Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Trip to PRI

Well what a strange day!

Been very uncomfortable at work the past few evenings - sore back and restless. Felt stiff and uncomfy this morning too. After getting some stuff for work done I really felt very stiff and sore so thought I'd squeeze in 30 mins Pilates to try and stretch off as knew I'd be sitting a lot while training my admin assistant.

I don't know if it caused it or what (although I've been feeling very heavy at the base of my bump for a few days) but about an hour later my stomach became brick hard to the point where I couldn't straighten up. As I was trying to get ready for work it proved a little difficult to move around and get my stuff ready and get changed. I then starting having pains in the base of my belly so I thought I'd better phone the Midwife team. They wanted me to come in and get checked out so I did.

Little babba is fine, but I was having some little contractions that were causing the discomfort. Also baby's back is to my back which they think was making my back ache. Most importantly no change in cervix so I was told to go home, not to work and put my feet up. I think little babba was telling me to relax - it has been a hard few weeks and I know I'm a bit stressed about getting everything done.

Anyhoo I am done in so I am going to head to bed for another night of restless sleep and trips to the loo!

Oh also going to get bag completely ready as had to frantically fling the pile of stuff into bag in crazy fashion just in case!

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  1. rest up!! that was a scare. try not to stress.