Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peely Wally Legs on Show!

10K Route

Yesterday Al had a driving lesson and while He was at that I skyped my friend in OZ. It was the first time I had managed to get the video phone call thing working and it was fab to 'see' her!

Al and I finally managed to head out at about 12.30 - poss not the best plan as I was starting to get a bit peckish already, but a few glugs of coke sorted me out. I was really excited to be doing the 10k route (minus the rugby pitch that adds on an extra 0.5 miles) as it would be my longest run yet at 5.5 miles.

We ran happily along Lady Mary's, although I definitely could feel my heavier belly and it took me a while to get my bump comfy. I had worn my innovates as I was worried that once off LM that it would be a but muddy, but actually I didn't need them as it wasn't very muddy at all, so my more supportive trails would have done. When we hit the road I needed a snack which was consumed as we walked up the incline from the road. Al then headed off at a decent pace while I puffed up the incline and came back to join me as I reached the top. It then flattens out and I was able to break back into a run and really surprised myself by running half way up the next up section until it got too steep. The views from the gap in the trees when you get to the top of that section are just lovely - looking out to Comrie and beyond. There is then a nice long flattish section after that and I was just getting into my stride when my left knee started to niggle. It progressively got worse so I walked up the next hill while Al had a blast ahead and came back for me. I had hoped the walk would ease the knee out, but it niggled for the rest of the run. I am hoping that it is not because I have reached as long as I can run for and was more to do with the fact that I was wearing my innovates which are less supportive than my other shoes. Despite my left knee hurting for quite a bit of the run (and my right knee too by the end) I had such a lovely run. The sun was out and my white legs were bared to the elements for the first time this year. It was also warm enough to wear a t-shirt and it just felt so good for the soul to be out in the beautiful scenery with the sun on your face. I actually think training for the Fling last year has been beneficial for pregnant running as I think there are quite a lot of parallels between the two - you can't go off to fast; you have to make sure you have snack and water on you; you need to walk up the hills...

It was so lovely we took the opportunity to take a few photos:

I don't look pregnant from behind - I just look like a very unfit, slow runner!

Al though this was funny as he thought I looked like I was running in a little black dress!

One of my favourite veiws across to Loch Turret for the 10K route

I like this photo as you can see where the path goes (the tree line) from Lady Mary's up the first part of Laggan hill. This path is not part of the 10k but is a regular route run/hiked on Monday. You can also see the Comrie hills just peeking up above the trees in the background.


Al comes to Mass with me once a month and today was his time to come which was really nice. We then headed down to Bridge of Allan for a lazy lunch which was delicious. I have been a bit off my food recently which I have put down eating the same things too often. I've been trying to economise on the food shopping, but that has resulted in buying the same things week in week out and every time I go to make something I just feel a bit ick. However if we go out for food I will quite happily dig in. It probably doesn't help that if I eat too much I am just horribly uncomfortable for the rest of the day/evening. When I say too much - that doesn't describe a big portion by any standards so it is a bit off putting. Anyhoo - I thought perhaps a physical visit to the supermarket (as opposed to ordering online) with recipe book to hand might aid the situation. It has, and the cupboards are now fully stocked and I am looking forward to making: Butternut squash and Adzui bean soup, Lemograss Salmon, Sesame Chicken and Beetroot Risotto. They also had my sheep's yoghurt. I love yog and fruit, but as I can't eat cow's dairy it get's tricky to to find nice yoghurt (soya yog can be ok, but has palled recently and I simply struggle to eat Goat's yog).

My bump is definitely getting heavier as by the time we had finished shopping my hips and knees were quite tired. I so hope I can keep running. Time will tell - I will let my knees recover and try again. I'm a bit disappointed as tomorrow is the end of term run and I was worried I wouldn't make it because of a lingering bug, but in fact my knees are a pest instead. The ironic thing is that loads of folk did a half marathon today so will be slow tomorrow so I may have been able to keep up. However it may be a blessing in disguise as it is quite hilly where we are going and I may have pushed too hard. We'll see. At the very least I will head out for a hike while the others run.

I haven't done my Pilates today, which I am a bit disappointed about, but I think I'm going to just right it off and start a fresh next week. I enjoyed getting out and about today and I think considering I've been fighting a bug all week, I've done not too badly at all.

2 weeks to the Easter break -cannot wait.

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