Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Best Made Plans....

Bah - Humbug - Stupid Colds

On Wednesday all was going well - did my 50minutes Pilates - but by Thursday I was pooped. I thought I was just tired, so rested and thought I'll just swap days, but after my friend left yesterday after a 'truly exhausting day of lunching and chatting'(thanks, Aileen, I had such a lovely time) I fell asleep in the afternoon!

When I woke up I realised that my throat was quite sore and that the tiredness was associated with a cold. I was in bed by 9pm last night and slept until 9.30am (not counting the various trips to the loo, waking up needing to drink or needing a cold compress as I was feeling very hot.) Needless to say my eagerly awaited run with the club this morning was a no-goer - bah humbug!

I do feel considerably better than last night so hopefully by putting my feet up today I will feel better again tomorrow for my God son's Baptism.

Antenatal Classes

I get 2 antenatal classes, 1 breastfeeding clinic and an appointment with the physio as part of the NHS. 2 classes to learn how to get a melon out of your tummy! How does that equate to good practise and one of those classes is on how to deal with your new arrival?

As such I have looked into NCT run classes and found classes on a Monday night in Stirling. As I don't work a Monday night I can go, but I just had the details through and the classes run until 9.45pm which means I won't be home until 10.15 - 10.30 ish.

On Mondays I try to get to bed early as by Thursday I'm generally 'cream crackered'; so now I'm in a dilemma. I feel quite frustrated to be honest, as I feel that my work takes precedence over my baby. I never wanted to be in this situation and here it is already and I haven't even had my baby yet. Anyway, I just wondered if any one had been to the classes - are they good? Has any one just been to the 2 NHS ones and coped?

I like to informed - it is just in my nature and I know if I don't have the information form which to make informed decisions I will feel stressed before Labour even starts, so I think I should go to the classes, but I just feel so guilty for being tired on a Thursday especially as I have exam students on a Thursday and May is when exam fever pitch reaches its highest. My God I'm telling you - the guilt associated with teaching is rubbish.

Oh well. Only 3 weeks until the holidays. Can't wait.

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