Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Better Day!

Well after yesterday's nightmare I've managed to negotiate some extra days from my admin assistant. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but better than nothing. So far from best pleased it is unbelievable. To work so hard and have nothing to show for it is extremely frustrating, but more than that to be left in the situation where payments may not come in because you or your assistant is not there to ensure it happens is worrying in the extreme. Add to that the worry you have about your mother's health in having to cope with too much results in one stressed mamma! I'm amazed at people's lack of loyalty at times. I could not have made the consequences of these actions clearer at the time of the interview. Hours of sleep last night probably were about 2. Hours of stress 7! Can't do anything else at this point so have to hope for the best and trust in my teaching staff and just try to relax so I don't stress out the baby. Only 3 weeks until the end of term and then I can re-group over the summer hols.

Meeting with Ladies from NHS Classes

This morning I met with the girls I had met at my local NHS antenatal classes. We met for coffee at my favourite coffee shop/ Deli in Crieff called Delivino. On the way to that I popped into my hairdresser and she had an appointment for today at 1.15pm or not one until the 23rd so I thought I'd grab the chance to get my haircut today. This meant coffee turned into lunch with the girls. It was really nice to have my mind off my stresses for a while and laugh about the indignities of pregnancy. We all really enjoyed it and have booked another coffee slot next week, this time in Auchterarder where one of the other girls lives. Really looking forward to it already!

Getting my haircut was really nice too. At least my hair won't be too mop like for the first few weeks after babba is born.

After some bits and bobs I needed to do in Crieff I didn't get home to 2.30pm. I had wanted to get on my spinning bike today, but I was still a bit full from lunch and to be honest, as I had to phone to confirm arrangments with admin assistant at 3.30pm I couldn't really settle to it. Luckily the weather had really cheered up this afternoon so once Al finished work we headed out for a walk around the Knock via the Wishing well. It was a good walk, but boy are hills hard work now. I reckon it was at least 3.5miles but probably nearer 4 miles so was pretty pleased. Tummy tired at end though.

Had some cracking Braxton Hicks tonight - God they can hurt, but they eventually passed after about an hour so D-Day not arrived yet! OK I'm tired now and want to join mum at gym tomorrow if she is up to it so I'm awa' to bed!

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