Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finlay's Baptism

Finlay's Baptism

Sunday (14th March) saw me waking bleary eyed from a horrendous night's sleep, (awake from 2 -6.30am) but excited none the less to be going to my God son's Baptism. Thankfully the heat rash I had developed on my face on Saturday had all but gone, so I didn't need to apply my make up with a trowel!
Finlay's Baptism was at 3.30pm so we met at the church at 3.15pm. The Baptismal service was lovely and there were just 2 children being Baptised so it was really intimate. Finlay was so good as the priest poured the holy water on his forehead. He was so funny because he gave a little frown on the first splash as if to say: 'something just happened', then thought, 'nah, must have been wrong.' On the second time he frowned again thinking, 'something definitely happened', then the third time was like 'yup I was right' and then had a wee smile. So adorable.

We then all headed back to Emily's and Scott's for food which was yummy. I only wish I could have eaten more - silly baby was squishing my tummy! Despite having such little sleep I managed to feel pretty wide awake until about 7.30pm when we had to head or I would have been a danger on the road! It was so lovely to see Harry (can't believe he is nearly 3). He is so lovely with Finlay. He got to open the presents, but knew they were for Finlay and even went to show Finlay one of the books. So adorable! I watched him cut open a ribbon with scissors and the pull off the sellotape gently so he wouldn't rip the paper - awesome motor skills (spot the teacher!). It was lovely to meet Finlay properly too, as he was just born the last time I saw him, but now at 5 months he is a wee smiler and dancer.

We got home at 9pm and I made a beeline for bed and thankfully slept through! If I had 2 words to describe this pregnancy it would be fatigue and constipation!

New Week + Dealing with back niggles.

Yup, you guessed it - I woke up tired and realised very quickly that there was no chance of getting to running club. I was so sleepy that I went out to my optician's appointment without my handbag! By the after noon I was desperate for a snooze, but resisted the urge by going to pay for my glasses so they could be ordered and went for a wee walk with my mate Wendy and her dog. The blast of fresh air (about 2 miles) did me the world of good and then I popped in for coffee at my friend Ali's to have a look at the travel cot she was offering me. It is pretty heavy, but apart from that pretty cute, so we now have a nappy bin and a travel cot! I am glad I fought the sleepy attack because I slept through again on Monday night. I don't think it is just pregnancy tiredness; I do think my body is fighting a cold as my nose is a nightmare and my glands are a little temperamental. The staff at work are choked up and so are lots of the kids, so I am actually quite pleased that I'm fighting the bugs as well as I am.

1 hour bike spin - equivalent to about 5.5 miles - felt really good

50 minute Pilates - really helped my back pain. I thought I was going to have to get up at 6am this morning as my side muscles were really hurting and it was reaching round into my back, but I finally found a comfy position (bolt upright with about 8 pillows behind me). The Pilates really did ease all my aches out.

Rest - gland has flared up and I just need to chill.

Plan for the rest of week.
I would like to get for a run with Al on Saturday and Pilates on Sunday. I have to go to the centre tomorrow so it is doubtful I'll get anything done, but that's OK. I just really want to be well for Monday club run as we are having our end of term run and lunch.

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