Thursday, June 24, 2010

Due Day Tomorrow!

Last day of 39 weeks today and I thought I'd do a post just on the off chance I am one of the very few people who are actually on time, although I really don't see that happening.


Exercise is still going well:

Mon: 1.8km swim (90 lengths) ~ 4.5 miles
Wed: 4 mile walk/hike
Thurs: 50 minute gym session - 5min walk teadmill, 20 min XTrainer, 10 min arm bike, 10 min XT, 5 minwalk treadmill ~ equiv to about 4 ish miles

I think tomorrow I'll just do Pilates (if I'm not getting a much harder workout in the labour ward!) and if baby is still happy in my belly I'll hop on the bike on sat.

Hike + Midwife

I had a lovely hike with my mate Wendy on Wed. I had to laugh at the end as she said: "Well thanks for that pootle, Luke" (her dog who is quite slow) "really enjoyed that." to which I replied: "It might have been a pootle for you; that was a full on workout for me!" and it really was as there is a lot of uphill on that circuit which I simply have to plod up. LOL!

Before I met Wendy I had a midwife appointment to check everything was Ok. All was well with baby and a good strong heart beat. It is always so reassuring to hear that. I had been a bit worried on Mon as baby was quite quiet, but it seems to have woken up again. Despite that though the movements are definitely different - much more pushing rather then whizzing about, so it's obviously getting a bit more cramped in there - let's hope that encourages it OUT!


I have felt a lot more tired than I have done the past few days and have found myself being very lazy in the afternoons - taking advantage of being able to sit on my butt and reading a book before all craziness breaks loose. Definitely want to have enough energy for labour!

Crossing my fingers for tomorrow as I'm getting very fed up of painful Braxton hicks with nothing to show for them!


  1. Good luck with everything, Kaz. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new bundle xx

  2. Good luck! I hope it happens tonight! :) thinking a good thought.