Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Good Few Days.

Friday: 27km Bike spin = 16 miles = equivalent to 5.5 mile run.

After heartily chilling out on Friday morning, I recouped my energies to attack the chores and get a good 60 minute spin on the bike. I made sure I did a really good stretch after to ensure my ligaments didn't tighten up as I had a feeling that added to the sore knees last Saturday.

Saturday: 5 mile run + about 0.5 - 1 mile warm up / cool down walk

Al and I got up on Saturday and went to the club speed seesion. Al and Phil did 4x4 minutes with 1 min recoveries + 4x2 minutes with 30s recoveries while I ran along Lady Mary's and back adopting a 4 minute run 1 minute walking strategy. Once they had finished, Al then accompanied me around the Lady Mary's loop so that I could have a decent length of run. It was good for easing his legs out too. It was such a lovely morning after the past few yucky rainy days and it was lovely to walk back from the 'beach' to the car with the sun on my skin and sparkling off the River Earn. The best thing about this morning was that my knees didn't hurt at all. I think the good walking warm up really helped as well as a really good stretch before running. I also wore my road shoes so I think that helped too. A good stretch while basking in the sun after and a steady walk back to the car also meant I wasn't too stiff later.

In the afternoon Al and I popped down to Stirling (we were able to go on the motorway as Al can now drive on it) for me to buy some 'big Budda' clothes. I really wanted another pair of track pants as on some days even my track pants can feel like they dig in - I think it is when wee babba is curled up at the bottom of my tum - so I end up wearing jammies. All good unless someone comes to the door and you just feel like a slob. Anyway I wasn't able to get track pants as the maternity ones were so long, but I did get a few new tops: 1 slogan t-shirt that says 'I heart My Bump, a red t-shirt that I can wear to work with smart trousers, A French/nautical type stripey vest with a red, blue and white theme and a navy cardy that isn't designed to do up and is really long.Even better was I still had quite a bit on my New Look gift card that I got for Christmas, so they all cost me very little. We also bought a name book and a how to look after your baby book. I was starting to think: 'I have absolutely no idea how to .......(insert various requirement of a baby)'. I have been avidly reading it and I must admit it helps to calm many of the worries. I'm looking forward to my antenatal classes too which start on the 12th April as I think they will help to make me feel a bit more informed. Anyway, after my run and then walking about shops all afternoon I must admit I felt a bit pooped and was really glad Al was driving home. I even managed a good white colour in the face - I've managed to avoid that for a while so definitely tired myself out.

I've taken to sitting on our dining chairs in the living room instead of our sofas as they seems to give me a bit more space between my ribs and pelvis; the only problem is they tend to give me a numb bum. Therefore the sooner I get a rocking chair the better!

Sunday: 50 minutes Pilates

I really enjoyed my Pilates and I am really pleased that after a couple of weeks with struggling to get my workouts done I have had a good week.

After Mass I arranged to go and view a crib that one of the ladies at church has offered us. Al and I will go have a look at it on Friday and I'm really excited. She also has a baby backpack hiking thing which is really new, so she wants a bit of money for that. If it is one like we want I am more than happy to buy it. We will be going to collect a cot off another friend in the Easter hols and I'm so excited. Both crib and cot need new mattresses so we will head to Ikea and get some, once we know the dimensions, as well as a baby bath, changing mat, curtains and some other bits and bobs - such fun!

I have researched prams now too, and I think we are going to get an 'Out and About Nipper Sport' which is designed for running and hiking on trails and off road so has a fixed 16" wheels and some suspension, but is not massive either. It is suitable for newborns up to 4yrs. I think I will get a sling for around town (Bjorn Baby active). I haven't decided on our car seat yet. There is such a choice and I think I'd like to actually see them rather than buy on the internet.

I've had such a nice day today: Church, post Mass coffee, Potter, food shop, Read baby book, Pilates, cook risotto (v. v. yummmy), make list of baby names, write blog and soon off to bed! Sometimes it's the simple things in life!


  1. Hi Kaz - you're a superstar!
    As a non-Mummy, I always love to see a Mummy to Be getting out there, staying active and finding the time and energy to feed your soul and do what feels good. Move that (shapely) body sista'!!

    Here's a blog you will love and no doubt find interesting! Go back to 2007 or so...

  2. you are doing great! :) keep it up! I feel like you are in my google reader but then I never see your posts. I have to check that out.

  3. Hey. I read your comment on Banff Trail Trash's post about transrockies. I just want to assure you that there were a bunch of people with gluten allergies/celiac and they didn't have any problems with the food. Lunch is up to you everyday, so you can make sure to pack or eat out whatever you choose. Hope that helps!