then the cycle of loo, snooze, readjust position started!

The Harriers are off on their weekend away today. I'm so envious - not that I could do anything at the mo'. I know it is only temporary and I'll be back to it soon enough, but.... being pregnant is hard work! Truly a blessing, but hard work!

Come on little one - I want to meet you!

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  1. Yep - I worked up till I went into labor, there is no way I could be off and waiting for baby,you're totally right, you can't enjoy it until the baby comes! Good luck, I'm thinking of you. Don't get too anxious! Go for a pedicure, take walks, make cookies...