Friday, March 26, 2010

Third Trimester + Driving Husband

Third Trimester Today (Fri 26th March)

Yikes, where is the time going? I have been planning for a while to get lots done in the Easter break - 1 week to go - but now the closer I get to it, the bigger I am, and I realise that there may be a lot of directing of Al involved - thank goodness he has taken the 2 weeks off too.

My tummy genuinely seems to get bigger daily and loves to sit really high up under my ribs. On Sunday night I woke up feeling really odd and breathing in a really shallow way. I've woken up feeling a little light headed before but rolled back on my side and it has sorted itself out, however this time it took about an hour to feel like I could breathe normally. Not terribly pleasant. Went to the doctor and he said it was a combination of being a very wee frame (5ft) & carrying a normal sized baby resulting in no room so baby sits high up into Diaphragm and as dizzy too, very probably baby sitting on a vein that wasn't allowing blood to get back to my 'nogging' very well. He said that he was sorry to say that it will probably happen again due to my frame, but to keep 'sleeping' how I am (bolt upright with lots of pillows) and keep very hydrated to keep blood pressure up to help the blood return. Anyway he wasn't wrong about it happening again as babba decided to sit on a vein again last night. Not nearly as scary as I knew what it was, but just not pleasant. Kept trying to get little one to move but was definitely asleep as wouldn't shift. Eventually babba woke up and moved and it was altogether more comfortable.

Monday - End of Term 'Run' or 5 mile Hike.

Well my knees were a lot better on Monday, but after the weird breathing thing I didn't think it would be very sensible to run. It was really nice actually as there were 4 of us walking on account of one of the ladies coming back from a broken leg and 2 recovering from a half marathon the day before. It was a good plan not to run as my knees were a little sore coming down hills and walking let them fully recover.

We had a lovely lunch and then I headed out with Wendy for another walk as she hadn't been out on her bike before lunch and needed to walk her dog. I reckon in total I walked about 5 miles over the 2 walks so I don't feel too miffed - especially as it is pretty hilly around there so gets the heart working anyway.

Tuesday - 50 minutes Pilates
Really good Pilates session but transitions between moves are getting a bit more cumbersome! On the plus side, my whale thrashing around on the ground impressions are most definitely improving!

After supporting my new staff member to do his planning I was late home and that with a combination of the bad nights I 'woke' up feeling like death. I was so tired I could barely string a sentence together. I took the difficult decision to take the day off and boy was it a wise decision.

Thursday - No longer the sole driver!
I had a meeting down in Stirling in the morning. The best thing about this was that it took my mind off the fact that Al was sitting his driving test. When I got home for lunch he was just getting back and he had passed! I still can't believe it; 10 years together and I've literally driven us around the world! Wow - I can send him to the shops to go get bits and bobs while I finish cooking or in a few months when I'm feeding the wee one. Best of all I don't have to drive myself to the hospital when I go into labour! Hoorah! I'm so excited and just so pleased for him too.

So I will try and get some exercise done in the next 3 days - definitey another Pilates session and a run tomorrow - fingers crossed my knees are OK - and hopefully a bike session too, but for this morning I am am enjoying some chill time.

Last week of term next week - Hallelujah!

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  1. I'm having such a difficult time actually getting to sleep - I feel like I cannot get air and then lay on my side but feel like I can't get comfortable. And I still have 3+ more months!