Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yikes, how big does your tum get? + Birnam Hill Race.

Big Bump

Yesterday I felt HUGE. Bump has suddenly, most definitely, had a growth spurt. Wee one was sitting right under my right ribs and it was so uncomfortable. I spent most of the day sitting at a funny angle to try and stretch my right side and give me a bit more room and so I started to get a bit freaked out about how big your belly gets. Today has been more comfortable, but bump is very busy in there, growing away and kicking me like crazy. It really makes me laugh because it gets a bit feisty and goes for it big time, kicking away at one spot until it gets comfy and then chills out.

These are for you Aine:

Birnam Hill Race

Today 7 of the harriers were entered into the Birnam Hill Race so we headed up to support them all. The race was not terribly long but apparently the summit was really nasty - deep snow that you had to run through and slidy ice on the descent. Needless to say the times were a lot slower than last year. Al ( on his first run since hopefully getting his shin splints sorted out) and I headed off before the start and waited at the junction where the racers headed up the hill to cheer them on and then we headed off along the return route for about 30 minutes. It was such a lovely run - undulating trail and then it gradually headed steadily upwards which required me to walk as I was too out of puff. We had thought we would stop after 30 mins anyway, but as it happened there was a marshal at another junction at that point and then the first runners began to reach us so it was a perfect spot to turn around. We stood for a minute or 2 and watched the early folk belt down, including Strathearn Harriers' Phil Mestecky who had clearly had a wipe out as his face was all bloody. Apparently he had tripped and hit a couple of rocks - ouch! He has a shiner now, but apart from that is alright.

We headed back down the hill - this time at a run except in the snowy spots, cheering on anyone as they caught us up. The route back looked knackering as it was undulating - nice for us on a wee jaunt, but for the racers it will have been tough going as your legs are always like 'jello' after coming down and then you have to re-engage up muscles and it is energy sapping! As Wendy came past she was cursing that it was skiing conditions at the top, not running conditions, but as I had lent her my better innovates (hill shoes for those not in the know) with the promise of a smile as she passed, I managed to get a laugh from her and cheer her up! We got back to the initial junction just as the last harrier got back to there and jogged the last few mins back to the start, happy with our 50 minute run. I have no idea of the mileage, but it is irrelevant when out on trails and hills as even when walking your heart is working far harder than it is on the road, and it was so good to be out on the stuff I get a kick out of running on. It was also lovely to be a part of the club and cheer every one on - def a good decision as it made me feel much more in touch with my pre-prego life.

After the race we headed 15 mins further North to the House of Bruar for a late lunch. It is dead expensive there, but the food is fab and I love the farm shop. I usually buy about 5 loaves of the lovely rye bread they sell there and put them in the freezer as my attempts of bread making have not been terribly successful; however they didn't have any, so completely denied the joy of yummy bread.

OMG I'm watching Total Wipeout at the mo'. It is hilarious! Quality faceplants!

Sunday: 50 mins Pilates

As I had a tonne of prep to do for Thursdays lessons to ensure I was ready both for my teaching and for my new tutor I had to get that done before I tried to do any exercise; however, by the time I had completed all that it was time for shower, lunch and off to work so I didn't get to do my Pilates. I have just done it now and I must admit I am chuffed with my exercise this week:

2 x 50 mins Pilates
1 x 70 mins gym workout (equiv 6 miles)
1 x 5 mile run
1 x 50 minute trail run/hike (equiv to 4 miles min)
So Total mileage 15-16 miles.

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  1. Best not tell you it gets much bigger :-) But with all the exercise you're doing it will be gone in a flash too. xx