Monday, March 1, 2010

Fresh Start!

I decided yesterday to scrap any idea of doing exercise and just starting this week a-fresh.

Got up this morning and met my mum at her lovely gym so she could sign me in. Had a fab gym session and feel great for it. By the time I got out form the gym it was 12 noon and so mum and I decided to have a spot of lunch together. Poor mum still has to hike up her drive to get to her car, as a result of the snow, and as she had jobs to do in Auchterarder tonight she decided she didn't want to go home and have to hike back out again later, so she was more than happy to while away a couple of hours enjoying a relaxing lunch. We sat at a table next to big French windows that let the sun shine in and it was simply gorgeous to look at the blue sky and the glistening snow. The drive back home was stunning. The mountains are spectacularly white again and looked Alpine with their backdrop of blue skies.

My workout was as follows:

5 min walk warm up
10 min recline bike
10 min x-trainer
10 min row (bump will be in the way in a few weeks I would reckon!)
10min run
10 min arm bike (Phew, that hurts the arms!)
10 min x-trainer
5 min walk cool down.
Total: 70 mins

I reckon that was prob about the equivalent of a 6 mile run!!! My longest workout yet!

I'm hoping that I can get out for a run on Wed as I think most of the roads are snow free even if the trails aren't.

Plan for the rest of the week:

Tues: 40 or 50 mins Pilates
Wed: Run (not sure about distance - atleast 4, hoping for 5 or bike spin depending on weather)
Thurs: 40 or 50 min Pilates
Sat: Run (5 miles at least)

Ladies' Captain.

We had the Harriers' AGM last night and I will be Ladies' captain again this year which I am very happy to take on again.

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