Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New Week!

We woke up to a beautiful day yesterday so I abandoned Al in the morning and went out for a 5 mile hike in Comrie while Al made up the IKEA storage. Poor Al's shin splints were really sore after his run yesterday so he was determined to rest up as he has a race on Sunday.

Anyway, just as I set off the baby was bouncing so hard on my bladder I had to pee - fortunately I was close to the Hotel and was able to nip in before setting off. Would you also believe that after being blue skies when I came out from my emergency pee, it started to rain! Not to worry, it didn't come to much, but it did give me a bit of a laugh as I could only just do my waterproof up -it is my lightweight one for running which is pretty snug to start with, but still!

I had a lovely hike and then after lunch as Al had finished all the storage we got all the stuff that have been mounting up in the baby's room put away. It is so cathartic having a good clear out! The only thing is I think I over did the twisting and putting things away as my tummy was really quite sore by the time I had finished. I could have really done with resting on my comfy chair for the evening but we had an antenatal class down in Stirling so I had to force myself up. Despite being pretty un-comfy on the chairs there it was really worth it as we covered Induction and C-section in quite good detail. I really hadn't realised that induction can involve in as many stages as it does and that it often results in a more painful birth so here is hoping wee babba bean comes au natural!

We got home at 10.30pm and I headed straight to bed as I was POOPED!

I wasn't able to get out of bed until 9.45 am and even then I still felt pretty whacked so I am resting my pregnant butt this morning so that I can tackle work this afternoon.

I have a busy week but I still hope to get my workouts done - I 'm actually really looking forward to using our spinning bike this week now I can get into the guest room to use it and I'm going to run out and back on Sunday to support Al and the rest of the Harriers at their race on Sunday. I really want to get my Pilates done this week too as it really helps to keep me loose - I definitely have to adjust the core workout now though and take it as low level as poss as it is tough going now!

I have a mid wife appointment tomorrow which I'm excited about - I love hearing the heartbeat! I then start having appointments every 2 weeks - crikey - must be getting closer!


  1. Don't listen to everyone's labour horror stories. It's not that bad. Forget induction, Raspberry Leaf tea and long walks are the way forward. x

  2. Thanks - I definitely don't listen to horror stories, but it is good to have info from the professionals so you can make informed choices.
    I will try the raspberry leaf tea but may keep it low until I finish work as I need to hold on for a few more weeks to get everything done!
    Already well and truly on the long walks! The way I see it, if I can run 53 miles and be still v much smiling I'm sure I can get into the zone for child birth - here's hoping that's true!