Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Mayhem!

Wed: 30 mins Pilates

On Wednesday Al nearly got hit with a sharp implement that I grabbed in a panic as I heard the front door opening at 8.45am (Al leaves for work at 6.50am). I instantly thought I was being burgled, but it was just Al returning from an insane attempt to get to work. A long story cut short - a mix of closed A9 and snowy back roads that caused more accidents meant the only way was home, so in he wandered and damn near gave me a heart attack!

Once I had recovered from that, balanced the accounts, ordered my food shop online, cooked dinner for me for lunch and Al for dinner with the last remnants of veggies and food in the cupboards and restored some order to the kitchen I had 30 mins left in which I could squeeze my Pilates.

The journey home from work was not terribly pleasant as it had continued to snow while I was at work, but the Glen was at least passable.

Thursday: 25 min bike spin (equiv to 2 mile run)

Al got up to go to work on Thursday, but as it had not stopped snowing all night and was still snowing, the buses couldn't run. I planned to get in (self employed do not get the luxury of snow days) so got on with my chores while breakfast digested and then hopped on the bike to do a 45 min bike ride. After 25 mins my mate Claire phoned from Oz and so I hopped off the bike to get a good catch up with her. I would have been more than happy to do this at any time as she is so far away, but particularly so on this occasion as she had a nasty cycling accident a couple of weeks ago that landed her in hospital for a good 5 days or so and feeling pretty crappy (well I think any one would with a broken collar bone, ribs, fractured vertebra and brain contusions!) so I was even more keen to speak to her now she was able to make the call. It was with relief to hear her laughing and in typical style trying to do too much too soon, but I really hope she doesn't try to really do too much if you know what I mean.

While I had been on the bike I had turned it so it was facing looking out on the street as there was endless entertainment of local farmer with tractor pulling cars up the road that had been sliding on the snow;however it was slowly dawning on me that perhaps trying to get to work may be somewhat tricky. Mum phoned after I spoke to Claire and after I found out that the road was blocked by fallen down branches and we made the decision that she could make it out (for once she had less than us) but that I should stay at home. Wise decision, as it turned out there were trees down all along the road from mine to the glen and that glen was closed too. Thank heavens for fabulous staff (I guess they'll have to cope when I'm on maternity) but they did a brilliant job!

I took advantage of not going to work and spent the afternoon having a fantastic snooze!

Friday: 55 minute bike spin (equiv to 5 mile run)

Poor Al struggled into work. It took him nearly 4 hours, as the roads were still crazy (so much so we were on sky news!) but he did get there. When I headed out later I realised what a good decision I had made yesterday. In some places the plough had only been able to clear one carriageway of the road due to fallen trees and it was insane! I reckon the same amount of snow fell over 2 days as it did over a couple of weeks at Christmas!

When I did my spin today I watched the bbc iplayer and caught up on some shows. It was great and 55 mins flew by. I will def do that again.

In the afternoon I headed out over to Glasgow (so many people) to firstly catch up with a mate for coffee and cake and then once Al arrived from work meet up with his parents who were over from Belfast for a wee city break. We all stayed in the Jury's Inn which was actually really handy. We decided to just eat in the hotel restaurant which was OK (once we got over the hiccup of cream in the chicken risotto. I can't tolerate cow's dairy, so I asked the waitress if the risotto had cow's dairy in it. She wasn't sure so I asked her if she could ask the chef. She came back and assured me that there wasn't so I ordered it thinking yum! however when it arrived it was very clearly -thankfully clearly- covered in a cream sauce - now either I'm seriously concerned about the chef's knowledge, or something was lost in translation along the line. Anyhoo, they quickly sorted it out by getting me the pan seared (in oil, no butter!) sea bass which was actually very nice).


Had a lovely day in soggy Glasgow - how good is the new (haven't been to Glasgow for quite a while so it may not be new to most folk) North Face shop. So many cool things I had to be dragged out drooling!
Got Al a new suit, had lunch in Princess Square in a lovely wee bistro whose name I've forgotten, said our goodbyes to Al's folks and headed for home. Thankfully all roads are now open so as long as we don't have a stupidly quick melt thus flooding, all transport should be back to normal next week.

My Plan for tomorrow was to go for a run, but no chance with all this snow. Perhaps we'll get out for a hike, or if it's really grotty a swim or back on the bike.

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