Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Enjoying Maternity Leave

Yesterday I was going to go for a swim with mum at her gym, but I couldn't shake the fact that I wanted to get my last bits of baby stuff and that if I went down to town with mum I wouldn't have to drive (becoming less and less comfortable as the days plod on) so that is what we did.

I got my nursing bras. 32 E!!!!!!!! My GOD! Never in my wildest imagination would I ever thought I would be buying a bra that size - it is hilarious!!!!!! The cups are massive. Not bad going for a wee slip of a lass usually with an ironing board chest of 32 A (JUST!). I totally cannot even remember what I looked like pre-pregnancy. I can't remember what it is like to have flat tummy and a wee chest. Here's hoping I find out again!

I also got some more sleep suits as I didn't have many of them. People have given me short sleeve suits with no legs but hardly any all in ones so I really wanted to have some more.

The last time Al and I went to town I bought some trousers and vests for taking to hospital and for the days after, but I've actually been wearing them loads as they are the most comfy trousers and don't dig in when I sit down. The vests are also really long and pretty summer colours so again I've been wearing those too so I haven't been able to pack them. Therefore I wanted to get some replicas so I could have them in my bags and not worry about them being in the wash the day I decided to go into labour! On the same last trip I got snacks for my bag from Holland Barrat so I would have wheat and dairy free things in Hospital, but I ate them all!!!!! Ha Ha! Well it is really hard when you are really off your food and the only thing you can face is a tempting treat calling at you from your bag! So I went to H+B yesterday and got stuff for my bag PLUS extras for just now! Lastly I wanted to change some clothes I had got for New Look. In a moment of baby brain stupidity I managed to pick up 2 items that that were a size 14 /16! What an idiot - they were a like a tent - in my defence they were on an 8 hanger - but needless to say I needed to change them and figured I'd better do it asap before baby comes and I don't even get a chance to wear them!

Any Hoo! while queueing up in H+B my back and tummy started to really ache so after a wee spot of lunch, mum and I headed back to the car and drove home. I was firmly told by mum to sit down and put my feet up when we got home while she (God bless her) started on cleaning my Kitchen. I kept thinking I'd get up and help, but no, rest was definitely required.

Eventually in the evening Al and I packed my bags properly and pinned a piece of paper to the front with the things I need to collect at the last minute, like pillows, MP3 player, water etc. Feel good about that actually.


This morning I felt a lot less tired than yesterday - think I'm slowly catching up on some of my sleep - so I got on my exercise bike for 45 mins and then did 30mins Pilates. It was really fun on my bike - I haven't been on it in ages, but it was really good. As Al is working from home, he dragged it through to the living room and I watched TV while I worked out. I really wanted to do some Pilates too so I could stretch off so did only 45 mins so I could combine the 2. I did my standing pilates, full body workout and stretching Pilates routines and it was perfect. I've given up on the core workout as it simply results in a lot of beached whale thrashing about on the floor! I do like the leg workout, but as I'd been on the bike, I'd figured that would be enough leg work for today.

Oh and my changing bag arrived today - very cool!


Tomorrow I have a midwife appointment so hopefully I can find out if babba is no longer back to back. I'm then meeting a friend who is recovering from a badly broken leg and we are going for a walk.

Right I'm off to buy dad a birthday pressie.

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