Monday, March 8, 2010

24 week Midwife Appointment

Midwife Appointment

I had my first regular midwife appointment today. It was great. She was lovely, answered ,loads of questions that I had and helped me to feel the baby's head - so cool! It was sitting upright with its head below my ribs (hence why I was uncomfy the other day). It was so funny as it kept moving away form where she was trying to feel it - hee hee! I also got to hear babba's heart too - I love that sound. My next appointment is in week 28 up in Perth where I will be getting my anti-D jag too. Can't wait - I love getting to know everything is all OK in there.

Monday Club Run: 4.5 - 5miles

I got up nice and early to have my breaky so I could go to running club and not have indigestion. I had bad indigestion yesterday and decided to try Gaviscon to help - apart form it tasting minging, I think it also gave me diaorrhea - bah humbug to my stupid fragile tum - I was burny hot and had to sleep with a cold compress so I though I might not make it to run club, but once over my bottom indiscretions I felt considerably better and by morning felt OK.

I did go with the idea that if I did feel a bit odd I would call it quits, but as it turned out I felt pretty good and was able to run the majority of the route with everyone (Lady Mary's; Laggan hill - at a walk; down to Currochs - I could even keep up on the down hill; to the Hosh and then I departed from the ladies as I was beginning to tire and wanted to stay on the road and not have to watch my footing on trail so returned to Taylor park via the road past the distillery).
It was so nice to be out with everyone and I definitely feel a lot chirpier - I have a feeling my hormones were going mad for about 2 weeks coz I really felt Blahhhh and tears threatened at every junction!

Plan for the Rest of the Week

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for a cuppa in the morning so It will be a rest day and as I have done 3 days in a row that is no bad thing.

Wed: 50 minute Pilates
Thurs: Spin bike or gym

Fri: Not sure about Fri at mo' as another friend is coming to visit with her wee one, so we may head out for a walk if the weather is good, but not sure. I may do my Pilates in the morning or I may save it for Sunday - will play it by ear.

Sat: Club is doing time trials this sat so I will join them for a 5 mile plod (or shorter depending on the walk I do on Fri) while they lap at great speed around me.
Sun: 50 minutes Pilates if not done on Friday.

4 Weeks to the end of term....


  1. Gaviscon double action is the best! Ouch I remember that pain in the ribs. I remember driving for four hours once with my thumb pressed in my ribs.

    I've got some bump bands...somewhere. They're big jersey bands that cover the gap when you t-shirts start riding up. They're in one of my million unpacked boxes. I'll let you know when I've found them and will send them on to you. Your baby might be at school by then though :-)

    Debs x

  2. Thanks, Debs,that is very kind and I was quite touched actually, but - not to be presumptuous and the thought might bring you out in hives as you've just go into life with Cairn - mightn't you need the bands again???

    I hope the move went as smoothly as possible and that things are beginning to settle.

    I hear you on the driving - I drove home from work that day (1 hour) looking out the passenger side of the windscreen in an attempt to elongate my right side!

    Not long to London - how's it going?