Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Days of Work to Go!

Monday - Gym workout - equivalent to 5 miles

Got up and went to mum's gym this morning as I just didn't fancy an joogling on my belly. Despite quite tired legs from my previously active 3 days I had a good work out:

5 min walking warm up
15 mins X-trainer
10 mins Arm Bike
10 mins Recline Bike
5 mins Rower (I am too ungainly for the rower now hence the 5 mins - frog's legs spring to mind!)
15 mins X-trainer
5 mins walking cool down
Total = 65 minutes


As that had been 4 days exercising in a row and because I had a load of prep to do for work that is exactly what I did - work prep. Work was busy as usual. After sitting down and really thinking through the logistics on Monday I realised I need to get another general tutor; a senior maths tutor and a receptionist/admin assistant all in and trained before I leave. Before I do all this I need to make sure I have job descriptions all organised etc etc and make sure that all resources, accounts, policies are all up to date before I leave. I really don't want to have to think about work while coping with a newborn so I am aiming to have as much as poss working like clockwork before I'm away. To be able to do this I need to get my tutors covering my lessons as soon as possible. I nearly spontaneously combusted with the logistics on Mon, but I think I've got it sorted in my mind - just need to start putting it into action!

It was snowing again here yesterday and the glen had returned to full on winter except it wasn't lieing on the road; however when we left work it was belting down with snow, even in Kirkcaldy and dad phoned to say that it was really bad at theirs. I asked if he could drive me over the glen (I wouldn't normally be such a woose, but the thought of getting stuck and having to hike in work clothes to the nearest farm in a snow storm while 27 weeks pregnant didn't really fill me with joy). He very kindly agreed and I was very glad as it was swirling snow and 1 car track.

On account of the hellish drive home and supporting a new tutor with their planning it was a late night home. Thank god there are just 2 more days to go until the hols!


I slept until 9.30am this morning (well with about 2 hours of disruption from light - headedness and hunger etc - I think the baby is really growing at mo because I seem to always be hungry - trouble is I can't eat too much at one sitting so I'm constantly grazing - even at night it would seem!). I'm going to take another day off exercise today and recoup the energies.

Plan for the rest of the week:

Thursday - 50 mins Pilates
Friday - Cardio of some sort - Al is off too so maybe a run while he runs at a decent pace.
Sat - The club is organising an egg-stavaganza. The eggs will be hidden around the area and we (in teams) need to run to various locations noted on a map to collect eggs! Al and I are running as a team and I'm really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed for good weather as we are meant to be picnic-ing after.
Sun: 50 minutes Pilates.

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  1. Hey Kaz,

    Seems like all is going well for you. Give the little fella (still convinced it's a boy!) at wee pat for me.

    Congrats to Al on passing his test. I remember it being the best feeling in the world.

    Good luck with tying up all your work stuff. In the throws of labour my mobile and Blackberry were going crazy! I'm my own worst enemy, as I can't let go.

    Debs xx