Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pilates + Run + Maternity Clothes

Tuesday - 50 mins Pilates

I had a great Pilates session on Tues which I will repeat today.
I did 50 minutes in total made up as follows:

10 mins standing pilates
10 mins core
10 mins buns and thighs (yes it is cheesy, but damned hard work!)
10 mins full body workout
10 mins stretching Pilates.

I was saying to my friend yesterday that the standing and full body workouts use 1kg weights to work the arms too and although many of the exercises are fine there are 2 where you are sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you so you have very little leverage and are required to do these arm raises in various forms and they never seem to get any easier. 1kg is so light and yet it feels far heavier!

Wednesday - 5 mile run

I asked my friend Wendy if she would mind accompanying a slow poldder on a run as I was desperate for some company. She was happy to oblige, but I was glad to know she had been out for a speed session already so I didn't feel too guilty for being so slow. It was quite funny when we were running as I was gradually stripping off layers on account of my body temp being far higher than it normally is (I usually big time feel the cold) while Wendy was still in hat and jacket: read me working hard and Wendy tootling along hardly breathing! Pregnant running is funny! It was a beautiful, chilly day and as there is still quite a bit of snow about so we headed out from my house along the flattish triangle. We found a trail that lead out to a river for a kilometre that I had not explored before so that added another 2 kms to the run I did the other day so we did about 5 miles.

I'm really glad I asked Wendy for a run as it really cheered me up and as I was able to get up early enough to have breakfast in time for our run so I didn't have nasty heart burn I'm going to try and get out for Monday club again. Even if it means heading out on my own once everyone has met up then at least I get to see everyone. Also there are a few folk doing a race at Birnam on Sat so I think that (as long as Al's driving lesson is early enough) we will head up and cheer on the runners and go for a run up there.

Maternity Clothes

I may have to invest in some more maternity clothes as I'm starting to get a lot of gaping at the bottom of my tops which are gradually becoming too short. I always wear a long vest or cami underneath so nobody has to see my growing belly, but It would be quite nice not to have to wear several layers - especially when it gets warmer.

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